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Who has made your 2019/2010s?

Discussion in 'The Hive Discussion' started by SmollZyan, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. SmollZyan

    SmollZyan The Bees Knees Diamond Member

    Nov 7, 2015
    The last Christmas of the 2010s is over. This means 2019 is almost coming to an end.
    As we know, every year, there are people always want to thank/compliment other people which
    made an impact on them this year, or even the whole 2010s decade!

    Simply tag them who has made your year/decade, and if you want to, tell them why c:


    Who has made your 2018? by @ChikidoAzur
    Who has made your 2017? by @SamVsLife
  2. Darkman64

    Darkman64 Punerator Moderator

    Sep 7, 2013
    First of all, I want to thank you for making this thread. It's always good looking back and see what others have done for yourself and how it has affected the year.

    My two biggest thank you's I want to give are:
    1. The whole staff team for their dedication and hard work, I love working with you all and I hope you feel the same.
    2. The community for being one of the best I've ever been apart of. You guys are one of the biggest reasons I'm giving my time and energy into helping the server and still being a part of the hive after all these years.
    I want to thank the owners, developers and managers for their hard work over the year, a lot has changed and I have no doubt there are more in store for the new year. Keep up the good work you all are doing! ;)

    I want to thank the deathrun community for another year of running, parkour, new PBs, failed runs and death chases. One of the most welcoming game communities I've been apart of and you guys really makes the game more fun! :cool:

    Now for some personal thank you's, there are a lot of people that have made my year and if I miss anyone I'm very sorry!

    @Minti - Thank you for all the fun calls we've had over the years, you're a really good and close friend that I care about. I'm very happy to see you joining the team and working together with you :)

    @Cliopatra - Thank you for being an amazing and kind friend, hope we can continue being friends and work together on the team. :NyxIsBest:

    @Paeg - Thank you for returning to the team for a short while, I missed working with you and having a fellow Swed on the team. I hope we can meet up sometime when you take your bike with ya ;)

    @HisPresent - Thank you for being an amazing friend and being one of many good mods on the team. Hope we can meet up and I can treat you to my famous Kladdkaka :p

    @spike4371 - Thank you for being a very good friend and for sticking around for all these years. It's fun doing calls with ya and racing in DR (Plz no more 1M points in 1 month, I need to catch up :()

    @DaSushi - Thank you for being one of the kindest people I've ever meet in this community. I really enjoy getting hugs and giving you hugs back. I hope to one day be able to speak more Japanese and maybe visit Japan :D

    @Jokehim - Thank you for always helping and supporting me when I needed help. I'll always be around if you need help with your Swedish, and I hope we can meet up if you decide to visit Sweden :)

    @DDiv - Thank you for being there for me when I've needed to speak my mind and for listening. I think you are a fantastic mod and person. Hope we can play more games together, last time was lots of fun :D

    @Joksu202 - Thank you for being a good friend and for the calls we had earlier this year. I hope we can do another call sometime and catch up, I really miss hanging out with you!

    @AlMightyDeusVult - Thank you for this year! I've not known you for that long, but you are a very nice and kind person. Hope to get to know you better and continue building and learn from such a good builder :D

    @Ironmate - Thank you for returning to the team and for being an awesome person to work with. I've known you for many years since the early days of DR, and it's great to play, talk and work with you! :cool:

    @Silvent - Thank you for the calls and games we played! It's awesome to have you on the team and getting to know you, hope we can become good friends ;)

    @TakesEffort - Thank you for being an amazing senior and a good friend. I hope you'll be a senior for a while, would be very sad if you left!

    @Little_Tigress - Thank you for being one of my oldest friends on the hive. You are very kind and I really appreciate it when I can talk to you about issues or random things. I hope you will be on the team for another year and don't have plans on leaving :)

    @SpwanKat - Thank you for being a very kind and understanding person. I really like talking with you and hope to continue working with you for another year or even longer. :D
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  3. Shadowphax

    Shadowphax Night Owl Moderator

    Apr 10, 2015
    I don’t like to specifically post on these threads because I’ll probably leave someone out by accident. My homies know who they are though. Love you all. ❤️
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  4. Adaleon

    Adaleon V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    May 31, 2015
  5. Mxdoc

    Mxdoc The Bees Knees Ultimate Member

    Apr 8, 2015
    I'd like to thank @EwItsNug we we're great friends back in like 2015 or something, and it's not until this year she came back to hive and we became great friends again. Also like to thank Jordan (Jcrdrcn) @JTMJonny @Jxcobo ImmaFireball @Fayeee and everyone in Squad discord. Great friends are hard to come by and I can happily say these guys are great friends!

    Also like to thank @Little_Tigress and @Cliopatra fromt the staff team for being such good friends to me!
  6. Cynthiq

    Cynthiq V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Jan 25, 2016
    I wanna thank everyone on Hive, from Regular member to Staff member and ofcourse EVERYONE in between.
    But I'd like to thank some members individually, the people who stand close to me and which I have made some great memories with the past year(s).

    First I'd like to thank this amazing person for being a great friend to me since the first day we met:
    @Killkor - You're probably one of the most wisest person I've ever met in my entire life. You gave me great advice over the past few years and you've always been there for me. You know how to put a smile on my face. We've had some great chats and have played some amazing games together in Hive. Whenever I was going through a hard time, feeling like I was holding on to the edge of a building with only one hand, you knew how to pull me right back up there. I know we haven't talked much lately but I really am thankful for all you've done for me. I wish you the best for 2020 and I'll wish you the best for all the years that have yet to come! ;)

    And now I just wanna thank some other great friends of mine as well:
    @20nairolf00 - You are amazing and we had some great times in the past. Loved that moment when you knew you got the Moderator rank, I was so proud of you man! You really deserved it. I miss you bro, where you at? :(

    @Colee - You're one hell of a crazy person, don't know why, you just are. We had some good and bad times last year, but that's how friendships are supposed to go. I really think you're a great person, even though you might think different about yourself. You've proven yourself to me that you can be fantastic and fun, just sadly enough there's always something that has to come up to make you feel down once again. But I look forward to see a grown and happy Cole! :p

    @CraftingC0D - Broo... Where do I even start bro.. bro. You're just amazing. I mean, you were annoying at first but you're actually really fun to hang out with. You're still annoying tho, but I'm used to it now x) Really sad that our timezones are that different because I really think we'd be besties! Lmao, I love you man, but I'mma go now 'cause I hear some crazy dude honking behind me! ;)

    @Darkman64 - I have to admit, when I first saw you run around the hub all silent and stuff.. Lets just say, I didn't think you were a really friendly person. But I've gotten to know you a little bit better now, and I'm just mad at myself for thinking that you might not be friendly. You're fun to talk to and we can even talk about serious things, no matter what the time! Really hope to get to know you better in the future 'cause you really seem like a nice and great person to be friends with! :D

    @DDiv - DIVDIVDIV!! How can I ever explain how great you are! I know I'm an annoying person a lot of times but I don't think you really mind that x) We've had some great moments together and I honestly can't imagine a day without atleast spamming your chat once :p Hope to become great friends in the future because you really are a nice and fun person and you know how to make a person smile!

    @emilsy & @DaSushi - Girls, I love you two so much, you both are so kind and welcoming and so pretty! I don't know you two that well but I hope to get to know both of you a little bit better in the future! :D

    @HeyImEgg - Eggyy!!!! How can I ever forget about you! We've had some great times in the old days of Hive when you were still a flying Egg, and even now we somehow manage to have atleast a little fun whenever you're online. I really miss seeing you around! And I hope, whenever the time is right, you'll make a small of even a long return to Hive! :)

    @SamVsLife - Same!! How can I not tag you in here? You're a great person and really fun to talk to. We don't talk that often but when we do, you're always really kind and loving! We don't know each other that well, but I'm almost 100% sure we'll get to know each other better in the future! ;)

    @Scmuel - Oh my, it's robot Scamuel!!! You're amazing, We don't know each other that well either but I can just already tell how wonderful you are. Hope to create some great moments in the future! I already set a goal for myself to be in your funny screenshots section!! I'll make it eventually! No but really you're really fun to talk to and I hope to get to know you better in the future! :D

    @spenken - Ohmygod it's the spenker!! Just kidding, love you x) I can't describe how a wonderful friend you've been to me. We haven't been on the best of terms lately but that's on me. I'll make sure to meet you once again irl to make it up to you :oops:

    @Th4Shoot3r - We've become good friends to each other and I'm really looking forward to play even more Gravity with you! You're a great and fun person to talk to and you really know how to have serious chats as well! Danke for the stories you shared and for trusting me with it! Really appreciate you :)

    @Weedz - Weeeee!! You're amazing! How have I never seen you before? 'Cause I really wish I would've met you earlier. You're really fun to hang out with and you're the highlight of my day. You've already been such a wonderful person to me and we'll both grow into being an even better friend to each other every day again and again. Great things have yet to come and I can't wait for those to happen. I love you so much and there's really nothing you can do about it to change that. Thanks for everything already! Du er min søde kartoffel! :p

    @nik9094 & @Mineale03 - I'm going to write something for the both of you 'cause you both are 2 great Italian friends of mine. I don't really know much about you two but from the looks of it, I know you both are loved by a lot of people and you can count me in for that. Ti amo et grazie di tutto! :)

    @Bartehhh - You're a wonderful person and I'm really glad that I met you. You've become one hell of a good friend to me and I look forward to meeting you some day in the future! Thanks for everything you've done for!:D

    I'll tag some people here because otherwise I'll be writing stuff down till the end of 2020.
    A special thanks to all of you and I love each one of you!
    @RosieRouge ; @Cliopatra ; @MudsyKipsy ; @AmberRains ; @Caro ; @Conga_ ; @Fiba1 ; @Heldasmos ; @Houdanny ; @iElena ; @Juracan ; @Liredon ; @Minti ; @Predon ; @ReadySalted ; @Hosticka ; @ReallyEm ; @Teennagel ; @Mxttt ; @Ironmate ; @ThisChatban ; @FestiveSnowy

    For anyone I may have forgotten to mention, I'm really sorry, but know I'm grateful for each one of you and you all have a special spot in my heart and y'all always will! ;)

    Have a nice 2020 everyone!
    Much love from Cynthia (bee)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2020
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  7. Scmuel

    Scmuel Mod Moderator

    May 31, 2014
    To start off, thank you, @SmollZyan for creating this wonderful thread!
    Thank you to everyone within the HiveMC community, you're all incredible, and this is definitely the best community I have come across online, you're all so kind to one another.

    Who am I thankful for from 2019?
    @Asheras - You are an incredibly kind person, thank you so much for my Gold rank, I wouldn't be here today without you. Sorry we never got to complete our HNS map! :(

    @Caro - Again, I definitely would not be here without you, you're so generous, ilysm. Keep being you!!!

    @RosieRouge - We need to call more! You're another person I 100% wouldn't be here without, you're so strong, funny and *cough* bad at pvp *cough*

    @Cynthiq - Like you said, we have only started talking recently, but you're extremely funny (I'm sure you'll make it onto my funny SS section *eventually*). Can't wait to chat more and more as the year goes on! <3

    @emilsy - AhhHhhHh you're so amaZIngggg. I'm so glad you were promoted alongside me, you're such an incredible HUmAn, I can't wait for more funny moments and calls! We need to be sw pros again soon!!!!!

    @SourMatt - I'm so tempted to make a ghast joke rn, but I won't. Thank you for the amazing opportunity you've given me as a Moderator. Super excited for the future of the Hive.
    @Minti - You're such an incredible friend. You really deserved the position you have now, I'm super proud of you.

    @JTMJonny - ty for helping me get all of the HNS achievements. #1 right here

    @Jxcobo - Oml you're so funny, can't wait for more messy calls in 2020.

    @Little_Tigress - s m h.

    I know all of my messages to each of you have been fairly short, especially when compared to other comments above, however, I find it really difficult to put what I want to say into words when it comes to thanking someone/expressing how amazing someone is. Not to only the people I've tagged but each and every HiveMC community member, thank you. Much love to all of you, have a fantastic 2020.


    Last edited: Jan 2, 2020
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  8. EmmaX

    EmmaX Famous

    Sep 9, 2015
  9. iAmABox

    iAmABox Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    May 15, 2017
    The best friends of mine from 2019 have to be these ones(!!):

    @Daynerz @RainInTheNight for consistently being incredibly loyal and brilliant friends to me, who I could always count on to have fun or talk about something important with :D I feel so fortunate to have met you back in March 2017!

    @Breeeze for being really sweet and encouraging to me, and making me feel better during low points of the year :p Even though we have been friends since late 2017 I feel like we really got to know each other really well this year! ;)

    @RedHeadPanda for being someone I was always comfortable talking and having lots of fun with throughout the whole year! Since I met you shortly after starting playing TIMV you have always maintained a really great friendship with me :)

    Shctgun (can’t find forum account :( ;-;) since I feel like I really got to know you so much better this year and I feel so grateful for all the fun and late night calls we have been having :p I remember playing with you regularly with other friends of ours like Toccata and Paeg in 2017 and I am so thankful that we are still such great friends now, even more than before!

    Lunadri (no forums account ;w;) for being a really chill and friendly guy who has constantly been since I met you in 2017 someone always down to play with me :D

    @__Leif__ for being such a cool dude who has absolutely enlightened any call you have joined!

    Other great influences from this decade include:
    @Money_ @xIBroCodE ExquseMe Uniza @Andrcw @Mau @Rosanor @ReaktorPlays @Calleo and more! (I’m sorry if I missed anyone out, posting late at night!)

    One big heart to everyone here ❤️
  10. emilsy

    emilsy ♡♡ Moderator

    Jun 14, 2019
    Not sure where to even begin, but here goes..

    @DaSushi - ahh, such an amazing human. You are truly one of my favorite people and you have such a big heart, thank you for being you <3

    @Scmuel - my promotion buddy and skywars teammate (big pro). thank you for being an amazing friend and an all around great person, #slex forever.

    @Twirtle - my wife, I just simply love you, please never change.

    Manny - my bestie, ily forever, thanks for being there to call me at 3am <33

    @AsternDestroyer - I guess now is as good a time as ever. I might kinda sorta love you smelly, just a little tho

    @Fiba1 - ty.

    @Cynthiq - my friend, you are amazing. I hope to get to know you better in the year 2020, keep being you <3

    @Little_Tigress - thank you for not being scary and for bringing Charles into this world. I'm forever grateful ^-^

    @Jxcobo - thanks much for being a great friend, you never fail to make me laugh.

    @Minti - You are the sweetest person I know, and you are so kind to everyone you come into contact with. Keep being you and let's obsess over Disney again soon <3

    @Cheyenn - my queen, I love you forever, keep being the amazing mod you are.. (ghaston or not)

    @Silvent - I love your daily broadcasts and all the fun you bring, you're the best

    @Lawnuh - queennn, I love you so much, thanks for the good times and the endless laughs, you da best xx

    @Maxxyyy - The whistler, I can say for certain I wouldn't be here without you. You are such an encouraging friend and you make everyone feel welcome and special, thank you for being your amazing self <3

    @Hlzyzptlk - you are super sweet and such an amazing person, thank you for everything <3

    @leonsy - super duper thankful you needed that obsidian placer not too long ago. you're my fav. you're the best. <3_<3

    The whole staff team - I love you all and i'm super thankful to be working along side each of you. You are all amazing people and I hope 2020 brings nothing but joy and happiness to you all, much love <33

    Bees - gosh I love you all so much. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone as you are all angels, but please know you are each special to me, there's no one I love more than my Hive Bees <33
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020
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  11. Silvent

    Silvent Silventionator Moderator

    Jan 28, 2018
    I'm super late and I might forget some peoples but....

    Owl, Luna, Dale, and Amurel - I know you peoples probably won't see this but you are all still my best friends and you always make me laugh!

    @emilsy - I am so glad I met you because you have an amazing personality and I hope we can become great friends in 2020!

    @Cheyenn - I love your laugh, and you always got my back which I'm so thankful for c:

    @Darkman64 - It was fun meeting you, we've had some fun times on Hive and in calls and hopefully we can become friends in 2020!

    @WorthlessDare - You always make my day, I love hanging out with you, I love who you are and I hope we can stay together forever <3

    @Beelnc - We have a ton of fun together and you helped me so much! I'll be making your bus drawing soon :>

    @Minti - I still am getting to know you but it's always fun talking to you, and hopefully we can become better friends this year!

    @Hlzyzptlk - I never really spoke to you but thanks for this screenshot that I took without permission https://i.imgur.com/MBZ599d.png

    Sorry if I forgot anyone, but of course I'm thankful to everyone that has helped me in 2019 and I'm looking forward to meeting new people in 2020 and the new decade!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
  12. Cheyenn

    Cheyenn Moderator

    Dec 25, 2018
    Just want to start off by saying that the HiveMC community is what has made 2019 for me the most. You all are what make HiveMC as great as it is and I feel extremely lucky to be apart of this wonderful community.


    Who made your 2019?

    @WorthlessDare - My love, my bestfriend!! You've been there for me throughout all of 2018/19 and all of the laughs and jokes we have together are a major bonus as well.. I love you so much, pirate.. :p

    @Ashlcy - Singing One Direction in the Premium Hub...

    @emilsy - Absolute queen! You're so sweet and I'm thankful for all the help you've given me! I hope we continue to get close in 2020... even tho you're not a ghaston... <33

    @Scmuel - hey sam

    @SourMatt - Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I'm really excited to see the future of HiveMC. ^^

    @Darkman64 - You're actually really cool and I love calling with you! Thank you for all of the fun times!

    @Silvent - So happy we got promoted together! You're actually amazing, your laugh is so cute.. ;)

    @Minti - It's so cool seeing how devoted you are! You are a really cool person and I hope we continue to get closer in 2020 as well. :D

    @Cliopatra - My wife ilysm, thank you for all the help you've given me.. nyxisbest.. <3_<3

    Manny - I hope we get to watch more Disney movies in 2020.. :oops:

    @Castenova - best x10 friend.. ilysm..

    @Adxm_ - Thank you for all of the advice you've given me, you're really nice as much as you hate to admit it..


    Evy - You're really cool and I hope we can get closer in 2020 as well. :p


    Sorry if I forgot anyone but thank you to anyone who helped make 2019 special. Looking forward to the new decade! Thank you all, again. :)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020
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  13. AsternDestroyer

    AsternDestroyer Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Oct 25, 2018
    @emilsy ouch...

    Honestly, I'm terrible at these lists because I always leave one person out without meaning to.
    All my friends know who they are, and truly, thank you for such a lovely integration year. I've never been more integrated within the Hive community. Watching both the community as a whole and individuals within it grow have been a pleasure unlike any other.

    To 2020!
  14. Willicm

    Willicm yes Moderator

    May 6, 2013
    An eventful year...

    Many people have made my year, all in their own ways..

    @Lawnuh - loml <3_<3 everything goes up and down but I'm so happy I can end the decade with you!! xoxo

    @Payy - Payyyyy! I hope you come to England soon :(

    @Snugglees - haraS!!! I will 100% see you when you next come over :D

    @Leilooni - Legendlooni. Enough said!

    manny - I will get you that job at ikea don't worry!

    @Cheyenn - omggg bestie!!

    @martynka - Even though our time together wasn't too long, it was amazing nonetheless, thank you for that.

    @LandBeforeTime - Message me when you want another carry ;)

    I may add people periodically when I remember! I know there's people I missed and AM SORRY!
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020
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  15. Lawnuh

    Lawnuh Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Dec 19, 2017
    I lowkey didn't know this was a thing until today.... oops...

    @Willicm Omg... how are you so perfect, like wth, thank you so much for being in my life, I love you sm. <3_<3

    @emilsy You are amazing, gorgeous, and 100% an amazing mod, you make me laugh so hard, I love youuuu.

    @Maxxyyy You are absolutely hilarious and I enjoy every moment I spend with you, I love you... warm cereal lover you....

    @Marvin Even though you're so mean to me... smh... you're still great and an amazing friend, thank you for being in my life!!!

    @Fiba1 You're great even though you bully me sometimes.... glad we finally started talking after being on my friendslist for over a year...

    @Cheyenn You're pretty great even though we literally just met, but we don't talk about that....

    @AsternDestroyer Hey, you're pretty cool!!!!! Thanks for keeping me company the few times we played!!

    @ZachCat You're so kind and friendly, I wish I could be as awesome as you, omg.

    @Atticus Thank you for accepting my weird self and being so nice to me....

    @NotChummy Omg you're hilarious, thank you for making me laugh and being my friend!!!!

    @Icickyy Thanks for all the fun we had!!! Sorry I kind of ditched the mimvers.... I love you!!!

    @Beast523 Thank you for sticking around this long, I love you!!!

    @Owdra You're pretty great, and I miss you a lot!!!

    @Cliopatra You are absolutely gorgeous, even though we don't hang or talk much anymore, thanks for all the fun times we spent together!!

    @Payy Hopefully one day I'll be as good of a singer as you are... One day...

    @Jikoku You're so funny and I wish I could be as pro as you.... I love you!!!

    @Pqche I love you so much omg, thank you for being my friend for over 3 years now!!!

    To all those who don't have an account, thank you: @Jewelz__, @royalbluu, @Yihro, @avatops, @Reminiscence, @TrustMeImALiar, @Fawny
  16. LandBeforeTime

    LandBeforeTime Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Jan 27, 2018
    @Willicm had fun times playing with ya nerd!
    @luxlacis good streams, would recommend
    @ItzLucky for being an example of how not to play TIMV heh
    @Torza for being a bully smh
    And all the others that don't have a forums account and the ones that i forgot, love yall
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  17. Snugglees

    Snugglees V.I.BEE Emerald Member

    Feb 6, 2016
    Oh my god, I didn't know about this until now!!

    I just want to start off by saying, so many people have made a huge impact on my life in the past few YEARS-- I won't be able to tag them all, but I am grateful nonetheless <3

    @Sqarkle - Duhaa!! I love you so much <3 you were my first friend ever, and I can't believe it's been 4 years! I still want to mail you more things! >: )

    @Payy - Paayyyy I love you so much!! I literally can't, you're my best friend, okay-- I love you and WHEN ARE WE MEETING DAMMIT

    @Willicm - Hi Willll! Ohmygod you're the best, I love you and YOU BETTER COME MEET ME NEXT TIME I'M THERE!!! Or we're gonna have some PROBLEMS,

    Manny - Mannyyy hi, I love you AND I'll try to stop insulting you so much <33 Okie, I sowwie for all my previous insults. Good day, good day to you, sir

    @Lunrr - SAMM you're a really great friend OKAY, like, one of THE BEST. And I'm really glad we're still actually friends-- EVEN THOUGH YOU DECIDED TO DIE FOR 8 MONTHS >: ( BAD, DON'T DO IT AGAIN.

    @Hartleyy - ROBBB you're actually amazing-- I'm so glad we're friends, AND literally you have helped me so much I cant, like, man you let me freak out ab people and let me retell stories I forgot I already told you lOL I hoPE we stay friends for a very long time <<3333

    Some honourable mentions

    @Leilooni best sw teammate <3
    @oscitare bestest french teacher
    @Dinnox crIOSSANT
    @KirbyMew ill beat u in a fight eventually >: (
    @Fiba1 big bully stay off my lawn

    People who don't have a forum account

    @bluelion008 <3
    @Artemis_Moon <3
    @TheRealJuan3 <3
    @Bunnii_A <3
    @shnuq <3

    There's so many people I DIDN'T mention, and I wish I could bUT that would make this post longer than it has to be </3

    Happy (late) new year, everyone! Make it a good one.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020
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  18. Walrat

    Walrat V.I.BEE Emerald Member

    Apr 7, 2016

    You're adorable ♥♥♥♥

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