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    Jun 4, 2016

    - Found - 5/7/19


    Hello all! FstMario here, and as you can see, this is a new page for a new clan called "Unity".
    More or less, it's no secret to the SkyGiants community that clans caused major conflict, caused alting, caused lots of mishap and sadness to fill the place which happiness and fun is meant to fill when playing. Hopefully, making a clan to unify the players and make the playerbase come back and secure again is one to do that!

    > If you have been blacklisted / kicked from the clan, there is a highly unlikely percentage that you would rejoin it.

    > Targeting of other players in the clan, or other clans/ high tier players is not really acceptable. It's not kind to focus those who won't focus you.

    > Activity! We strike to have people actually play GNT or GNTM. The bare minimum is that you at least play

    > Toxicity towards other members or players is disallowed, try not to hackusate off the bat as it gives our clan a negative reputation.

    Owner: This role should be obvious, they oversee both the clan and the discord.

    Co-Owner: This role is given to one or two close associates of the Unity discord and clan. They make decisions or help the Owner make decisions if they cannot be solved, also have a higher value in voting for members. Also, if the Owner is not able to care for the clan or discord, the Co Owners will be the temporary leaders.

    Moderator: These are users who are held up to a high regard in the clan, mostly due to their loyalty, length in the guild, pvp ability and so forth. Synonymous to an "elite" role, but users given this role are entrusted to assist the Co Owners and Owner with their ability to instill peace.

    Veteran: These users meet the critera to be regarded GNT(M) Veterans, the leading figures of the clan with the best stats and ability to fight.

    Experienced: Users who are above that of a regular member, but have shown to be exceptional to a certain degree

    Member: A regular member of the clan.

    These requirements are through either GNT or GNTM, so depending on what gamemode you play, you post a picture of your stats and/or IGN.

    Veteran: 300k+ Score / 3+ K/D / 80% W/L
    Experienced: 100k+ Score / 1.5 K/D / 70% W/L
    Member: 10k+ Score / 0.8K/D / 60% W/L


    Main Gamemode (GNT / GNTM):
    Discord Tag:
    Why you'd like to join:



    Owner: FstMario (GNTM) 1.18m

    Co Owners: (REDACTED)





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  2. AgarOther

    AgarOther Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Feb 15, 2017
    IGN: MissAgar
    Main Gamemode (GNT / GNTM): GNTM
    Discord Tag: AgarOther#2318
    Strengths: Strategic, mainly play with swords (i only get bow for hackers or when giant is below 10% and I want to finish it fast)
    Weaknesses: Bowspam :( and hackers obviously
    Why you'd like to join: I kinda like how you want to unify the players and I really hope that this thread gets more attention !
  3. Arega

    Arega Well Known Bee

    May 20, 2018
    IGN: MissPatate
    Main Gamemode (GNT / GNTM): GNTM
    Discord Tag: MissPatate#8217
    Strengths: I'm decent at pvp, I usually follow a certain strategy to be able to defeat the other players despite my weaknesses, I sometimes bowspam when the players I need to fight against are too strong or when the giant is low in hp.
    Weaknesses: I hate to get bowspammed, I can't really get out of a situation when I'm stuck against a hacker, my ping sucks (@Guillaume) and I don't like to have arguments (in chat) with people (I prefer when everyone's nice)
    Why you'd like to join: I think this is a good idea to unify players. Also, I miss playing with you and I like to have friends who enjoy the game I play. I agree that I'm only decent at pvp and that the "fight" we had might make you think bad things of us but I think we should fix it and start over. c:

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