Types of people who play BEDWARS!

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    Feb 12, 2016
    Yet again, another one of these threads.

    Since Bedwars is one of the newest (if not THE newest) and one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) game modes on The Hive, I decided that this is a thread that almost everyone can relate to. Since I have to deal with people who just absolutely nolife BW, I feel like a lot of people could relate to this thread, and if you know some nolife BW nerds, send this thread over to them as well and see if they can relate to this!

    Just a note. I'll probably have to keep referencing these players when I write the Skywars and SkyGiants threads.

    #1 - Robin Hood!
    These types of people! They're almost always in every single game ever. Basically, these people always have to bowspam. Not only do they bowspam, but they're incredibly good at archery. THESE PEOPLE ARE SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. They always camp out at the highest spot in the entire map, and they never move at all. It also feels like that person has a virtually infinite amount of arrows as well, they never seem to all get used up. I've literally had to let these people win just because I got tired of them shooting me, but as you could guess, they keep spamming me. Sometimes, if I see this person, I usually just leave the game. "NOPE IM LEAVING BYE!!!" These people probably also believe that swords are for noobs. Also, referring back to what I said earlier, if you can't relate to anyone like this, you're this person.

    #2 - Gucci
    This is the person who spend wayyyyyy too much time getting armor and enchanting everything they have. They basically look like one of those incredibly expensive and overpriced flashy outfits on the Gucci website. And they will literally enchant EVERYTHING. Enchanted swords, pickaxes, axes, I've even seen enchanted shovels a few times. They probably only care about their MC looks, and I should admit that I'm also kind of this person.

    #3 - The Vault
    I'm 100% guilty of doing this, and almost every single game has this person. This person is constantly buying blocks, not for going to other islands, but so they can protect their bed. Constantly buying wool to make a giant block around their island. This is so annoying because sometimes these people add so many blocks around their bed, it's hard to find where it is. And I'm not saying it's hard to find where it is because there's obsidian around it, it's because of all the other blocks around it. These people also camp a lot as well. Just a note.

    #4 - The Speedrunner
    Every time I play with someone who has over 100,000 points, I'm forced to do this. Basically, these people are always jumping from island to island as fast as they can. They basically can't play the game without being the first person to do everything. And surprisingly, most of the time, this actually works. I just can't do it without someone carrying me. :(

    #5 - THE REMORA.
    Basically, when you're playing BW, sometimes there's this one player who asks you for pretty much everything. These people are so annoying. They're literally a suckerfish, that won't get off of you.

    Like I don't get it, am I your guardian? Why do you expect me to do everything for you? Just get everything for yourself, please.

    #6 - "The rich guy"
    I'm also guilty of this. Basically, this person always stays around the iron/gold dispensers. They basically want no one else to touch their minerals, and they spend them on the most ridiculous stuff. Almost always on upgrades or more blocks to protect. Most of the people who are this person are also #3. This only applies for Doubles or Teams of 4.

    #7 - PvP Buddies
    EVERYONE READING THIS IS THIS PERSON. And if you say you're not this person, you don't play BedWars. These people are always in parties and always play together. I basically can't play BW without having a friend carry me. Most of us are probably the same.

    #8 - Broadcasters
    These people are so annoying as well. I keep having to deal with people who constantly broadcast either in public chat or in /friend broadcast

    These people are like people who watch netflix. They spend an incredibly long time looking for a movie to watch, but that movie is only an hour long. Same goes with this person here. For people who have had to disable broadcasts because of this, I apologize. Blame me for suggesting the broadcast command.

    That's all I have for now. As always, let me know if I missed anyone or not. I'm doing this for every game mode on The Hive including the arcade games so be on the lookout for that.

    - Ethan / Instrumentalism
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  2. JaxoNox

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    Jul 24, 2013
    #4 Every day :p

    And I should start playing it again...
  3. lntra

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    Jan 8, 2017
    Where's the #9 LLLLLLntra this type of person complains he's bad 24/7 and has a 4 KD yet he gets boosted by pingers
  4. Caro

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    Apr 10, 2014
    I could read these forever, they're great ^_^❤️
  5. K1endy

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    Jan 7, 2017
    Oh i was thinking about that type thread ! xD


    9 Diamond Swordman
    Person that went to mid to get emeralds ( that's simple yeah ) but then he gets back then what? He bought diamond sword, then he goes ( with rest of emeralds if he didn't bought Chestplate ) on other teams loosing that sword

    10 Summoner Guardian
    Person which block summoner to others then if someone trying to tell them to go they literally leave

    11 2busy
    Person which goes to mid take emeralds and goes back then he boughts chestplate or anything for yourself and leaves emeralds ( in this moment saying that he needs to go Pvp as example ) telling you that you need to put obsidian


    and idk ill edit it later
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  6. Hwamz

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    May 26, 2016
    I'm none o
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  7. KingVadanite

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    Dec 2, 2014
    Same, I'm none.

    That guy on an alt account.

    That sounds pretty accurate to me.
  8. GuivenancioYong

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    Dec 20, 2017
    I basically everything for a reason

    Okay i admit this... i not so good at archery, I say it a nah. However if i gonna be in charge of defence for the entire game, i might possibly be the THE VAULT, built castle like defense and become ROBIN HOOD to snipe anyone who gonna come close to my base. At the meanwhile i also a THE REMORA, i have to keep asking my teammate to bring me good gear so that i can defence against upcoming instensive raid by other team.

    For Offense side.... I be the SPEEDRUNNER, PVP BUDDIES and GUCCI. i lazy to type and continue .... (on mobile)

    More to add!!

    12. The betrayer (apply to duo and team)
    A few game i encounter this guy who always SHOUT and tell other what my team is doing.... in the end i no choice but to give him a taste of WHAT BETRAYING REALLY MEAN.

    13. Not my base!!
    Okay this is me in solo, if i going to execute a strategy by ditching my bed, and it worked 63% of the time. This player wil not stay at their base when it not neccessary, he buy some wool and a sword, proceed to eliminate his neighbour and go to another island, repeat. He also loot anything from other that can get his stronger. For example using other summoner, camping at island whose he eliminated.

    14. The noisy teammate
    if you play duo or team... you might encounter this payer who cant keep quiet and focus on the game. He always chat nonesense and flood the entire chat... IT SO ANNOYING, especially when i speed bridging to mid and i keep distracted
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  9. frostbowblade

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    Sep 3, 2017
    Nice thread! :D

    A few people I encounter sometimes:
    • The person who accuses you of hacking when you kill them
    • The person who calls the person who killed them with a bow a "noob"

    MCITGAMER NewBee Emerald Member

    Aug 19, 2017
    Could you make more of these?
    They are fun to read :)!
  11. KingVadanite

    KingVadanite Famous Emerald Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    People that I encounter on Bedwars in ascending order of commonness:
    • People with 'offensive' skins
    • That guy who removes you off his FL for beating him
    • Someone learning how to use their hacks so scaffold randomly everywhere then die
    • People that 'accidentally' insult you in global chat because they 'forgot' to go in party chat (But somehow managed to use the shout feature? :thinking: )
    • People that insult you in a different language
    • People who are way too adamant on killing you and chase you across the map
    • Hackers in general (Scaffold, Bed Nuker, Bunnyhop)
    • Players that boast if they kill you once
    • People that are really good at chasing you for some illogical reason
    • People that claim they are good because they have more points/high points or possess a huge ego due to said points :thinking:
    • People in Nightfall
    • People that leave the game if they see you in it (I've become one of those people on one of my accs ;-;)
    • People with 300ms and look like they are using magic
    • People with 80 - 120ms that have insane range and take almost no knockback
    • People that call you a noob for killing them :thinking:
    • Salty players
    • But most of all, people that don't know how to play the gamemode or are learning how to.
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  12. Ambercraft

    Ambercraft Honey Maker

    Jan 26, 2018
    I'm definetely a Robin Hood, except for the part that i stay in my base and spam. I usually need just one or two shots.

    This is for a few reasons:
    1) Melee combat is broken as hell. It's too easy to run mods or hacks that won't be noticed or have any penalties and will make you win about every close combat battle depending on health.
    2) Fly, anti-kb or always KB hackers / early rushers can't deal with bows. This is about 70% of the playerbase.
    3) People who keep running from every form of pvp, i'm not intending to run around the map 'till i finally got you. It's much easier to just shoot you off that one block bridge.
    4) People who play hide and seek, if not under their base. I'm also too lazy to build a staircase all the way down.
    5) The server is so laggy at times that competitive pvp is out of the question. I don't want to risk getting stomped on without being able to hit someone at all while you can anticipate lag when shooting.

    I find the best tactic to be able to adapt to different playstyles depending on the map and/or enemies. I'm a very passive player and take my time, but it lost me every game on Turris so far.

    #7 - PvP Buddies
    Are you referring to solo or teams? I am barely ever in a party at all. Everyone on this server hates me because of my playstyl.
  13. youraveragedog

    youraveragedog NewBee

    Jul 10, 2020
    Another one are those people that try to "wrestle" the other people for iron even though the people that they compete with were there first, and some say stuff along the lines of "bUt I nEEd It". In general these are the people I hate the most. I'll call these people the wrestlers for now.
  14. Brylson

    Brylson Well Known Bee

    Nov 2, 2018
    Ale kozak, kozak totalny
  15. kingsarechamps

    kingsarechamps Talk of the Town Gold Member

    Aug 7, 2017
    My teammate and I are the speedrunners, we always push to middle right away, and from there we push to beds. We usually dont even upgrade our gens, we just use the iron and gold and diamonds we get from going to other islands. I have 110k points, so your description is dead on.
  16. KS02

    KS02 Talk of the Town Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2017
    I can identify with all kinds of Bedwars players, but most of all with the Speedrunner and Robin Hood :D I always play alone, I just don't have any friends on my level :(
  17. JoeyH

    JoeyH Honey Maker

    May 27, 2020
    I AM THE VAULT! Man, I love this.
  18. Freak0nALeash

    Freak0nALeash Honey Maker

    Jul 14, 2020
    #7 - PvP Buddies is me :D I play bedwars daily with a friend DigitalDog (he is #1 Robbin Hood). Lol in most games people accuse him of aimbot but no he is extremely good with a bow. :D hope to battle you one day!
  19. captainsnake

    captainsnake Famous Ultimate Member

    Apr 30, 2018
    I would say don't necropost but like 5 people have posted on this in the past 10 days despite this forum post being 2 years old so I guess it's ok?

    It is interesting to see how outdated this post is- nothing really describes the person playing by the modern meta.
  20. Pivot

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    Mar 11, 2020

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