Too many hackers, really?

Discussion in 'SkyWars' started by Andreaslag, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Andreaslag

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    Sep 30, 2016
    I know this is the wrong forum but what is going on with the hackers? Half of the games i get killed by a hacker. You can see if somebody is a hacker if he is bridging very fast, almost impossible by a normal player.
    I can't play anymore. Hackers are pissing me off.
    I know, you will ask me to report them, but there are too many of them that seeing a hacker is not a rare sight, each game has one.

    I really hate it when i am in the last 4 players only for a player to bridge to my island in 10 seconds (not with bridge builder, but with hacks) and hit me numerous times giving me no chance to hit back.
    Do something.
  2. Gargant

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    Jan 8, 2019
    Sometimes best thing is patience. Everyone is aware of the hacker problem right now, but Hive has said they are working on a better anticheat and they went so far as to hire a new developer ONLY for the anticheat.

    Best thing to do when raging? Take a break or try another game. A relaxing Deathrun game will not only get you some spicy tokens but also calm you down.

    There are big things coming with Hive, but patience is key.
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  3. Djmrkvicka11

    Djmrkvicka11 NewBee

    Aug 9, 2019
    It is not only cheaters. They made a broken Java 2 which has more bugs than working things and they want to do anti-cheat? That's a joke! Also Hive is seriously understaffed right now, why are there no new moderators? Why are reports taking more than 10 hours to review? What is even points of reporting then? Many things are broken and by looks of it, Hive team is completely failing at resolving them and day by day there are more and more. I think players were patient enough. It's time to finally give us something.
  4. timothv

    timothv Well Known Bee Ultimate Member

    May 4, 2020
    The Java 2 update has been out for only a month so we can’t assume for everything to be perfect. I’m really sorry that there have been an increase in hackers since the update came out. Just want you guys to keep in mind that new updates take long amount of times to plan, roll out, and then respond to once unexpected bugs come up. It’s summer vacation right now, so the Developers should be allowed to take as much time as they need to fix bugs. Remember that at its base, playing on the Hive is all about having fun, and if some hackers here and there ruin that for you, consider taking a break. Please be patient!!! I know that it’s a bit rocky right now, but the best thing to do is wait. About the staff, they are currently working on rolling out helpers as soon as they are trained and ready! My message to all of you: Be patient, and remember to always have fun! :D
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