The True Beauty of Geometry Dash

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  1. blademir

    blademir Talk of the Town

    Dec 29, 2016
    Hello Everybody!
    I am sure that many of You have heard, or maybe some have played a game called Geometry Dash.
    And I'm sure that this game is associated for You as just an ordinary platform game, where the cube just jumps and that’s all, nothing interesting.
    But I am here to show The True Beauty of this game.
    Because a lot of time has passed since the release of the game, the game was updated many times and accordingly, a lot of things were added, so that for the Level Creators there were no boundaries in creating levels.
    The creators spent many hours of work creating the levels that you will see later.
    Beautiful design, exciting gameplay, extreme difficulty, stunning scenery, epic music!
    Creating levels like this, is very difficult. But it's worth it in the end.
    I chose the most amazing, most incredible levels in the game, you will be really surprised.
    I want to say in advance that the levels are so awesome that you might think some kind of montage, but it's not. The gameplay of the levels were not edited in any way and were made directly in the game.
    Gameplays are FullHD quality. Watch in Full Screen mode!
    Enjoy watching! :)

    Let's start by warming up.

    Press Start Full Version.

    This level was created on the pre-release version of the future 2.2 update in which there are new features such as camera control.
    This is a really high quality level. The sync with the music is just awesome. Very interesting gameplay and Epic Boss Fight!
    Music will be familiar to many, as it was once used as an intro of the popular TheDiamondMinecart (DanTDM).

    Warm up is over.


    This level is incredibly challenging. According to the official Geometry Dash Demonlist (The official top of the most difficult levels in the game) this level takes 11th place as a hardest rated level.
    Very difficult and fast gameplay, you must have a very quick reaction in some parts of the level. This level is truly a masterpiece. The theme is something almost never done before. It was executed beautifully. The Boss Fight is very well-built and is used really well throughout the level.


    God Eater.

    Does the level name really scare you?
    About a year was spent creating this True Masterpiece level. Extremely hard level, Incredibly beautiful and unique design. Just look at the video gameplay and you will be surprised yourself :)

    Level showcase starts at 0:19


    "Uncensored Version" means there is copyright art, but that should not bother You!

    Another incredibly beautiful and unique Masterpiece level. People were wondering how it is generally possible to do things like that in the game. In some parts of the video you can see lags, the level is so heavy in terms of design that computer start lagging. This level is a real team work!



    One of my favorite levels. Great gameplay, great music, great sync, great design. People call it the most fun extreme difficulty level.
    Everything is perfect in this level!


    So here they are. The most interesting levels in the game. I hope You enjoyed this trip.
    The game has a lot of amazing and unique levels, I showed You the best of all.
    Write Your opinion about these levels, which one did You like the most?
    If you want, I can do another thread like this one, but with other levels that are not inferior in beauty to these.

    If You have questions about this game, or you want to know the name of the music that was played during the gameplay - feel free to ask, I will answer You! :)

  2. iHells

    iHells Well Known Bee

    Mar 19, 2017
    My favourite one out of all of these has to be "Woodkid".
    Personally, I don't think I could beat any of this levels haha.
  3. blademir

    blademir Talk of the Town

    Dec 29, 2016
    Here is the continuation (I hope I wrote correctly) since It doesn't allow me to add more than 5 media

    Astromium Dimensha

    Astromium Dimensha is a level that has just about everything, amazing art in the foreground and background, great color choices, block design, really solid gameplay. Every section has something great to offer in my opinion, if it's the backgrounds, the block design, the effects, you'll find something you like in every part.



    A five-minute solo Hell Themed level with the highest level of detail in the game's history.
    Khorne is indisputably one of the most interesting levels, if not beautiful or fun.
  4. blademir

    blademir Talk of the Town

    Dec 29, 2016
    Currently Woodkid in the process of remaking as the level is extremely unstable and laggy :)
    But the level really deserves attention, because such combination of gameplay and design in the level has not been seen in the game before :)
  5. Hosticka

    Hosticka Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Aug 12, 2017
    Wow, this is actually awesome! I played Geometry Dash long time ago, but I didn't have more nerves for this game xD
  6. LonesomeShadow

    LonesomeShadow Honey Maker

    Apr 14, 2018
    I used to play Geometry Dash. I sucked so bad so I rage quit and never played it again lol.
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  7. SpaceAntXx

    SpaceAntXx Regular Bee

    Jul 5, 2019
    Hehehehehehehfejfhwe gewnr
    I played Geometry Dash Lite, and made it to and beat time machine. Never completed the one after.
  8. Gideeon

    Gideeon Talk of the Town Emerald Member

    Feb 27, 2016
    That was so 2016. So much memories. Remembered celebrating after beating Clubstep.
  9. nik9094

    nik9094 Famous Emerald Member

    Feb 20, 2017
    I used to play around with the level editor to come up with interesting things on a level. I remember having a full white themed level with a tetris song, I made that when I had an iPhone 4S (that was a veery long time ago). Then I just started playing all kinds of level and ended up beating a few demons NineCircles-styled. After that I got bored of the game and haven't been playing it since. I do agree that this game has amazing art potential
  10. AgarOther

    AgarOther Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Feb 15, 2017
    That's currently a game I'm tryharding, I just beat my 2nd extreme demon and I absolutely love this game ! Can't wait to see this community getting bigger, I'd love to see HiveMC players on GD !

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