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    Jun 29, 2016

    An Application of an MLG Noscoper.

    Do you meme like a dream? Yes I do. I even team of memey dreams!
    What's your favourite meme lad? Any rage comics meme.
    Three. Picture this, you find yourself in a desert after trying to imitate and desert survival show. You quickly learned that you cannot imitate the show and so find yourself stuck with only one piece of chewing gum, a helicopter blade, 2 memes and a 'Cory in the House' box-set. You begin to walk, on your left in a spongegar meme and on the right a dank pepe. The spongegar encourages you to make use of what you have to kill the pepe, however the pepe urges you to trek onward throughout the desert. You think to yourself, I have been given these items for a reason, you look at the items and ponder. What do you do next?
    I craft an Mlg mountain dew ghetto blasta, and get the hell outa their turf.

    4. Why is your answer to the previous question wrong? It isn't. MLG INTENSIFIES LOLOLOLOLOL
    If you had to use an Alex or Steve skin, which would you use and why?
    Steve. I am kewl and heepster.
    666 (ILL0MINATY CONTFIRMED). #Feelthebern or Kanye 2020?
    Pls, stahp. It's 4 years time.

    7. Give us your skype lads (you can message me, amino or splodger if ya want)


    8. I feel like we should have a sky giants question, so what's your favourite sky giant team colour? Does it matter? Ok, it is green.

    9. What colour do you want your name to be lad? SAMPLETEXT

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