Team Nano's Official Clan-Battle Rules - SG 2.0 Edition

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    Apr 27, 2013
    These rules were created by myself with aid from @iZift, Frostbite, and Amnesty. Any feedback or suggestions may be private messaged to me.


    Should two clans agree to battle, there should be specific topics of discussion mentioned prior to battling.
    • There should be a discussion on:
      • Time and date of battle
      • Grace period length
      • Number of players on each team
      • How many rounds the battle will consist of (e.g. first to three or first to five)
      • How custom servers will be created
    • Additional topics that should be discussed include:
      • Minor clan battle rule changes
      • Custom server allowances (potion effects, loot content, etc.)
      • Amount of spectators
      • Status of screensharing (allowed or denied)
    • Members should be in the clan for at least twelve hours before they may play for their respective clan.
    • Trial members can play by default.
      • This can be negotiated prior to the battle.
    • Members may not use accounts that are usable by other clans.
      • e.g. PrimeHD (part of Nano) cannot use SwanHD’s (part of Frostbite) alternative account; beefymermaid.
      • Any legal alternative accounts used should be stated in the lineup alongside the members using them.
        • e.g. “Lineup: Ryann (PrimeHD), … “ where “Ryann” is the alternative account and "PrimeHD" is the primary account.
    Pre-game rules:
    • Every round of the clan battle will be played on the HiveMC Survival Games 2.0 custom servers.
    • Normal in-game Hive rules apply to every battle.
    • The rules listed here will be played throughout the entirety of the battle.
    • The entirety of the clan battle will consist on a set amount of players (x vs. x where x is the number of players on both teams).
    • Both participating clans should state the lineup each round, either in-game or in the Skype chat.
    • Clans may have as many spectators as they wish by default, however if one clan has zero spectators and cannot gain access to the server, one of the opposing clan's spectators must leave.
    • The clan battle will only be concluded when one of the clans reach five (best of nine) or three (best of 5) round wins.
    • As stated above, clans will decide how custom servers are created.
      • Clans may ONLY invite members from their own and opposing clan. Random players may not be invited.
      • Whichever clan creates the custom server has full control over which map is selected.
      • By the default, there will be NO allowances. The Survival Games 2.0 experience should be vanilla unless agreed otherwise by both clans.
    In-game rules:
    • Once a game lobby has entered into pre-game warmup, the match will be officially in motion, EXCEPT in the case which a team is represented by a disadvantage in game lobby and has taken this disadvantage into pre-game warmup.
      • In this scenario, the disadvantaged team will be allowed to pull out of the server DURING pre-game warmup to redo* the round. If the disadvantaged team does not pull out during pre-game, the round shall go on.
    • Each round will have a grace period of at least one minute.
      • During this time, the clans are not allowed to obstruct each others’ routes (e.g. punching, fishing rodding, blocking exits, etc.). A redo* shall only occur should the action affect future gameplay (e.g. in the event of unintentionally fishing rodding the other clan, that round shall not be redone).
    • Clans cannot grace camp each other (following a member until the grace period ends).
    • The clans do not have to state when the grace period has ended, however, it is recommended to do so.
    • Should one member of a clan die before the grace period ends to the opposing clan, the round shall be redone.
    • Clans may only team with players from their roster.
    • Should a member crash or timeout, the round shall continue. This means ghost-killing** is allowed.
      • This is due to crashing/timing out being heavily client-sided and is uncontrollable by the Hive.
        • Unless the Hive have stated they are having issues with their connections, or the whole lobby is lagging, then a redo* should be discussed.
    • If a clan member is banned during the clan battle, the banned user’s clan will receive a disqualification.
      • If the user posts a ban appeal and said appeal is successful, the disqualification is retracted and the clan battle will continue.
    • Lag-back killing*** is not allowed.
    • Clans can only win the round if there is a clear winner.
      • Should the winning clan run out the timer in the deathmatch arena, the round shall be redone.
    • After each round, the clans should state the current score of the battle either in Skype or the in-game chat.
    Postponement cases:
    • Each clan is entitled to a thirty minute interval which does not affect the overall postponement validity.
    • Both clans are entitled to one forty-eight hour postponement however, must first agree on the time and day they will finish the battle.
    • Clans may only postpone if they meet one of the following criteria:
      • Not enough players
      • No means of communication
      • No staff/clan battle organiser on-line
    Post-game rules:
    • Clans should put up the final and real score on their clan thread.
    • Clans should not flame on the opposing clan's thread, in the Skype chat, or on TeamSpeak (or anywhere for that matter).
    Some notes:
    • Any deaths before the grace period is over will be at the fault of the player. No redos should be given for deaths before the grace period is over.

    *A redo is done in the format of redoing the game as it was when the act to initiate a redo was committed. For example; if it is a 3 vs. 1 and the player who is solo gets ghostkilled by the other clan, the redo of the round will be in a 3 vs. 1 with the same lineups if possible. If one clan cannot do the same lineup, both clans get to change their respective lineup.

    ** Ghost-killing is when you freeze mid-battle and the other clan kills the frozen player.

    *** Lag-back killing is when NCP flags a user for suspected flight, and thus teleports them to their original location. This is completely server-sided. A single occasion of a lag-back kill is fine in the sense player A lag backs into player B and dies a result of one hit; it should be avoided yet a single hit due to human reactions is fine.
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