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    Jul 28, 2020
    Finally 100 solo wins. I am still really bad at the game, especially pvp (I still lost ~50% of fight with same gear). However, with some appropriate strats, it's still possible to win a decent number of games. Here's how (if you are good at pvp, you probably don't need them :)).

    1. Early stage
    There are basically 2 options. Either to rush diamond gen, and then mid (1.1) or rush direct neighbors (1.2) depending on the capability of your neighbors. If the game is not full and your direct neighbors are empty, rush to the mid (1.1). If they are in game and somewhat capable (i.e. bridging to the same diamond gen or rushing you), rush them first (1.2). A useful way to determine the capability of a player is to check their stats with "/stats <IGN>", if they played > 50 games and has a W/L > 0.1, it's better to pay some attention to them.

    1.1 Grab the first 5 iron and bridge to diamond gen, grab diamond and unlock gold gen, there should be around 5 iron in the gen at this moment. If the direct neighbor is bridging to diamond gen, buy a sword and try to kill them (see 1.2), if not, buy blocks and continue to mid. If you are somewhat slow to diamond gen, and there are more than 5 iron when you get back, try to wait a bit longer to also buy a sword, this will be helpful for any possible fight in mid. If you are the first to get to the mid, try to collect emeralds as fast as possible, there should be at least 2 in each gen depending on your bridging speed. Also try to observe the player who are the closest to getting to mid, prioritize killing them afterward. Once you collect at least 8 emeralds, immediately buy 8 obsidian and defend the bed. This is usually the most stressful moment in the game, as the bed is open, and other players can rush you from both side and the mid. After putting down the obsidian, it is a pretty much a free win (For all games that I successfully put down obsidian, I won > 3/4 of them).
    Counter strat: if your neighbor is using 1.1 and bridging faster than you. Try to rush them directly. if you destroy their bed before they get back, they will be in a very bad situation. If another player is at the mid around the same time as you do, try to kill them first. If they ran away, follow them to destroy their bed. The a risky move, but it will prevent them from getting obsidian, which will cause problem later.

    1.2. To rush direct neighbor, either bridge directly to them or from the shared diamond gen. For most maps, direct neighbor are within 32 blocks range. If you decided to do direct rush, it's better to do it right after the initial 5 iron. This way, your neighbor won't have enough time to get both sword and blocks. When rushing, bridge high and jump to their base to make it difficult for them to take advantage of your bridge. If possible, try to sneak to their gen to grab iron and buy a stone sword, this will help a lot. The same idea applies to rush from diamond gen, except you should have a sword (unless you know you have enough time to break their bed (i.e. just knock them off)). Overall, direct rush is risky. If you get killed, there is a decent chance they will rush back and destroy your bed. Personally, I will use this strat against capable players. The reason is that it will be much more difficult to defeat them after they get obsidian.
    Counter strat: If your neighbor rush you directly right after the initial 5 iron, try to buy a sword and kill them when they jump. If you already bought blocks, try to defend your bed with 1 layer so that your neighbor will have to fight you to destroy your bed (as oppose to destroy your bed first). If you are in a bad position (the neighbor rush you have a sword, but you only have blocks), try to pillar up, if they follow you, there is a chance that you can knock them off to void. If they go to your bed, try to go to their base and break their bed (trade beds), you will also have access to their gen, which can get you a sword.

    2. Mid stage
    There are not much specific strats for this. The general principle is to collect emeralds and break everyone's bed. If you successfully put down obsidian, it's pretty safe to go out and rush other players. Try to rush the one has access to mid first, because you don't want others to have obsidian. If you managed to control the mid, it's a free win, because you almost always have better gear than your opponents. If other players are controlling the mid, try to collect emeralds without being killed (i.e. don't be greedy and don't fight preemptively). If the player with the best gear are busy killing other players, try to buy a diamond pickaxe, sneak in their base, and break their bed. This will give you a significant advantage.

    For all the use case of emeralds, my personal preference is obsidian (if you have bed) > speed 1 > speed 2 ~= diamond chest plate > diamond gen > diamond sword* > enchantments, with a few exceptions. I usually choose speed over armor because it allows me to escape a fight much easier (and also make chasing easier). Diamond gen is useful only after you are geared up enough, as it only provides diamond legging and axe, which are not nearly as important as other use case of emeralds. Diamond sword is a controversial one, I ranked it down because I am bad at pvp. Based on my experience, I don't have a significantly higher chance of wining a fight with diamond sword as oppose to iron sword except for fighting full diamond opponents, and the sword is given to the opponent if lost the fight. Of course, those who are good at pvp will probably disagree.

    If an opponent with better gear (or better pvp skills) tries to rush you, and you have obsidian, save all your important resources (i.e. emeralds) to ender chest and deal as much damage as possible before you die. Also avoid getting knocked off to the void, as that will give them extra time to break obsidian. When you re-spawned, immediately buy a sword (or take one from ender chest) and keep dealing damage, if they surround themselves with endstone, you will also need a pickaxe. The idea is to interrupt the process of breaking obsidian while lowering their health. This, if done correctly, will force your opponent leave your base, as they are low, or get killed eventually (if they persisted).

    3. Late stage
    At this point, there are only a few players (< 4) left. If you are in an advantageous position (i.e. have bed, or better gear), try to kill other players in descending order of their capability. If you don't have a bed, try to break everyone else's bed. Be careful when taking a bridge fight, use blocks to your advantage.

    If there are only 2 players left with no bed and have similar gear (i.e. full diamond), try to buy a bow and go to mid. If you get to mid before your opponent, you can bow spam them to prevent them from going to mid. In the mean time, you should collect emeralds to enchant sword and bow, also buy a perl if necessary.
    Counter strat: If the opponent is in the mid and bow spam you, try to buy blocks and bridgers, build up and use multiple bridgers to build a wide path to mid to avoid getting knocked off. Also, buy a tracker, so you know where your opponent is. If they are collecting emeralds, go to mid immediately.

    4. Other tips
    4.1 Speed bridging is probably one of the most important mechanical skill (i.e. you can master it with practice). It will allow you to get to mid/other players base faster, and sometimes give you significant advantage.
    4.2 Iron axe (5 gold) is a good alternative to stone sword (5 iron) in early stage as they deal the same damage and can cut through wood (also allow you to save iron to buy blocks).
    4.3 Tracker is useful in many situations and only cost 1 diamond. I will buy it whenever possible.
    4.4 Bow is useful to prevent your opponents (especially those with better gear) from crossing the bridge.
    4.5 Strats against obsidian.
    4.5.1 sneak in and break it (without getting noticed).
    4.5.2 knock your opponent off the edge and break it (you should have just enough time if done correctly).
    4.5.3 surround yourself with endstone while breaking it after killing your opponent (the idea is that they will need to buy a pickaxe to disrupt you, which will take some time).
    4.5.4 block their ender chest/gen/shop with endstone (this is a nasty strat, but works, the best counter strat is to leave the base, unfortunately)
    4.5.5 block their base and kill farm them to force them to leave the game (this is a joke :), please don't do this)

    5. Discussions
    Overall, my strats is probably on the safe/conservative side of the spectrum. One of the downside is that I usually don't get many kills/beds broken even if I won the game. I noticed a lot of good players are using a much more aggressive strats that allow them to win with a lot more kills/beds broken. Please feel free to discuss other strats. Any constructive discussions are welcome.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Aug 7, 2017
    As a BW main, I almost never bridge to diamond before i bridge to mid. I have found that bridging straight to mid not only gets you there before a lot of others (speedbridging ofc), but it also makes teams back off of you a little bit. If i can get 8 emeralds, I get obsidian first. If i can only get 5-6, I buy speed. I rarely will buy more than chain armour - after I get obby and speed, I dont worry about emeralds and I push beds right away. Like you said, once you have obby, there really isnt anything to worry about. The only time I buy more than chain armor is if I am playing duos, or if my bed was broken during the game.

    One way I have found that is a good counter to players blocking off shops and chests (not sure if you have experienced this), but I like to place a sword and a pickaxe somewhere on the floor of my island, where no one else could see it. That way if I dont have access to get to the shop or my chests, I have a backup plan. I rarely bridge fight, and if I do, I always try to get the high ground on my opponent, and then jump behind them while hitting them, knocking them off.

    One strategy I like to do on diagonal bridges is the "L block". This is where you. place blocks when a player is pushing you that forces them into a hole on the bridge. I am sure you know what this is. You place two blocks on top of each other, and then one to the right of the top one, causing the player to run into it and fall into the void. I personally will take all their gold/iron/diamonds before I start to break into their bed, and I will try to block their chests,shop, or spawn off - whatever is available. I then will build around myself with endstone and break the bed.

    I consider myself more of an aggressive player, which sometimes costs me. I have around 600 gp, with over 3k kills, and around 2.3k deaths, and around 800 beds destroyed I believe (not really sure of my stats atm since the website is down). I have a little over 250 wins, but I focus on beds destroyed rather than my win rate.

    If you ever want to play a game with me, pm me on discord, kingsarechamps#8847.
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    Jul 28, 2020
    I tried this strat in some games, and it actually works great when you are in a straight line to mid (where diamond gen is slightly off to the right or left. In these cases, bridging directly to mid is a straight line, which is a lot faster than going through diamond. However, when mid is in diagonal direction, it's probably better to bridge to diamond first as bridging directly does not save much time.

    I do occasionally experienced this, and I did this to other players as well sometimes :)

    I am kind of bad at bridge fight, and I never tried any specific blocking pattern yet. When I engage a bridge fight, I usually just spam blocks randomly and build up, but the opponent usually also build up, which doesn't give me a huge advantage (in case they don't build up, it's usually an easy fight).

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