so many cheaters in skywars!

Discussion in 'SkyWars' started by Itsfede19, Jul 6, 2019.


do you also meet many cheaters in the skywars?

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  1. Yes!! :(

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  1. Itsfede19

    Itsfede19 Regular Bee

    Dec 31, 2018
    Hello, thehive is practically the only server I play because it is too beautiful, I love it. One of my favorite modes is skywars, until a few days ago I played them quietly, but today I played about 10 games and IN EVERY GAME There was at least one cheater. All day I've been trying to win one, but I always get a cheater.
    But...What surprise me?
    That today tired of cheaters in skywars I went on Bedwars, survival games, sky giants and a game of Cowboy and Indians and in all these games I have Not found any cheater, maybe one.
    I'm sorry to say it but, the skywars, one of my favorite minigames are unplayable! :(
    Wouldn't it be appropriate to improve the anticheat?
    Thanks for reading ♥, have a nice day.
  2. Minti

    Minti Mintirator! Moderator

    Oct 6, 2015
    The anticheat will never be perfect - hacks are always changing and improving to try and find ways to get around the anticheat unfortunately.
    If you come across a hacker you can either record and report the user using "/login report", or report the user on Discord in the #java-ingame-reporting channel where a mod will help you out as fast as possible :D
  3. Itsfede19

    Itsfede19 Regular Bee

    Dec 31, 2018
    if today I reported every cheater I would have spent more time on discord than on the skywars XD this is the problem, also because some cheaters had a bad and obvious killaura that many other anticheat would have detected

    It's OK to report a cheater sometime but in every game NO! I lose EVERY GAME and in every game I pray that there are no cheaters and is not normal XD
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  4. SenpaiSassy

    SenpaiSassy Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Nov 7, 2016
    Reporting every cheater you encounter will take time and I understand it can be quite annoying ( I report a lot of cheaters myself) I spend more time reporting then playing, but I know that that user will be punished for using an unfair advantage against myself and others.

    So realistically, if you do report every cheater you get, there is a chance you won't bump into that cheater again thus lowering the encounters you have with a cheater.

    Like Minti said the anti-cheat will never be perfect because its a piece of code, it can't directly view a case - it will only flag user that are suspicious (this could cause problems however, if a user is laggy with extremely high ping - sometimes they can be kicked or flagged up.)

    So my personal suggestion: Have OBS open at all times! :)
    (If your laptop / computer is able to handle it <3)
  5. SmoothEnd9k

    SmoothEnd9k Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Mar 18, 2017
    Same problem here. I was playing skywars and had a 10 streak, then was hacked on by not one, not two, but three people. Hive anti-cheat isn't perfect but im lucky enough to have a friendlist full of people who are in hub. Friend add premium players to ensure you can get a moderator at any time, unless if they're not in hub, in that case rip you.
  6. Rinjani

    Rinjani Talk of the Town

    Jan 17, 2016
    Tipp: the worst bhoppers get kicked after a few seconds if you stop them with cobwebs and burn them/ throw poison.
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  7. FstMario

    FstMario Famous

    Jun 4, 2016
    Also, if you bow spam people who fly, across most gamemodes, they get lagback + kick for it

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