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    Hi! All about /report command. Thanks to @TNTDragonMC + @Vaneskah + @heyimblake . I couldn't do it without them!
    Thanks to all of them for their time and input. I had these three in because I felt their ideas were original and had to be mentioned.

    It's a long read!

    Disclaimer: Their three posts haven't been edited, I think. I copied them directly. If I did change anything, it was completely by accident. :)
    Addition of a /report command

    More info:
    The /report command would alert staff members that there is a rule-breaker in your current game to allow staff members to quickly be notified without you having to leave your current game. Example usage: /report xOutcast48 Fly Hacking

    Quote from Post, wanted by other bees.

    So much ideas are awesome here, but no one has addressed an issue I feel is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

    So many people do not have a means to be able to record the evidence needed against a hacker. It's not all about simply downloading some software, it could be bad ping that can't let them upload (yes I'm talking about me). It takes over an hour easily to upload. What if there was a solution for this? Also, for regular members that do not have the luxury of being able to call for a moderator whenever they please. They feel like it's pointless to report most of the time.
    I know someone that has a brilliant idea than can help out these people AND reduce the load on mods!! Let me quote his idea...

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to make something like this, but I’ve always thought it could be beneficial to have the server handle a limited set of reports automatically rather than mods having to come in and check on offenders themselves (hackers can turn off hacks between games after all). The process would be quick, automatic and quiet.
    For example, if someone were to type /report <name> aurora, the server would instantly spawn 6 invisible fake players around a player in each direction (up, down, foreward, etc.) and if the player consistently passes checks that would identify a hacker, the server could kick the player from the game, ban them, flag them.. whatever the devs want.
    For /report <name> reach, the server could spawn invisible players a predefined distance in front of the player that follows them around and if the player keeps killing the stand, passing checks, they can be punished."

    Please consider this :)

    Here is the entire idea, remade and detailed :)
    A /report command for easier reporting of players.
    More information:
    As there is a lot of information here, I divided this thread Into parts, each hidden in a spoiler. This way it's more clear for everyone. Upfront: Any type of User Interface (I use Chest GUI for examples) can be switched to chat interface or something if wanted. I'm just proposing one way.
    /report help
    Gives the player information on how to report a player
    (Without color coding)
    ~~~~~~~~Hive Report System~~~~~~~~
    If you want to report a player do
    /report <Player> <Reason>
    Report players ONLY if you are sure
    they are hacking, otherwise you may
    loose access to /report
    /report <Player IGN> <Extra information>
    Reports a set player for a set Reason. System picks it up according to what is said below.
    Extra information is optional, and acts like a comment on the current report system.
    Opens a chest GUI with the following items:
    • Gray dye:
      Name: Watchlist reports
      Lore: <# Of reports> Reports (935 Reports for instance)
    • Green dye:
      Name: Urgent reports
      Lore: <# Of reports> Reports (115 Reports for instance)
    • Orange/Yellow dye:
      Name: Very Urgent reports (or Super Urgent)
      Lore: <# Of reports> Reports (42 Reports for instance)
    • Red dye:
      Name: EXTREMELY URGENT Reports
      Lore: <# Of reports> Reports (12 Reports for instance)
    The Above could be enchanted if Reports exceeded a certain number (More than 1 EXTREMELY URGENT Report, more than 10 Super Urgent reports, more than a 100 Urgent Reports (Number would, of course, have to be adjusted according to the actual amounts of such reports received))
    When Either of the above Items is selected, a doublechest GUI pops up with papers, 1 for each player. When hovered above the item:
    Name: <Player IGN>
    Lore: <#> reports, <Reason> (More reasons added after commas if some people reported for killaura, others for flyhacking) Report from: <Date/Time of first report>
    The papers would be enchanted to show the players that are currently online.
    Additionally, if there would be over 54 Reports, The reports would be sorted by:
    Online Players
    Report time (Oldest first)
    Report count
    Alphabetical order
    In that order of importance. All reports that would not fit this criteria would not be shown.
    Joe: Online 15 reports from 2 days ago
    Steve Online 16 Reports from Yesterday
    John Offline 18 Reports from 5 days ago
    Bella Online 2 Reports from Today
    Alex Online 2 Reports from Today

    The list would be organized as follows:
    When a paper is selected, the moderator claims the report and it is no longer visible
    /reports W / Watchlist / U / Urgent / SU / SuperUrgent / EU / ExtremelyUrgent
    Gives instant look into specific report section (Opens Chest GUI with papers)
    /reports info / information <Player IGN>
    Provides all additional information that players provided while reporting the player
    If there is no additional information with the reports on the player, it displays "Nobody provided additional information" (Can add "You're on your own" :p)
    If there is 1 additional information it will display in chat: "<Additional information>" provided by <Reporter IGN>
    If there is 2+ information, a chest GUI pops with papers showing up:
    Name: Reporter IGN
    Lore: <Additional Information>
    /reports claim W / Watchlist / U / Urgent / SU / SuperUrgent / EU / ExtremelyUrgent
    Claims the top report from the chosen section
    /reports claim <Player IGN>
    Claims the report of a certain player (Player is the accused one)
    /reports claimed
    Displays all the reports claimed by the mod (A moderator should only be able to claim 'so' many reports. This would have to be adjusted to how many reports mod do daily and how many people that are reported in hubs/PM's are left to wait)
    Clicking on a paper in that GUI would automatically execute the following command:
    /reports clear <Player IGN>
    Lowers the amount of reports that a player has on them, automatically removes from mods claim list. Of course, can only be done when the Player is on the mods claim list
    This command will lower the amount of reports to 1. It won't clear them completely as a person that is hacking may have turned off his hacks, so the single report is there in case of another hackusation. This command is to be used when a player wasn't really hacking. It "clears" the hackusations.
    However, it does leave the player with 1 report without a date. This will affect both hackers that managed to turn their hacks off when a mod was looking, and pro's that get a lot of hackusations. Pro's shouldn't have to worry about getting banned and this way hackers will get re-reported more quickly, since they would require one less report to appear on the list.
    Of course, a banned player would be automatically removed from any mod claimed lists and all reports overall.
    /reports Reputation / Rep show <Player IGN>
    Shows the RRPP for the player
    /reports moderators / mods claimed <Mod IGN>
    Opens the Chest GUI with all claimed reports by a certain mod. The reports apear as papers, but not only does it show the hacker nick, but as the Lore of the paper it shows when the report has been claimed
    /reports remove <Player IGN>
    Removes all reports on that specific player
    I do not know if these are necessary, they're more for testing the plugin, but it's a proposition nonetheless.
    /reports Reputation / Rep set <Player IGN>
    Sets the Reputation for a player
    /reports report set <#> <Player IGN>
    Sets set number (<#>) of reports on a certain player
    /reports plugin clear
    Clears all the reports (In case of a problem with them). Unlike the mod command, it removes the reports completely
    /reports plugin reset
    Resets the plugin
    This is a copy paste from previous one, with only a few things corrected, if you read the previous post, you don't have to read this and can skip to the next part.

    Here is me creating this thing from scratch:
    What do you need?
    • Easy report access
    • Reliable system (unabusable)
    • Way for it to work with 1:200 mod to Player ratio (30 online mods for 6000 players)
    One after another:
    There is only /report player IGN and /report help, therefore the system is very simple for a player to understand and use. For command information, look in the section above
    NOTE that I do not specify type of hacking. This would be easier for two reasons:
    1. People may have multiple hacks on one account. One person could use both no knock back as well as kill aura.If one player would file the hacker as one thing and another as something else, the reports could have not stacked properly, which will be important later on.
    2. Hive carefully chooses their moderators. If a system was to report players that are 80% sure to be rulebreakers then the moderator should be able to tell if those are false hackusations or if the player is really hacking. And if they see the player hacking, they should be able to tell what type of hacks the hacker is using.
    The player is still allowed to give additional information to aid the moderator in what they are looking for (for instance, cross teaming may not be obvious at first)
    This is the hardest part. Thus I will diet it into smaller bits:
    This one was explained by @RWJP in the previous post. To summarize, a casual player cannot have the power to say "I'm right" because they might be not. This means there cannot be a simple way for a player to say "/report H4cker1337 URGENT!!!!!" and suddenly every mod gets a notification "H4cker1337 has to be punished". This would lead to players only using the urgent 'tag' while reporting, making it useless.
    A mod? Possible, but I see no point as they can already ban the rulebreakers.
    Also stated in previous post, a player should not be able to report a person who is not in his game. The system should automatically check if ReporterGameID == HackerGameID. If not, the report cannot go through and displays error message. ("Player not in your game")
    It should be fine for people to say "XYZ is a hacker, /report him" usually players will ignore chat anyway, as "It's not their job to deal with hackers". The few that do are most likely aware of the person hacking anyway.
    This can cause problems as people may, and WILL report falsely. I'm sure right now hive still gets a lot of false hacker reports with current system, this would barely change (%wise)

    Another form of report bumping would be same person reporting same hacker. It should be obvious that hackers can only be reported once by one person, or the "report count" could go off balance.
    People could also "report target" a player, making his and mods life miserable
    This is another obvious one. We want everything as automatic as it can be, mods only taking reports and not moving them between "urgent" and "non urgent"
    NOTE: There is a command /reports remove <Player IGN> because there will be trolls that do:
    /report Externalizable for flying in main hub

    Additionally, a proposition by @Vaneskah for the anti-cheat. Right now many people are getting falsely kicked by the anticheat. Possible, it could be modified in a way that while it still works on it's own (maybe tuned down a little) The anticheat could have a system that would target a certain player after a report has been filed for that player. The proposition was:"the server would instantly spawn 6 invisible fake players around a player in each direction (up, down, foreward, etc.)" A person can hit one of those on accident, but if a player hits 3 then it's suspicious. So for each 2 "fake players" hit, the system would add 1 to the total report count on the player, making moderators see the report faster.
    This, of course, is just a proposition for a way to utilize anti-cheat together with /report :)
    This will be a set of a few simple rules:
    1. Any report below 3 reportCount value (only 1 or 2 people submitted the report) should not be shown unless requested.
    2. Any report below 6 reportCount value (up to 5 people submitted the report for that player) should be put in the "watchlist" section.
    3. Any report with 6 or more reportCount value is put on "Urgent" list.
    4. Any report with 12+ reportCount value is put on "Super Urgent" list.
    5. Any report with 24+ reportCount Value is put on "EXTREMELY URGENT" list.
    Why 3, 6, 12 and 24 as the breaker values?
    • Regular member party has 2 players, so a full party of regulars cannot go on a reporting spree, they need another person from the game. Also 2 players is simply not enough
    • While a full Premium leader troll party could put anyone on the urgent watch list, 7 seems a bit too much considering some games play with 12 players or less. 6 is the high point in my opinion
    • 12 players reporting a single person means that half, or in some cases everyone, in a lobby reported that player. Meaning they are either hacking, or extremely good at the game.
    • 24 players is over 1 full lobby, meaning the player has been reported by different people in different games. The number is so high that the chance of this player not hacking is very, very low
    The most important part for a reliable system: to recognize the "mod-like" players with high amount of true reports. And to recognize the trolls
    So how to do it correctly? Because this is what we need to figure out. Here is my proposition:
    NOT percentage based value. This would be messy for people when their first report gets denied, and could be abused by someone getting a true report and then submitting a ton of fake ones. Even if he or she would need 10 reports before percentage started to matter.

    A point based system is much in place here in my opinion:
    You start with 100 points. You do not loose any points for submitting a report, HOWEVER Everyone is limited to (points+5)/10 active reports at any given time. Number estimated down. This way a person with 5 points could still submit a single report. People with 0 wouldn't (system will be substracting multiples of 5)
    You get +5 points for having report accepted, -5 for denied. This counts double if report would be with "super urgent" and triple/quadruple for "extremely urgent". Both for + & -.
    • If many people reported a hacker, then they deserve special price for "team work to clean Hive"
    • If so many people trolled they deserve a punishment for making it hard on mods. And if a player followed a bandwagon of /report, he'll learn not to do that
    Having more points would allow more reports, but other perks could be given. For instance for 200 points (20 correct reports) a double reportCount value (2 instead of 1) for any reports that are in non-urgent section ( so only 2 players needed for the "watchlist" section but still 6 for "urgent" one) that could be them pushed:
    double until not in super urgent for 300
    Triple until in urgent (auto watchlist) for 500 (that's 80 reports accepted)

    Of course this could be abused by a hard working troll, barely but still. So I propose that after 200 the deniedReportLoss is changed from 5 to 10 until the user hits 100 again (switched back to 5 from 10) or 300 ( switched from 10 to 15)

    Players cannot be shown their points or they could start to go competitive. These are for discreet eyes of S Mod+

    After reaching 0 points a player will not be revoked the right to /report. Whenever /report will be executed by the player, he will get a message that he submitted too many failed reports. A confirmation link for him to read up on report system should be given, and upon proving to have read everything the player will get 50 points (enough for 10 reports) If he uses those he will have to wait a week to regain 50 points. Then a month. Then 3.
    In that time he can still use /login report not to take away the capability to report rulebreakers. However not being careful with his reports will cause him to loose the privilage of easier banning of people.

    There should be no permanent blocking nor a way to appeal for your ban from using /report to be taken away. Everyone will still be able to record and report hackers the good old fashioned way, simply those who make a good job with the power to /report can continue using it, making it easier for those who want to keep the server clean.
    This is another big stopper, there is 1 mod per 200 online people on average. If every /report would be thrown to their face it would be a bad system. What we need is the system to filter out what a mod should and shouldn't check up on.

    I already mentioned the urgency tag that could be added to every report. Here is how they would show in game:
    • EXTREMELY URGENT! Would be a notification shown whenever any report would go into that section. The message would repeat in chat every 5-10 minutes, only for moderators+ to see, until someone claims the report.
    • Super Urgent! Would show up once for all mods whenever a report reaches that status. After that it will be visible in Mods GUI
    • Urgent & Watchlist do not show up on their own unless a mod types in the command
    These, together with the GUI the mods would have, would make it so it's easy for moderators to claim reports, making their job just slightly easier

    The "EXTREMELY URGENT" one is very much "Up in your face" for a moderator, but if 24+ people reported a single hacker, it means they are more than 97% likely to be hacking.

    Additionally, a mod could receive a special item for their hotbar so they could use that to open up the GUI.
    Right after the system will be released, it WILL blow up. Within a hopefully relatively short time all trolls will be out. Mods would have to do extra good job on that moment.
    This will be the case with whatever solution we come up with There is no changing or denying that. Just like every mini games booms when it first comes out.

    There could be a system so for first month the reports will count double. To quickly establish trust worthy people and get rid of trolls. If that was planned it should not be told to community that that is the case. For safety.

    After reading through most of these replies, I can see ideas became complex very quickly. My idea is hopefully reasonable and simple to follow.

    Command usage: /report <Player> <Reason>
    Reasons include Hacking, Chat, and some other reasons. So fly, speed, spider, blink, killaura, forcefield, knockback, foul language, player abuse, racism, inappropriate name, inappropriate skin, etc. This does NOT include reasons like glitching, camping, etc as these are specific to your current game and chances are it will not be responded to quickly enough.

    Important Notes:
    • No reputation system! That is way too confusing and complicated. Senior Moderators will be able to revoke (or unrevoke) a player's ability to use /report at any time. Moderators can forward information to Seniors if they think somebody should have their access revoked. There is no chance of appeal with this (people can still report with the website).
    • You can only /report a person that you are in the same server with at that time. So if Player2 is in SGN4, and I'm in GRAV21 or even SGN19, I cannot report them using the command. This prevents some false reports and alternate accounts reporting.
    • Reports are sorted by priority, which is calculated factoring in the number of unique reports against the player, and the timeframe. When a moderator handles a report, they can handle all reports of the same offense of the player at once. So if Player2 has 3 reports for flying against them, and I deny it, all those 3 reports are denied at once.
    • I can see the report viewer in the game chat for staff being really clustered, so I vote that it be entirely online (staff only obviously). Notifications come in through ingame chat, and you can click on it to view the report online.

    If you enter a chat reason:

    The server will generate a chatlog, and ask you to confirm that you wish to submit the report. If you hit cancel, the report is canceled. If you hit submit, it will be submitted like a normal report online where Staff can view it through their report viewer and handle it from there.
    | Report | Are you sure you wish to report heyimblake for player abuse?
    | Report | Here's the evidence that will be submitted: <Chatlog link here>
    | Report | (Clickable text) SUBMIT or CANCEL
    | Report | Remember! Abuse of this system could lead to your access to this command being revoked without chance of appeal!

    If you enter a hack reason:

    If it is in a game using HAC, it will gather any recent violations and append it to the report. You'll get a confirmation message and if you hit submit, it will be sent to our staff through the website and notifications ingame.
    | Report | Are you sure that you wish to report heyimblake for flying?
    Only if HAC picked up some info: | Report | We've detected some suspicious movements that will be sent to staff too.
    | Report | If you have video evidence already, please cancel this report and file a new report at (click to login).
    | Report | (Clickable text) SUBMIT or CANCEL
    | Report | Remember! Abuse of this system could lead to your access to this command being revoked without chance of appeal!
    Once accepted:
    | Report | Your report against heyimblake has been submitted.

    If the reported player goes offline:
    A message will be sent to those (still online) who have reported them. The report will be archived on the staff website.
    | Report | Oh no! It seems that heyimblake has went offline! We have closed your report against them for now.
    | Report | If you have video evidence, we also accept reports online at (Click to login)

    If the report is handled:
    A message will be sent to those (still online) whom have reported them.
    | Report | Your report against heyimblake has been dealt with. Thanks for your help!
    | Report | Your report against heyimblake has been denied. If you have video evidence, we also accept reports online at (Click to login)

    I'm open to thoughts and feedback, but this is what came to me while reading this.

    If you have any input that you want to be in this message, comment on this thread and I read everything that is posted here!

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  2. RWJP


    Feb 23, 2013
    Do you have any ideas on how to stop this being abused?

    This has been suggested before, but the concern I have is users spamming it with pointless reports and causing way more work than needed as we have to check the report, and then additionally deal with the user spamming the reports.
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  3. ItsNiklass

    ItsNiklass Famous Diamond Member

    Jan 31, 2016
    Maybe Staff would only get alerted if a certain number (3-4?) of users reported the person?
    And you should only be able to report a person once every 15 mins?
    That would for sure help the abuse and spam :)
  4. Bellugh

    Bellugh V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Jul 14, 2015
    You can always type /chatlog username and /login report to report the person with the chatlog or download a video recorder to catch rule breakers.
  5. Teeeb

    Teeeb Famous Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    This was implemented on a server I was staff on, and although the owners gave the command a cooldown, it was severely abused.
  6. Cathi

    Cathi The Bees Knees Ultimate Member

    Apr 7, 2015
    Well, what about a player can do a report only when the previous 1-2 ones have been answered,
    and if he uses the report command for unnecessary reasons, he will get warned / banned.
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  7. Wirtuoso

    Wirtuoso Talk of the Town Emerald Member

    Jun 29, 2016
    I think this is a good idea. Maybe you could report, as mentioned above once in 15 mins or so? Or, if your report was found out to be a spam multiple times, you can't use this feature.
  8. SamVsLife

    SamVsLife ♠ That Vapour Guy ♠ VIP

    Jul 4, 2014
    While i do see this being an interesting feature, i just feel that the system would be used for more bad that it would be good :c
  9. 8495

    8495 V.I.BEE Emerald Member

    Dec 29, 2015
    If this feature was added, I think it would have some pros and cons
    • Quicker to alert staff about a hacker
    • Don't have to leave


    • System could get abused
    • ( MAYBE) more mods would need to be hired? On average at once, there are about 6000 people on the hive. There are only 125 Mods/Sr.Mods. Which means, if hundreds of people at once are requesting a mod, and maybe only 30 mods are online, maybe afk, It might be a bit useless.
  10. Vaneskah

    Vaneskah V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Sep 22, 2015
    I like the idea of a player losing this privilege and/or receiving a punishment for abusing this feature, but the first few weeks or even month would be a nightmare for mods o_O
  11. b0xx3r

    b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda Hive Owner

    Nov 10, 2012
    This summarises it quite well, in theory it's a great idea, in practise it needs our amazing mods to be around literally none stop or instant reactions all the time or every failed /report command will give people a negative feeling on the server, people will also eventually believe that a mod (who does it all for free) must instantly respond or the server is bad (it already happens for lesser cases)

    We would love to have a report system but at this time I feel we need to put more focus on stopping the reporting from happening (with a better anti cheat etc)

    People have discussed just 'banning' that person from reporting, but that's another ban system we'd have in place where it would have to log why, people would appeal claiming they didn't understand and we'd have an appeal system for the report system, it would be madness.

    I am happy to leave this open for discussion so should we ever get closer to feeling it can be done we might have some idea, but the approving of messages will only be accepted here if it's something that hasn't been said.
  12. Crumpet

    Crumpet The Bees Knees Gold Member

    Dec 28, 2015
    Not sure if its possible but maybe only give the feature to people who have had a certain amount of reports accepted before?

    Would make it so that only people who actually intend on using it properly can get help.
  13. b0xx3r

    b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda Hive Owner

    Nov 10, 2012
    I see where you are trying to go with that but then we are managing a separate list of 'trusted people' with people asking:

    'Why not me'
    'Why is XXXX trusted when they did XXXX'
    'How do I earn report?'
    'XXXX can you /report this player for me?'

    This way would be far too messy for the scale of the Hive.
  14. booksaw

    booksaw Talk of the Town

    Oct 29, 2015
    I see the issues but all players could do /report <player> and then staff could do something like /reports to bring up a gui with the most trusted people first and the least trusted person last and then when they have reviewed the report they could say if the report was valid so to deal with the trust and the report could be removed when the game ends - not sure what you could do with the not liking the hive mby give the player at the end of the game a link to the report page with a good message and when they press on the link it already has the player details filled out.
  15. koesant

    koesant Well Known Bee

    Dec 25, 2015
    I just read through this thread and were taken to add some ideas. I want to highlight that these are NOT my ideas. They're already used at some other Minecraft Networks.

    So let's start: - Reports will be just shown to Moderators if x (x>1) people reported the suspicious Person.
    - If more People report a person the report will shown above other reports and handled prioritized. So the chance that the reported person is really Hacking get's higher.
    - Player's will get report reputation. For every accepted report the you'll get a better reputation, for every denied report the reputation will be decreased. To prevent Player's from asking to reset their reputation status, the status won't be shown to the player's.
    - Report confirmation: After doing /report (Player) (Reason) there will be a warning message shown: "Fake reports may result in a ban from the Report System or theHive! To confirm the Report click here.".

    Using of these idea's can decrease the amount of wrong reports dramatic. Combine idea 2 & 3 can be hard (In my opinion), so using just one of these two can make adding this system easier.

    Anyway I 100% have to agree with that, that it's better to improve the Anti Cheat or other Anti Rule Breaker System's. But no Anti Rulebreaker System will ever be perfect. So a report System can be a good addition.

    Thanks for reading through. Again I want say that these are NOT my idea's. And Sorry for any English fault's :-(.

    Have a good Day/Night.
  16. 8495

    8495 V.I.BEE Emerald Member

    Dec 29, 2015
    js but whats a " reputation?"
  17. Mammon

    Mammon Talk of the Town Emerald Member

    Apr 25, 2016
    I'm guessing he means trust. But it's far-fetched...

    This idea is generally good... but however this is no doubt that players will abuse it (spamming, false reports etc.), so they will need to be a thing that makes all the reports for one user automatically become one (but maybe a thing that says how many people report the player) instead of having multiple reports (following the priority rule above).
  18. Externalizable

    Externalizable Bug Keeper VIP

    Jul 31, 2015
    Really liking the prioritization idea! However we need to make sure that people don't ask their friends/use alts to boost their reports... To solve this, maybe you have to play a game with the person you're reporting at the time of reporting them?

    Also a really good idea! It won't stop trollers from fake reporting but opens the option for us to make sure they knew what they did.
  19. Zingdo

    Zingdo Famous Emerald Member

    Jul 2, 2015
    This is a highly viable idea. The major problems that i can see being abuse and mod-stress, with possible solutions being:

    Using a server-wide "report trustworthiness" system (yes i know that can be taken badly, but it could be renamed into somethin milder, and i beleive it could be set up to be automatic):

    Hiring more mods (which is something i know isnt really a good solution, given the voluntary nature of mods, but maybe something could be done there that i dont know about)

    Just some thoughts on the subject
  20. MTMaster

    MTMaster V.I.BEE Emerald Member

    Feb 2, 2015
    Another idea, staff will only get an alert when 2+ people have reported. Otherwise it goes into a different list which could be categorized as low priority or something like that. Also, maybe to prevent spam from alts, you could make it so only one IP can report that person. Also do make it so you must have played in a game with the person you are reporting before you can actually do it.

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