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    Actually, my device is jailbroken :) But I did it without jailbreak, go on your searching machine, type in GBA4IOS and then you can download the new thing I think it is 2.6 or something like that. Before you do this, set your time to 2012 I don't know why but just do it. Then on the app you go on the + and you have all games you can download. Good luck.
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    Oct 3, 2019
    I want also say somewhat.

    When you reach the Mogalwald in Pokémon SotS, then do not the Mogalruine inside of this forrest. They does not work with the puzzle from GoldenSun One of the Jupiterlighttower. The first not work place is the first room, it says that u need an move to fill in a watertank. But... No such move is including as raindance and nothing happends when you try it out.
    (Used cheats to reach the top)
    The fight here against Tundra's Boss is buggy and music hangs up aswell the screen.
    (Skip it per cheat and seek the 7th gym on the Archipelago before Grünblatt)
    Those is build, but you need to beat the buggy fight. (used cheat to reach gymleader)
    7th Gymfight works well and other bug is when u play this game at late night. You doesnt see your player outside of buildings or caves.
    This is only a way to avoid those bugs.

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