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    May 18, 2014
    everyone nice
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    Mar 15, 2016
    Hive story

    I was recently introduced to The Hive by multiple Youtubers. After figuring out the ip, I quickly joining on September 11th. Being amazed by all the games. At the time, I mostly stuck with TIMV. I read the rules, and everything else about The Hive. During that time, merely knowing anything about Mods, Owners, VIPs, and premium ranks. But as time continued I began to learn more...

    As more games started come out, I played Gravity. After getting addicted to the game I began gaining points and moving up in ranks. As the opportunity arose I became a Emerald Member on November 28th, 2015. On that day, I was introduced to multiple Mods, Owners, and VIPS along with other premium ranks. Later, on March 15th, I joined the forums. From there, meeting even more members and creating friends. 2015 came to a close with many joyful memories, playing games, meeting amazing people.

    The first beginning months were filled with more games and just general playing. On December 3rd, I joined a activity that I wouldn't regret. It was known as Event Nights. Event Nights were amazing. Often filled with talented singers, fun games, and memorable memories. And of course, puns. Through there, I made many friends and knew the community even more. Another nostalgic memory that happened was on April 9th. Multiple members gathered and did horse racing, and creating the word 'Hive' with the horse mounts in the hub. Another year ended, with even more amazing times.
    Link to post: http://tinyurl.com/yc22pm4c

    As the year progressed things were smooth. Hanging out friends, playing the Hive, and browsing the forums.
    And now, September 20th, 2017.
    3 years overall on The Hive.
    As always, I want to say a massive thank you to community, the staff, and my friends.
    Thank you for everything. <3 You all are amazing. Looking forward to the future!​
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    Mar 21, 2015
    Well I have quite a long story but I don't think it'd interest anyone, but I'll write it because I have nothing else to do.

    Before I didn't like playing on servers. On 2013 and 2014 I was sharing my account with my little brother, I was mostly building on creative and him spent all his minecraft time on servers. His favourite game? Herobrine. One day I was curious and wanted to know more about this game, it was in october 2014. I started playing this and I became really addicted, at the point I didn't care much about school, like, even less than usual. My english was awful, and I played alone in my corner, until I meet some cool people that plays or played each days or almost. I wasn't very talkative due to my bad english or because I'm barely talkative in general, but I enjoyed every moments playing with @HeyItsAddy, @ArtemisHuntress @Yuuta @00tetien @puncratisation and so many more more who aren't on the forums or I can't remember (I met way too many people) and at this time I became top 50 quite easily. At this point I began to want to know the Hive games and people better, and I began playing almost everything. I became magician in HnS thanks to some precious tips given by @Eizorixal, but I've never been good at seeking so I didn't keep playing for long. I also got dominator at BP thanks to some tips given by @Aly, who I played a lot and a lot of games with at this time. I also began to play Deathrun seriously. I met @Bgbros there, but I got bored at 90k. I started to play splegg, and began to play in teams with @Pololuck at this time. I also started making my own skin. I used to steal parts and only edit existing skins (and I'm not proud), but I slowly started to make my own shadings. @Nighterie helped me a lot with that, and I opened a PMC account (but I'm not active on it anymore because I lost all pleasure making skins when I started to want to change my style). Meanwhile at school my grades went horrible. My english teacher was disapointed by my lack of vocabulary, and my science grades were so bad I prefered to do something else, and that's why I went in a literacy class. I also kept playing TheHerobrine, but sadly not for fun anymore. At this time I wanted top 5 really bad, and didn't want to consider myself as a noob. This may seem ridiculous but without some good moments I got, I'd have maybe left at this time. At this moment I started implying myself more at school, my english became way better somehow, and I became one of the best of my class so far. I wanted to get top 1 at HB, and even calculated how long it would take but it began to bore me, and hat's why I wanted the update so bad. The HB update was amazing for sure, but the new shard spawns disturbed me, and I didn't play much more since then. I focused on splegg and got my first bold rank quite easily. Now that I'm at college, I don't play much anymore. For now I play mostly Skyrim, and sometimes watch animes so I don't have much time for Hive anymore.
    About the forums now. I joined them in 2015, to post a HB map I was working on. Ngl this was an epic fail: my map was awful xd
    Then I started to get really active. At first I thought I would never get the rank well known member (today it's like well known bee or talk of the town for those who are new to the forums)... today? I know I'll get VIBEE soon... just a matter of time. Today I don't go on Hive anymore, I just check the forums each days, and play sometimes when I have time and when I'm extremely bored. Hive made me enjoy english, and that's what I'm studying at college. I hope that some day I'll be able to travel and meet some Hive people and friends irl.
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    Feb 27, 2015
    I started playing Minecraft back in August 2012, with the name "trainlover2370". I got the game for my birthday. At first I just screwed around with Creative, and tried some Survival from time to time. Then I started to dip my feet into the water with multiplayer. First some build server, then my friend's Survival server. I actually got to be a member of the staff board on there. That server has since shut, since my friend was unable to sustain the operating cost. I found Hive somewhere in 2013 by watching some YouTube channels playing on SG. Wanting to try it out, I started to play a bit, but the problem is this was on my Mac and I couldn't kill anyone due to lack of a mouse (lol).

    I stayed dormant for a while before finding out about HnS and TIMV. I played from time to time, never really making any friends, just floating from server to server. When I began to start getting serious about TIMV, during the summer of 2014, I found some friends in the people from TIMV29. @OrangeTOOG, that includes you. I also met @davicat, @Robina_, @luxlacis, and I can't remember all the names! a whole plethora of other people in TIMV23, TIMV28, TIMV30 and a few other TIMV servers. Those server boxes saw a lot of activity. I underwent several name changes, like "Nate_Katana" to "Nate_kun" to "Nasanieru_kun". The 2014-2015 school year was a fun time for me, as depressing as it also was. I was excited about what was to come, especially after I built my new computer in June.

    Then I went home to the Philippines in July and August 2015.

    When I came back, I found the group chats in shambles, no one was returning my Skype messages, and it seemed to me that it was all over. Thing was, returning to my homeland enlightened me about my life problems, and I suddenly lost my drive to play any Minecraft myself. I began to distance myself from the game, and eventually posted my farewell here on the forum. I did hint that I might return, but I was uncertain. I had just started my freshman year, and I wanted to ensure the best grades possible. I moved on to a new group of friends, on CS:GO, and eventually all of the old memories began to fade away. 2016 was totally empty in terms of HiveMC. I thought I was gone.

    But not quite. Come September 2017.

    I was simply browsing around my dead Skype account during this past Labor Day weekend when I saw that I had received happy birthday messages from some old friends. I messaged them back and I actually received replies. Excited, I decided to update my old server (which wasn't loaded since 2015) and told my friends that it was back. @fiba1 told me that he actually had a carbon copy and that he was running it for me. After we talked for a bit, I made my decision: I was coming back. I logged in for the first time in two years, now on the name Setsukuri, which I just found out means "making back". Now, I am active once again on TIMV, on the fora (as @oscitare told me it was spelled), and back in action, and better than ever.

    I should really be getting a grade on this. LOL
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    Oct 7, 2017
    These are all great stories. Probably should tell mine.

    I bought Minecraft back in late 2012 after being recommended it to by a friend. I played a lot of local multiplayer back in the days until around 2013 when I decided so play on some multiplayer servers. I was shy and it was somewhat hard to get into them, but I did get comfortable eventually.

    In the summer of 2013, I was introduced to to Hive. I was interested in other servers at the time, so I didn't actively play on it until maybe a few months after I initially joined. Eventually, though, I got into it and started having a lot of fun on it. Back in the day, there was only Survival Games, The Herobrine, and Trouble in Mineville. The Arcade wasn't even a thing when I first started actively playing. My favorite game in the olden days of Hive was The Herobrine. The game was, and still is, seriously addicting. It was really fun finding all the strategies to every map in the game. And it was fun to see groups of friends, one in particular, who would gather around in the games even if I never interacted with them.

    Within the next two years, I fell in love with a lot of the other Hive games. I found out how TIMV worked and loved playing that. I also very much enjoyed Hide and Seek, Splegg, and much more. Hive, along with other servers like Mineplex and Minecade, offered so much to do in Minecraft multiplayer, and I was enjoying every bit I could.

    Then came late 2015, and things were changing. I started having less fun with the game, and it was hard to associate yourself with it since, at the time, the people against the game were ruthless to people who even simply enjoyed it, due to mainly the Minecraft YouTube community being.....not as ideal, I guess. I thought I should take a break and focus on other hobbies and games, which I did. It would a very long time before I got back into anything related to the game.

    Now, the story arrives to just last month. Things were stressful and I wasn't as happy. A thought occurred to me that, hey, maybe I should launch Minecraft again, since that game's relaxing and all. Maybe it will help. And that's when many things changed for the better. I had fun with single player, and when I opened up multiplayer, things got better. Well, not immediately. Several servers I played on had decreased player number drastically. Not to mention, Mineplex wasn't as fun as it used to be with broken Minigames and a not very friendly community.

    Then I logged on to Hive, and I was amused at what I saw. I saw that the games were not only just as good as the once were, but a lot of them were better and there was even more games. The community was still as great as it always had been, very chill and friendly. It reminded me so much of the fun times I had years ago. And all I can say is now, I am so happy I decided to return.

    Since then, I've actively played some of my favorite Hive games, Hide and Seek, TIMV, and The Herobrine. I've tried out lots of the other games too. I joined these forums realizing that I knew I'd have fun here as well. And although I've had mess ups on this server, either in the past or just recently, I'm very happy to say I still love being on this server.

    So thank you, HiveMC, for being as great as you are.
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    Oct 7, 2017
    my parents bought me minecraft in 2014 as a christmas present when i was 10 or so.
    i'd always wanted to have my own account, because i used to watch my older cousin play it all the time, and it was really fun when i got to use his computer to mess around on creative (he'd scared me out of survival by secretly setting the difficulty to hard; i hadn't bothered building a house thinking i was on peaceful and then a zombie woke me up in game and i screamed running out of the room lol)
    at first when i got my account i only stuck to singleplayer because i used to enjoy building stuff for myself. they weren't great buildings, just typical box shaped buildings because i was bored xD i eventually struck up the courage to play survival, and got used to the hostile mobs noises which were what scared me before (stupid ik ;,)
    in around 2015 i found out about some cool looking servers from watching youtubers (mostly dantdm hha) and i decided i would join some. most youtubers seemed to play on servers like hypixel, mineplex and ofc the hive so i ended up joining them!
    totally not in the hopes of seeing a famous youtuber or something
    i wasn't very good at pvp at first, but i enjoyed playing kit pvp on other servers too and sometimes factions.
    i also distinctly remember going on lots of creative servers, esp one called creative fun. i haven't logged back on there since last year because i've lost all the igns of the friends i made on there and also i've lost interest in building stuff for some reason ^^;; i used to roleplay a lot on there tho xD

    about the hive itself though - i properly started playing on it near the end of 2015 going on to 2016! i used to play hide and seek a lot, as well as death run (which i still hopelessly suck at). i also really enjoyed draw it too, and i still do because drawing is fun (even though i suck at drawing in minecraft lol) i also began to get into more pvp games, primarily skywars and cowboys and indians, i was never good at stuff like the herobrine/timv. however, after a few months, i stopped playing minecraft seriously and i didn't touch it until about last month. idk i lowkey worried that i would be made fun of for playing a game that lots of young kids play, but idk haha

    i only started getting back into minecraft because my younger sister got an account for her birthday and used to pester me everyday to play minecraft with her. at first it was annoying and i didn't want to play but i found myself enjoying skywars and the other minigames again and here i am weLP
    i ended up getting into bedwars as of recently as well, and skygiants a little bit too ;0 i tend to keep to myself on the servers and just play the game, but on the rare occasion that i speak on the chat i end up getting into funny discussions, and the community here is honestly one of the friendliest i've been on. i've experienced teasing and,, not very nice behaviour on a few other servers, but the hive has generally been very nice and friendly to me in the time i've been here! i don't plan on leaving any time soon, but i'm happy to have found people i can talk to and just be myself around here, both in game and on the forums too!

    thank you to everyone, you're all awesome ^^
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    Apr 2, 2017
    In Febuary 2014 I joined the hive through some friends at school that wanted me to join them and play Survival games. Me as the nub I was, wasn't good at the game and didn't really like it. But I still played it with my friends whenever they wanted.​

    These years was when I began exploring each and every game on the hive. I found 2 games I enjoyed the most; Trouble in mineville and Blockparty. My ing at the time was _ItzPanda_.
    I played BP the most and began noticing people and talking to them. This was when I met the first person I added to my friend list, @TheJasmine! ^-^
    I met her through BP and talked to her whenever I got the chance to.

    But after a while I got bored of both games, and I just kinda left the server for some months...

    In early 2017 me and a friend decided to try out hive once again, and we both began enjoying it again. We was known as _Smarterthanyou_ (now known as @NorthernDrizzle) and Breezeful at the time. We mostly played Trouble in mineville, but I jumped in BP and played it once in a while. Most of the persons I had become friends with were gone, so this led me to playing Timv much more.

    This was when my real hive journey began. Me and _Smarterthanyou_ changed our names to match eachothers! We was then known as SuchSlytherin and SuchRavenclaw! We played quite alot and became friends with some other timv players!

    This was around the time I created my forum account, and I do not regret making this account. The forum account showed me about the server "behind the scenes", and I discovered all the mods, and how great the community really was!
    (I also found out that @TheJasmine had become mod and contacted her, kinda awkward reunion, and we haven't really talked that much since xD me scared, me scared)

    After a month or two, SuchRavenclaw began getting less and less active on the server and I felt like my name wasn't fitting without her. I then decided to change my name, to something that I felt suited me.
    I changed it to NorthernBreeze.
    I began kept playing and Ravenclaw jumped in once in a while.

    After one more month (June), my friend became more active, and changed her name to @NorthernDrizzle.
    The duo was back together! Since then we've made a lot of new friends! And in late august we both got our shiny emerald rank!

    Now we both play Timv and Bedwars with some friends, and I still jump in BP when I miss it and I play some games!

    TheHive has given me more memories than any other game. And I can't wait to make many more!
    This was my story, hope you all enjoyed!

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    Jun 20, 2017
    Why i started playing hive ? Well my story on hive is :
    The first time i connected on HiveMC, it was on June/July 2016. I've heard of a nice mini-game called Hide ans Seek (hns). I was a french-server player, i liked play games like Skycreep, UHC and other thinks like that. BUTBUTBUTBUTBUT one of threes servers i was going on every day... Close. I mean, he didn't close, this server just become Unpopular. The second server, i got banned by the Anti-Cheat. A doortrap/glass bugs :/ Aaaaand the 3rd server became too... Too something, it became not cool.
    I wanted to play Minecraft. I wanted. So i tried to find fun mini-games on others servers. And i found A MINI-GAME who make me start like English/Americans servers : Murder Mystery on Hypixel. BUT I GOT BANNED, cuz at the moment when i liked to start playing Murder Mystery, my username was Cancer_Undyne. I got banned for 'Inappropriate username'. For me, the MurderMystery was the best game of the world !! i wanted to play it again, again and again. I tested some servers like MinePlex, PartyZone, GommeHD or others thinks. And i tried HiveMC. There was two games : Murder In MineVille (MIMV) and Trouble In MineVille (TIMV). I didn't what was the mini-game who seems the more like Murder Mystery. So i tried TIMV. And it was fabulous. I LOVED IT ! I was wasting ALL MY TIME for play TIMV ! After some games, when i was... Witness ? I don't very know. And, it was like Murder Mystery. Then, i started play it, it's for something like Murder Myst. i started searching on HiveMC. But... TIMV were too better than MIMV, MurderMystery on Hypixel or on PartyZone. That's how i started playing HiveMC.


    My most funny story ? That was when i was playing block party. We was playing and i don't know how, EVERYBODY fall at the first round. So i won, or i lose ? I still don't know :D

  9. TheSlimeGodHD

    TheSlimeGodHD The Bees Knees

    Nov 16, 2013
    This is an amazing thread, love to see all these stories and figure i should include my own.

    2011 or 2012
    It has been so long that i can't remember if i started in 2011 or 2012. The Hive at this time only had three minigames, TIMV, THB, and SG. I joined up with my buddy after watching some youtubers play the survival games and worked quite hard to be good; however, when you're eleven years old your reasoning is usually pretty bad and you get yourself in situations a mature player wouldn't have. It was very discouraging yet i found it fun and fulfilling.

    At this time i joined the forums. There were so many people back then and the forums were very primitive but exceptional all the same. At this time there was a top poster list and the guy at the top was named GeneralEagleEye. Everyone loved him and he was super nice, down to Earth, realistic, and participated in all forum from helping out noobies to forum gaming. I met a plethora of people, some of which i am still friends with today. Since this is almost 4 years ago i doubt any of them are still reading this but if they are i'd like to make a quick shoutout to the originals! hoho, weled, general, deformed, goby, greg, and nick. There are so many others i wish i could remember but i just can't. At this time, something i find VERY IMPORTANT AND DIFFERENT FROM TODAY is the lack of roleplaying games. Roleplaying games used to give this community life, especially the mafia games run by goby. Everyone applied within 72 hours of thread creation, 10-15 people would join and be DMed their roles and Goby would write stories every night about who the mafia killed and who the innocents killed. His stories would have hard to get hints and be interesting all the time, they were amazing and im disappointed to see that today's community does not continue to carry on that legacy. I guess the roleplaying games died with that generation of forumers.

    During 2014 i moved on from the hive. Splegg, cowboys and indians, block party and a few other minigames had just been introduced to the hub (which was very different from the 2012 three game, giant tree hub) i left the hive and joined MCSG. The servers were closer, more competition and more PvP focused whereas when Hive added new game modes it seemed SG was no longer the center of attention. There i applied for moderator when i was 14 years old and through a few month long process i was accepted and carried on my duties. i played sg, was active on the forum, and would check up on the hive every now and then to reconnect with friends that had no yet moved on. The Hive was still a BUZZING community but MCSG was just more my pace. After reaching 8 months as a moderator, the job got a little tiring and i felt as if i wasn't moving up at all. I also began to lose interest in minecraft as i had turned 15 and just wasn't getting the same vibe i did when i was 11 at the Hive. I resigned and left the game. I haven't played minecraft since.

    Somewhere during this year i was added on snapchat by an old friend from MCSG who told me that MCSG (then known at MCGamer) has shut down. I went back to the forums to go connect with any old friends before everything was gone but they had already archived the forums and all hope of reconnecting with any friends was lost. It was very sad for me to look back at all the times and the life my childhood had been given by MCGamer and then to watch is fall because of lack of interest. I decided to check up on the Hive and saw it was going strong. And here i am, writing this, my history of minecraft. It's hard to believe i really started playing on this server when i was 11, and here i am, 17 years old, almost ready to vote and go to college.

    Most of my childhood had been spent on this game and this server, and although i haven't played on it for many years i am thankful for the opportunities and time it has given me. If you're reading this, and you're younger like i was, be sure to make friends. Even once you lose interest in minecraft you'll never have the same feeling you do when you reminisce over text or discord about all the times you have. I've made friendships on here that have stood the test of time, i never once though i'd meet someone when i was 11 years old online and maintain a friendship with them to now. Be sure to be active and enjoy the community while it's still fun, and i hope it gives to you what it has given to me :)
  10. 8495

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    Dec 29, 2015
    ahMEMM lets gOO]

    I started le minecraft on aug 19th 2015 and went on the hive for the first time (( shoutout to izzieboo xo )) I enjoyed it but didnt play it too much, until november.......
    I played a lot of bp, cai and hns.I still like hns and bp a lot so I guess in that sense I haven't changed :^) and then,the oitc tryharding phase came... DUN DUN DUUUn I got from 30k to 90k in about 2 months lol.i thought i was so so good when I got 5kand now I like honey you knew nothing so get that blooming katnis skin off and sort your life out!! i met some kool people who I don't rly talk to anymore, but I still remember playing. (( helen kat vincent ahEM ) I also met quite a few good frens here at oitc too <3 ( I shall tag yall at the end dw ) then the cAI TRYHARDING PHASE. AND THE BP PHASE NO DONT FORGET THAT. then in dec 2015 I got the forums and met LOADS of super super awesome people who I consider close friends. this is the bit from april 2016 when I rebrand myself as ' the new important non cringey me that has some friends'

    on the hive I started playing more, making more friends, and apparently?? making a hide and seek clan? hey it kinda worked don't judge me. I met other cooll people there too. I started becoming active, and built my friendship groups and memories <3
    ik its quite short but that's all I need to say rly

    whether I quit in the next few months, or the following years perhaps, I don't think ill ever forget any of you. youre a amazing, strong people and I wish the best for you whenever you read this. you guys have made my life better, made me discover things, and find out that everybody has a good side. cheesy or not,if youre reading this,ily. good luck in your exam, have fun at bingo or try and do something new at palate class. youre loved, are worthy and are amazing for being in this beautiful diverse community.

    if I have to say one thing, thankyou. thankyou to all of you.

    some honourable mentions; @Colee @Minti @izzi3 @SirFurryWawa @Axudus @MrNickNick1998 @MonguinH @Zaber @_Erebus_ @HazedFlux @MrBranko @acoa @Ciriz @Peetzah @SailorLuna ( will add more when I remember <3 )

    - alice

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