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Discussion in 'Trouble in Mineville' started by CatCreamYT, Feb 2, 2020.


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  1. CatCreamYT

    CatCreamYT Regular Bee

    Feb 2, 2020
    This is merely just a suggestion that I'd think would be a cool new traitor item in the TIMV shop. This is due to the fact that I believe that there isn't much variety in what traitors buy in the shops (Only really creeper arrows, claymores, and very rarely a testing spoofer.

    The Item: Deceiver, golden nugget

    Purpose: Using this on an innocent will make them appear as if they are a traitor. Once they use a traitor tester, the lamps will turn on and they will show up red on detective's testing sheets

    Cost: 2 Traitor Points

    Uses: >You need people in-game to die, there are too many people at the tester
    >Someone is asked to test, you use the deceiver on them
    >They test and are found to be a traitor
    >Innocent is killed without you doing any work

    Other Info:
    - Anyone who kills an innocent with the deceiver item on them will not lose karma.
    - After innocent tests with a deceiver on, all other tests they have will be back to normal and will overwrite anything on detective testing sheets
    - Innocents won't know if they have the deceiver item on them
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  2. Zyons

    Zyons Talk of the Town

    Sep 21, 2017
    First of all, I respect the way you wrote and described your suggestion - very well explained!

    Having said that, I highly doubt that this suggestion would make the game more fun. Yes, it may give the traitor who used the item a bit of a laugh and maybe some enjoyment, though the inno prob won't feel the same way.

    In my experience, Innos already die enough times in TIMV in general. Adding an extra way to die would just cause more newer players dying every round and not progressing in the game.

    Plus, TIMV in its current state is already so confusing for many new players - using the Deceiver item on a newbie Inno will make them get killed and leave them extremely confused as to why they died. Thus, no fun or enjoyment.

    Imagine thinking you'll test as normal and come out proven inno but then a person 'RDMs' you. You'd be scratching your head for hours and would prob file an RDM report when the reported player is just following the rules and saw the Deceiver's effect.

    TL: DR - Detrimental for new players and can cause low replayability due to confusion about how the game is played. Not too eager on this suggestion being added.
  3. Gargant

    Gargant Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Jan 8, 2019
    I totally agree with Zyons. I'd rather add a innocent item, something that would make the game more fun for the mass of people playing.
  4. NannyGaGa

    NannyGaGa Famous Gold Member

    Jun 30, 2015
    I actually would really like something like this... TIMV needs something new added and this would give a helping hand when the innos are all together. It would make my laugh every time an inno kills one of their own ;)

    I don't agree with items for innos, but maybe bringing back the detective shop...?
  5. Wishfvl

    Wishfvl Famous Ultimate Member

    Jul 11, 2019
    I agree with Zyons, if it doesn't count as RDM for an inno to kill the player with the deceiver on, that would need to be balanced out by having the deceivered inno have the same karma rewards/penalties as a traitor (or there would just be players who could never gain karma for seemingly no reason).
    It sounds like too complicated of a system to work in the game at all, unless a counter was implemented -like something that reveals all players under a deceivers effect. But why add all that when you could just add none of it and keep it how it is?

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