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    Heyy there everyone, welcome to another arcade suggestion by le me. Hope you have fun reading c:
    Sorry for any english mistakes >->

    Before you ask:

    "Is this game available elsewhere?"

    My game idea uses a similar concept of a game that already exists, however, if you compare my suggestion to that game, there is a HUGE twist. I can show you, if you would like (PM me for this). And, according to the stickied thread on this forum (by ajax), we are allowed to suggest a twist to a concept that already exists. So that is what I am doing here. c:

    Anyhow, to the suggestion!

    Everyone here knows how a mirror works, right? Why not bring this concept to a minigame?

    There will be 12 players each game, and everyone is given the same task: copy a drawing, like a mirror.

    So you might be telling to yourself "wat"
    Well, it's time to explain it to you.

    You are teleported to a glass platform with two panels: one bigger panel in which 1 pixel = 4 blocks; and a smaller panel in which 1 pixel = 1 block. They firstly look like a chess table.

    Bigger panel:
    Smaller panel:

    Now let’s grab a random pre-made drawing and put it there. I used the most basic thing as a first example: a 2D table. When the game starts, the drawing is already done on the big panel. But, what will you do? You will use the big drawing as a reference to draw the exact same thing on the smaller panel!

    Let me picture to you how it would work.

    Here is the drawing that would show up on the bigger panel:


    And here, you have the drawn table on the smaller panel:


    Result from another view:


    As you saw, they look the exact same for both sides.

    Sounds quite simple for this example, right?
    Now let me show you the whole point of this suggestion being called "Mirror":
    What if there was a book on the table?
    How would you draw it?

    Here’s the book on the table on the bigger panel:


    And here, you have the book drawn on the smaller panel:


    But wait, they are not on the same side, are they? And here is the big deal: the bigger panel works exactly like a mirror!


    In order to draw correctly, you have to use logic thinking to know exactly where certain blocks should go. This is how the game becomes harder than it looks, and makes it more intense, and fun!

    Here’s another example if you’re a bit confused still:

    So this is some guy's legs climbing a staircase. This is probably the worst representation for this, but as I said, it is just an example.


    On the small panel:


    The "Mirror":


    Got it? I hope so! That is how you will play the game.

    "Only that?"
    Well, not really. My suggestion has more than only one drawing.

    Here's how the gameplay goes:

    Suggested by olivaboom, there will be a chain of drawings, exactly like Gravity. I believe four drawings is enough for one round. The chain would be random (like DrawIt words). Nobody would know until the drawing shows up on the bigger panel; therefore, there is no voting for chains.

    How will this work?

    During every round, you will have to draw 4 different objects/food/terrain/etc.

    • After the lobby mode is over, you and your eleven opponents are teleported to a platform (one by player).
    - Each platform contains the bigger + smaller panels and a glass platform for players to walk on (check the 4th spoiler for a correct imaging).

    • After you are teleported, a small game introduction begins to show up on your screen (like Gravity's intro basically).

    • After the introduction is over, there will be a 15 seconds warmup time. The countdown will start showing up on your screen when it hits 5 seconds.

    • When those 5 seconds on your screen are over, instantly right after the drawing on the bigger panel shows up, and you gotta start drawing! A message also shows up in the chat saying something like this: "Your first drawing will be an Apple!"

    Here's how this game gets intense: you only have 30 seconds to draw! If you don't finish in time, you will gain 0 points. :(

    • When you finish the drawing correctly, a message will show up in chat. The message announces: "Player1 has finished their drawing! They gain __ points". You will then receive a certain amount of points (check below for information regarding points). This would show up every time someone finished their drawing.

    • As soon as the 30 seconds are over, both drawings on the panels get automatically erased, your inventory is cleaned up, and a message will show up in public chat: "Time is up! Congratulations to the following players who have finished: *insert players' names here*"

    • When the drawings are erased, there is a 10 seconds cooldown to get ready for the second drawing. The countdown will start showing up on your screen when it hits 5 seconds. And this is how the game becomes a fast-paced game.

    • Then the same process goes over and over until the end!

    Now here's the thing: you will NOT win in first place by finishing the last drawing before everyone else.

    The player with the most points gained during the entire game will be crowned the winner! First place will get extra points for winning. There will also be extra points for second and third places. For more info on this, check the point system below.


    Game explained! Now into more details:

    How do you "draw"?

    I probably did not mention this earlier, so here's how you draw:
    1. Grab the block you wish to draw with;
    2. Right-click the block, aiming on the block you wish to be changed.
    Here's how to do it on a gif:

    What will stay in your inventory during the game?

    Something like this:
    Grabbing the table + book example, the only blocks you will have to use are black and blue wool. They will be given to you as soon as the game starts - so will the TNT, arrow and water bucket. Let me explain what they do:

    TNT: erases your drawing completely, exactly like in DrawIt.
    Arrow: erases the block you're currently pointing at, in case of a smaller mistake.
    Water bucket: this item is both left and right clickable (if this word exists). When you left-click it, a small inventory shows up, with the blocks you have to use on your drawing (in this case, black and blue wool). You pick the block you wish to use, and when you right-click the bucket on the space that is not filled with any other color (on the panel), it fills it for you completely, like DrawIt once again (but on this example you wouldn't need to fill anything up so...).

    How does the point system work?

    I thought of using the point system based on: "the faster you finish, the more points you get". There is a total of 30 seconds for each round, so I thought of something like this:

    • First place in total points: 15 points + an Enchanted Crystal.
    • Second and third places in total points: 10 points.
    • Finishing between:
    0-10 seconds: 25 points.
    11-15 seconds: 20 points.
    16-20 seconds: 15 points.
    21-30 seconds: 10 points.
    • Not finishing: 0 points. :c

    Doing the math, the maximum amount of points you can get per game is 115.

    Note: if a player gets the same amount of points as another (basically ties), both will receive the same amount of points in the end.

    What are the ranks?

    These are not in order + they are community suggestions, so they can surely be changed (:

    Transparent - Default
    Reflection - 101 or more points
    Looking Glass - 1,001 or more points
    Framed - 3,501 or more points
    Glass - 10,001 or more points
    Image - 20,001 or more points
    Copier - 35,001 or more points
    Symmetric - 60,001 or more points
    Graphic - 100,001 or more points
    Artist - 200,001 or more points
    Vampire - 400,001 or more points
    CtrlC CtrlV - 600,001 or more points
    Copycat - 1,000,001 or more points

    Mirror - Top KEK

    What are the type of drawings that will be in the game?

    Good question! I spent the entire night working on some drawings. Here you have several examples with different difficulties:

    Apple - http://imgur.com/a/SKQNF
    Desert - http://imgur.com/a/GgJSx
    Trees - http://imgur.com/a/uJrnF
    Iron Bars - http://imgur.com/a/0SqvM
    Mushroom - http://imgur.com/a/SuXou
    Bacon - http://imgur.com/a/ppdqP
    Mustache - http://imgur.com/a/LgIKw
    Fishing Rod - http://imgur.com/a/TjULy
    Creeper - http://imgur.com/a/5utQF
    Zombie - http://imgur.com/a/jACBd
    Honey Pot - http://imgur.com/a/2qt4U
    Spongebob - http://imgur.com/a/RZj9g

    Note: Before you say that these drawings are "too simple", I will request that you ask yourself: "would I be able to finish more complex drawings in less than 30 seconds?" erm, no, you wouldn't. So they have to be as simple as the examples above, (un)fortunately. Otherwise the game becomes impossible.


    Now I will summarize this game, according to the thread by Matt.

    Mirror. It can be another thing, I really am not creative with names.

    How do you play & win:
    In order to copy the drawing from the bigger panel, you must have the correct block on your hand, and right-click the correct block that matches the bigger panel on the smaller panel (see the examples to view correctly how it would work). In order to win, you have to finish the drawings really fast, because the faster you finish, the more points you get. Whoever collects the most points during the game is the winner.

    What makes this fun & replayable:
    • There is absolutely no way to cheat or hack on this game, which makes it more fun for everyone;

    • This game involves strategic thinking and the use of logic (as in, how a mirror works in a way), you can surely improve your skills with this;

    • This is a really fast-paced game (30 seconds per drawing), I am sure many people love fast-paced games (like me);

    • Lots of drawing possibilities: from apples to hearts, ships, clouds, stars, mountains, trees, etc.

    • The objects you would have to draw could come from the same words used in DrawIt (by this I mean the same words can be used in DrawIt and Mirror, if that made any sense)

    • People could submit their drawings too! If the quality is good enough, of course.

    How many players does it hold:
    Twelve players.

    Same map or multiple maps:
    Same map.

    What sort of maps would best fit in:
    Something EXTREMELY similar to the DrawIt map. However, there is a limit. The size could be the same as my example one. Here’s the size of my example map:

    • Bigger panel: height = 20 blocks; length = 26 blocks.
    • Smaller panel: height = 11 blocks; length = 14 blocks.
    • There should also be a glass platform between those panels, but it should be closer to the smaller one. The size of it doesn’t really matter, but I suggest at least 5 blocks length, and it should be placed in the middle of the smaller platform’s length.

    Also, I have no idea if this is possible in terms of coding, but I think the devs can find a way for this to work c:

    Phew, that is a lot of text. I am guessing that’s about it now. Thanks everyone for checking this out ^-^ be sure to leave a comment :3

    - Panky
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    Aug 5, 2014
    I like it
    gj panky
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    Jul 30, 2015
    Nice idea :p
  4. olivaboom

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    Apr 6, 2014
    I actually havn't heard of this concept before and I quite like it as Hive could use some more genuinely original games that require strategic thinking skills rather than straight up PvP. Nice work. Okay, now a few questions you may want to consider for the game or just in general that I have.

    1) Why is different sized pannels necessary? (Sorry don't quite get it! :p )

    2) How will you make is that everyone sees the same version on the image? (Will everyone be teleported to their own plot, etc)

    Some suggestions :

    You mentioned completing all of the drawings first as well as a point system. If you were going for the point system perhaps there could be the reference image (big panel) that everyone gets and a time limit (maybe about 30 seconds) and then as you stated one recieved points based on speed : if the drawing is incomplete by the end, the user gets no points. Another way as you also stated by completing them first could be similar to gravity where there is a chain of maybe 8 images to complete and once you do one correctly, you advance to the next stage. The last way I thought of was to mix them and have the first through fifth people to get it right be awarded points - most at the end wins.

    Consider adding a tnt block (or anything else) to the inventory hotbar to signify erasing all drawings you've made in case you make a mistake

    Some rank names (you can decide placement or if you want to use since I don't really know)

    Transparent (maybe starting rank?)
    Looking Glass
    Full Length
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    Thanks for the reply ^-^

    Answering your questions:

    1. I feel like it's easier to have a smaller panel for the player to work on, because imo it's "more accessible". But I don't mind changing that.
    2. Yep, everyone would then have their own plot c:

    I like the limit time idea, I'll think about it tomorrow when I have more time. Thanks for suggesting it :3

    The image chain idea is also great, I'll consider it tomorrow ^-^ same goes to ranks

    (bc I'm half asleep rn so..)

    Thanks again c:
  6. Mysterii

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    Jul 25, 2014
    okokok yess still just as hyped as I was when you told me about this
    11/10 would nolife for 3000 years straight kthnc
  7. Minti

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    Oct 6, 2015
    Oh my gosh, this sounds great! :)
  8. Iys_

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    Aug 26, 2014
    oh that is an awesome suggestion x'D I would love to play this and lol ''Pankyy, Today at 4:20 AM'' x'D
  9. Panwi

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    Jul 9, 2014
    I swear to god this was not on purpose xD
  10. vner

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    Apr 4, 2015
    Very nice idea :D

    Other rank suggestions than the suggested ones:

    Vampire - Top KEK

    I'll edit if I get more ideas :p
  11. LeFluffeh

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    Aug 9, 2014
    Now that's what I call an intense game! So much detail and thoughts put into this. Really hope this gets accepted! GOOD JOB GI
  12. Panwi

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    Jul 9, 2014
    Thanks everyone for the great feedback so far :3 <3

    I have updated the thread A LOT. I added a FULL gameplay for this suggestion, a gif of what you have to do, and a better point system, along with some minor changes. Go check it out :3

    Okay I understand there might be too much text, but the thread is EXTREMELY detailed, so.. Yeah ^^

    Thanks once again c:
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    Sep 13, 2014
    yessss girl I love it <2333
  14. TomSutton

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    Sep 18, 2014
    Nice! :D
  15. WaveViper

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    Aug 11, 2015
    I love this idea, very creative. c:
  16. ImPade

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Love the idea! I think it would be a great AND unique gamemode. c:

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