Imperial's Official Clan-Battle Rules.

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    Based from Frostbites Survival Games rules. I take no credit for the rules but the changes I made.
    Frostbite's Rules Found here

    Pre-Game Rules:
    1. Each and every round of the Clan-Battle will be held on any of the Hive's SkyWars Servers.
    2. Normal in-game Hive rules apply to every battle.
    3. You have to state the lineup for every round even though you use the same lineup as the previous round. Either in Skype or in-game.
    4. Trial Members are allowed to participate in "Official Clan-Battles" unless you ask the other clan and they say its not ok.
    5. A clan can only win a Clan-Battle once they have reached the score limit, which is usually first to win 3 or 5 rounds.
    6. The battle should either consist of a 1vs1 or a 2vs2.
    7. You are allowed to have as many spectators in-game as you want.
    8. You may only play with members from the roster. - Alternative accounts are allowed, however, the opposing team needs to know who is playing on the account. The alt accounts has to be listed on the thread.
    9. If you decide not to play a specific map, you have to tell the opposing clan before the Clan-Battle starts.
    10. There will be a 1 minute grace period before PvP is enabled for both clans.
    In-Game Rules:
    1. Someone in your clan must state the line-up of your clan in warm up, before the round starts.
    2. There will not be a grace period for each round as that could be seen as teaming.
    3. If a random kills one of your clan members, the game continues on as if the member was killed by a the opposing team.
    4. You are not allowed to team with random people.
    5. If someone looses connection in-game, the round continues on as if that person had died.
    6. No abusing bannable glitches or bugs.
    7. If there were to be a hacker in-game, and a clan member of yours dies because of him, you need evidence of the hacker killing your player's actually death.
    8. Preferably, after each game, both clan's state what the score is, in Minecraft chat.
    9. A clan may postpone the battle if it is for a valid reason.
    10. If one (or more) of the clan member(s) gets kicked by the server (not java exception or a DC) then the round should be redone. When a player gets kicked by the server it will say "[Name] has left the server." in yellow text. On their screen it will say "Flying is not enabled on this server!"
    After-Game Rules:
    1. Put up the real results of the Clan-Battle on your thread.
    2. If you DQ a clan, support the DQ with evidence.
    3. No flame-waring on the opposing clan's thread (or on Skype for that matter).
    Like I said before, most of these rules are from Frostbites Official Clan Battle Rules for Survival Games seeing as they are the best in my opinion. I have made changes so that these rules could work in SkyWars.
    Frostbite's Rules Found Here
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    I really like those rules too and your changes are good as well :)
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    Mar 4, 2015
    Good idea dude!
  4. Ponyah

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    Feb 5, 2015
    Good idea but I dont really like the 1min grace period just imagine both clans are in mid and cant fight thats a confusing situation in my opinion. It allways take minimum 40 seconds to go in the mid or to other team.
    I think a better rule would be a 1 minute ``Bow-grace-period`` or longer hope you understand my broken english xP

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