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    Hello tributes.

    Below you will find all of the relevant useful information regarding Survival Games 2.0 clans. Be sure to read this before you decide to create your own clan, and I urge all current clan leaders to take a read as well.

    Before You Create a Clan
    The Survival Games: Classic clans sub-forum was the most spammed sub-forum on the whole of the Hive forums (over 14,000 threads that will very likely never be opened again due to their closure; the majority of which didn't make it past a month!) and I can see the Survival Games 2.0 clans following the same path.

    To stop this spam of threads, ask yourself a series of questions;
    • Do I really want to start up my own clan?
    • Do I have the time to keep my clan running?
    • Do I have a reason people would want to join my clan?
    If the answer to all of those questions is something along the lines of "No... not really." then I strongly recommend you join a clan and work your way up their ranking system. Creating a clan for no more than a week does nothing other than add one more thread to archive, give you another point towards your "created threads", and a few more points to your "total messages" (if you decided to add a "reserved" post after your original post.

    If, however, you feel your answer to those questions was something like "Yes, I want to start up my own, unique clan that will attract applications which I have bounty of time to manage!" then I urge you to go ahead and create your own clan.​


    Clans may create a clan account to manage their thread and other clan relations. There are a a few guidelines all clan accounts are expected to follow for them to be eligible on the Hive and kept usable.

    Examples of clan accounts would be @Frostbite, @TeamNano, and @TeamCollide; where two or more users are given access in order to edit the thread when need be. These clan accounts should ONLY be seen posting in the Survival Games clans section (either Classic or 2.0).

    ANY clan accounts seen in any other forum section or seen breaking the rules may be subject to instant termination dependant on the situation at hand. Any banned forum user should not be using the clan account for any other forum purpose other than updated their clan thread and organising clan battles.

    About the Clan and Thread Itself

    When creating your clan, you are going to want a thread which catches your eyes and is unique (not like others!). The most attractive threads show enthusiasm for the leadership of the clan and its longevity.

    Some good pointers you may want to take into consideration for the leadership of your clan is;
    • Name - keep it unique and original, something people will know the roster for upon statement. Do not copy other clans names, past or present. It is something we as staff WILL take action for if abused.
    • Artwork - it's not the most important and isn't crucial but having good art shows you have resources you can use for the clan's benefit.
    • Content - make sure to keep the thread relevant. There is no need including information such as "you are required to have 500+ wins before you apply" if you plan to accept anyone and everyone who does not meet this mark. YES you can have exceptions; it's your clam.
    • Honesty - do not falsify your clan battle results or member list. Read more about that in the relevant section.
    • Rules - your clan should follow the Hive rules at all times and on all platforms of use. Any Hive hosted services your clan operates on are subject to and will be moderated by Hive staff and enforced by Hive staff and may be taken down at any given time by the senior team.
    Some other guidelines you should follow to make sure your clan does not become salty and ruin the fun for other clans...
    • No direct abuse/harassment/bullying to any other clans EVER.
    • No fighting on the forums or on the servers over who the best clan is, or who has the best leader or who has the best anything. Each clan has it's own uniqueness and Minecraft should never be taken that seriously.
    • Do not, in any way, be arrogant/cocky/salty. Clans are meant to be for fun competitiveness in a group. Yes, you may want your clan to be considered "the best", but you have no right to brag or say how much you can destroy another clan.
    • Just be nice, Survival Games is intended to be fun.
    • Never go onto other's thread and start advertising your clan.
    If you notice clans breaking these set guidelines, feel free to report the thread.
    2. Ensure to detail what guideline the clan is breaking and where to find the offence.

    About Requesting Clan Battles

    All clan battle requests can either be made on a clan thread itself OR you may create a request on my thread here.

    I, personally, recommend using the latter method as it allows clans who feel ready to have a clan battle the freedom to do so without feeling pressured to accept one that has just been asked of them.

    There is no need to request a clan have a clan battle with you if their thread has been opened less than 6 hours and have 2 or 3 members. Please use some initiative in this sense.

    Would you expect to clan battle if you don't even have 4 members?

    About Incorrect Clan Battle Results

    I just need to state that moderators don't handle these kinds of issues. It is not our job to ensure that all clan battle results are right.

    We do handle clan battle related issues issues if:
    • clans are causing a flame war as a result;
    • clans start spamming each other's thread; or
    • the clans start insulting each other.
    When something like that happens we will solve it but we will not make a decision about the clan battle result. We will tell people to stop being part of the flame war, stop spamming each other, and stop insulting each other.

    We will never make a decision about the clan battle result and therefore there is no reason to report a thread or clan for showing a (in your own opinion) wrong result. You will just get an answer stating that we do not handle clan battle results or you will not receive an answer at all.

    For ongoing disputes, feel free to contact myself (@PrimeHD). I will give advice on what the correct action the clans should take to resolve the outcome of a clan battle.

    Credits and Final Word

    Thanks to @Lululioness, @RatofDoom2 (for some tips on creating a high standard appliation, read this thread), @lolaemmy, @olskibolski, and @Amzela for creating Survival Games: Classic guides on all of the above topics I mentioned.

    As I said, if you have questions or concerns about this guide, I urge you to message ME (@PrimeHD) about anything. Any advice or feedback may be left as a reply below.

    Thank you for reading,

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    Where Can i Fined the rules for CW In game ?
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    There are no "Official" clan rules at the time of this thread. Using Frostbite's would do for now until some adaptations are made. :)
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    I also made Rules so maybe you Check it out its Similar to frostbite
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