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    Hello bees! This is a guide I have been working on for a while -
    with the help of @turtlelord66 this thread appeared - enjoy!

    When did BedWars get released?
    In May 2017 a new game got released - BedWars.
    You can find the announcement thread here.
    In roughly 2 years time over 2 million unique players have played this gamemode on TheHive!
    This is stunning o:

    Where do I find BedWars on the HiveMC?

    Use your compass in your hotbar, click on the bed and
    you will see the three different types (Solo, Duos, Teams of 4) right in front of you! : - )
    Just click on a sign and enjoy playing BedWars! :D


    What is the game?
    BedWars is a PvP-based game where each team will keep respawning as long as they have a bed. As soon as your bed is broken by another team you will no longer respawn and can be eliminated from the game. You use the iron your summoner provides to purchase blocks, weapons, armour and upgrades to get to the diamond and emerald summoners. When you have diamonds you can unlock the gold summoner upgrade for your base, or use it to purchase other items. Emeralds allow you to purchase a diamond summoner upgrade for your base as well as better weapons, armor and upgrades such as speed and island defences. The overall aim of the game is to use all these features to break other teams’ beds whilst protecting yours and then be the last time alive.​

    How to create a team in Duos or Teams of 4?
    The easiest way to team up is by creating a party in hub before joining a game. You can invite people to your party by doing following command /party invite username.
    Another way of teaming up is shown on the picture below. After you have joined a server, you can click on the dye in the fifth slot in your hotbar and then click on the players head you want to invite to your team.


    The item shop & Upgrades

    Different blocks

    The different blocks are:

    Glass, Wool, Wood, Andesite, Endstone, Hardened Clay and Obsidian

    Glass and wool are usually used only for bridging, some players will use wool to cover the bed at the beginning of the bed to slow down the enemy for a small amount of time.

    Wood can be a good block to cover the bed in if you aren’t going for obsidian as if the player doesnt have an axe it will take them slightly longer to break than wool.

    Andesite and Endstone are good for covering the bed, again if you arent going for obsidian. They are relatively easy to mine with a pick axe though and as such obsidian is a much better option.

    Obsidian is obviously the best to use when covering the bed, but it is expensive and is only used otherwise for helping with mining another teams bed that has obsidian.




    Spring trap - spawns a cobweb where the trap was

    Tnt trap - spawns a tnt where the trap was

    Sticky trap - flings the player up ~5-7 blocks



    On your spawnisland you can upgrade your summoner to produce gold and diamond (so it spawns iron, gold and diamond)

    You would still have to collect emeralds from the middle as you can't

    Upgrading the summoner will increase the speed these items spawn from it, the costs are as shown:

    To upgrade iron to level 2 you need 5 iron, for level 3 you need 10 iron

    To upgrade gold to level 1 you need 1 diamond, for level 2 you need 5 gold and for level 3 you need 10 gold

    To upgrade diamond to level 1 you need 5 emeralds, for level 2 you need 5 diamonds and for level 3 you need 10 diamonds

    You can also buy Speed Upgrades 1 + 2 and
    Roll The Dice (when you die you keep 30% of the items in your inventory)
    As well as Island Defense Upgrades:
    - Enemy Radar
    - Enemy Blinder
    - Enemy Slower

    The Entchanter and The Specialist

    Both of them can be found on the middle island.

    Personal doggo
    Instant tnt
    Golden apple
    Ender Pearl
    Team golem
    Splash healing potion
    Splash damage potion
    Splash poison potion
    (can only buy one of each potion whilst you have none in your inventory)
    Poison cure

    Fire arrow

    Fire aspect

    What is this floating wool block above each island?


    Floating wool block shows when the team still has a bed, and what colour team is it. When this becomes a floating glass block, that means the team has lost their bed but is still alive. When it completely disappears that means the team has been eliminated.

    How do the summoners look like and where can I find them?


    On your spawn island you can find your summoner.
    At the beginning it's just an iron summoner but by upgrading it,
    you can turn it into an iron, gold and diamond summoner.
    On each map you can also find diamond summoners on an island inbetween the spawn islands and the middle island and emerald summoners on the main island in the centre of the map.

    On the picture you can also see your teammates health, kills and HP right above your hotbar.

    On the right hand side you can see the scoreboard.
    It shows all teams left in the game (if a color just has a X, it means that this certain team still has alive players but not a bed anymore), it also tells you what your team color is and if your bed is broken or not.
    And of course it shows you how many kills, deaths and beds you got in that certain game.

    What does the Enderchest do?
    The enderchest is the best way of keeping items (which are visible for you and your teammate(s) but not for anyone else in the game). You can use enderchests on all other islands (as well as item shops and upgrades).

    Sudden Death - What does that mean?
    After 30 minutes into the game, all remaining beds will get destroyed -
    so next person to die will be a spectator and not a part of the game anymore.

    Is there a spawn protection?
    There is indeed!
    Everytime you respawn, other players cannot deal damage to you for 10 seconds, unless you attack them, then your spawn protection is canceled. This is in the game to give you a chance to see who is around you, and try to get some stuff before they can then attack you again.

    Point system
    Killing one player = 5 points (As long as it is 30s after you last killed them)
    Final kill (after the bed got destroyed) = 10 points
    Winning the game = 100 points
    Destroying bed in Solo = 50 points
    Destroying bed in Duos = 65 points
    Destroying bed in Teams of 4 = 80 points
    Upgrading Iron to Level 2 = 5 points
    Upgrading Iron to Level 3 = 10 points
    Upgrading Gold to Level 1 = 5 points
    Upgrading Gold to Level 2 = 10 points
    Upgrading Gold to Level 3 = 15 points
    Upgrading Diamond to Level 1 = 10 points
    Upgrading Diamond to Level 2 = 15 points
    Upgrading Diamond to Level 3 = 20 points
    To compare it to other game’s points check out this thread.

    A winstreak is obtained by as you might have guessed, winning games in a row. As soon as you lose a game, your winstreak is reset to 0. There are winstreaks in all three different gamemodes of BedWars. If you join a game, you can see the leaderboard which is to the right of where you spawn. These hologram boards only show the top 5 active winstreaks, meaning if someone who is on that board loses a game, they get removed from it until they can get that streak back again. Again RoccoDev has made a useful website (https://hive.roccodev.pw/bedwars/winstreaks/) for seeing more than just the top 5 streaks per gamemode, and seeing the best streaks anyone has achieved. (https://hive.roccodev.pw/bedwars/winstreaks/historical.

    Ranks, Leaderboards, Seasons and more!

    Official leaderboards

    There are five leaderboards shown to us on the Hive’s official website, these are:
    All-Time - All mode’s stats combined.
    Solos - Only Solo stats.
    Duos - Only Duos stats.
    Teams - Only Teams stats.

    DoubleFun - Only Double Fun stats which was a limited time mode of bedwars where spawn rates of iron, gold, diamonds and emeralds were doubled, double jump was activated, you bed had two “lives”, etc.

    All the leaderboards are ordered by points, and some stats that might need explaining are W/L and teams eliminated. W/L is the amount of games you win for every loss you have, for example if your W/L is 4, this means you win 4 games for everytime you lose 1. Teams eliminated is the number of times you have killed the last player on a team once their bed has been destroyed. If in Duos you kill one member of a team then your teammate kills the second one, only your teammate will receive 1 team eliminated stat, you will not.
    You can view all leaderboards here.

    Monthly leaderboards
    This is a leaderboard run by RoccoDev at this website - https://hive.roccodev.pw/bedwars/ - and it shows the stats each player in the top 500 of the main leaderboard has gained over the course of that month. At the end of each month he posts a season recap in the BedWars section of the forums.
    Season I
    Season II
    Season III
    Season IV
    Season V
    Season VI
    Season VII
    Season VIII (and year summary)
    Season IX

    Ranks can be found here.

    There are many many different tactics and styles that people use in BedWars depending on many different things, what mode they are playing, whether they can speed bridge or not, etc. As this is a general guide for all things BedWars we won’t be writing a huge section on tactics but may follow this thread up with a guide just for the different tactics out there.

    There are three main strategies that can apply to the different modes,

    Rushing: This is a tactic that can be very effective in earning you quick points but can end up in not winning as many games as the other two strategies. This strategy revolves around you using the first 5 iron to buy blocks and to build straight to the player’s island next to you, break their bed, kill them and then move on to the next island. Not caring about your own bed but focusing on getting the other teams’ beds whilst they are at middle, upgrading their items or just not ready.

    Consistent: This strategy is favoured by many players as it is one of the most consistent ways to win games. Depending on if the map is 32 blocks to middle or more, you use the first 5 or 10 iron to buy blocks and build towards middle. Once you are there collect 8 emeralds and head back to your base. Buy 8 obsidian to cover your bed and then go and eliminate all the other teams. You do need to be careful of players trying to get your bed whilst you go to middle at the beginning though.

    Safe: Using this strategy will help players who don’t have the best PvP skills or are against other good players. The aim of this one is to get as much good stuff as you can, so that the opposing teams have very little in comparison. The start is the same as with the consistent strategy, using the firs 5 or 10 iron to rush to middle, then bring back 8 emeralds. However if no one is coming to middle or your base, you can wait longer at middle collecting more emeralds to be able to buy the diamond summoner for armor, or speed to help fight people. Once you return to base, cover the bed in obsidian and then try to upgrade your summoners, get speed and get as strong armour as you can before trying to eliminate other teams. The only problem with this strategy is that it takes longer before you fight other teams, this means they may get obsidian before you get to them but your better armour should help you beat them.

    BedWars Maps

    Solo Maps
    [16] = 16 blocks to middle or less
    [<32] = Less than 32 blocks to middle so that you can get back
    [32] = 32 blocks to middle without being able to get back
    [>32] = more than 32 blocks to get to middle





    Duos Maps
    Isla De Setas
    Present Factory
    Red Rock
    Treasure Island



    Teams of 4 Maps
    Hanging Gardens

    Tesla Labs
    Sleepy Hollow
    World Exhibition


    To use your unlocks you use the sunflower in the middle of your hotbar when in lobby, or /unlock ingame.
    To buy these unlocks you can buy them in lobby using the sunflower, or in the hub there are two villagers by the sign boards for BedWars. You can buy many different unlocks including:
    Final Kill effects (when the player doesnt have a bed and you kill them)
    Arrow Trails (sparkely particles to follow the arrows you shoot)
    Join Messages (changes the message when you join a lobby)
    Death Sounds (when you die it makes the sound)
    Win Celebrations (when you win a game it does this effect)
    Bed Effects (your team’s bed will have these particles floating above it)
    All these unlocks require tokens to purchase which you recieve from playing BedWars and any of the Hive’s games.

    So this is it I guess :D If you find any mistakes or other things that could be added, please feel free to message me or @turtlelord66 about it : - )
    Hope this guide is helpful!

    But just a reminder, if you do ever have a question about the game or want to share something:
    This is the right forum section to do so.

    In Love,

    your caroful bee​
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    A few things you could add to the guide:
    • Cosmetics (What do they do and where can they be purchased?)
    • Bridging methods (What different types of bridging method does player use in bedwars?)
    • Rules (What isn't allowed in bedwars?)
    • More information on upgrades and items. (Cost? Value? Useful?)
    • More information on generators (Spawn rate? How many for each map?)
    • Achievements (How many are there? What types of achievements? Difficulty?)
    I'm sure this is gonna be very helpful for new players.
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