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[GLOBAL] Top players in each country

Discussion in 'The Hive Discussion' started by RoadEnthusiast, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Hello everyone!

    So quite a while ago, I made a thread on the demographic of players in the top 100 for a certain gamemode, however, I decided to make something else that's similar to that, but not the exact same. The top players in each country!

    Now, I do know that the country leaderboards exist, however, not all countries have a country leaderboard. I will include the ones that do, but I will also include the ones that don't.

    Some of the information on these leaderboards may be incorrect, please let me know if I have anything wrong, and I will be sure to fix it.

    Keep in mind that I will label most of these users by the ISO 3166 country code. A reference list can be found here.

    Now, time to begin. There are a lot of spoilers in this thread, and there's really not a good way to condense it, but I tried my best on this.

    I only have a few gamemodes as of right now, but I will add more later.

    BlockParty - craftinqpastel (184K)
    Hide and Seek - LightCloud (1.6M)
    BedWars - smun (442K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - smun (940K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Clovee (157K)
    Skywars - Laxazy (118K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Wh0EvenPlaysThis (620K)
    DrawIt - iiCaptainJoy (235K)
    The Herobrine - Ahsen (71K)
    Restaurant Rush - iiCaptainJoy (3.4K)

    BedWars - Etel (281K)
    Electric Floor - Etel (133K)
    Splegg - Etel (191K)
    Skywars - Etel (54K)

    BlockParty - SugarKat (1.0M)
    DeathRun - NicoNatsuhi (547K)
    Hide and Seek - NicoNatsuhi (284K)
    Gravity - NicoNatsuhi (577K)
    Splegg - SugarKat (60K)
    Skywars - Nair_ (70K)
    Cowboys and Indians - NicoNatsuhi (112K)
    The Lab - NicoNatsuhi (7.2K)
    BatteryDash - NicoNatsuhi (6.6K)
    Electric Floor - NicoNatsuhi (82K)
    Sploop - NicoNatsuhi (93K)
    DrawIt - Olivv (45K)
    The Herobrine - SugarKat (20K)
    Restaurant Rush - NicoNatsuhi (113K)
    Slaparoo - NicoNatsuhi (41K)

    BlockParty - DontCallMeThomas (337K)
    DeathRun - LordDeWitt (297K)
    Hide and Seek - Blue_Banany (3.2M)
    Splegg - Andreas3005 (2.1M)
    BedWars - Xoruu (1.4M)
    One In The Chamber - TehTreeman (1.2M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Punjeh (529K)
    Murder in Mineville - Vxctorxa (213K)
    Skywars - killakartoffel (56K)
    Cowboys and Indians - FlamiceGirl (121K)
    The Lab - Jokehim (52K)
    BatteryDash - LordDeWitt (17K)
    Electric Floor - Nola (475K)
    Sploop - LordDeWitt (218K)
    The Herobrine - Cookie_Angel22 (77K)
    Cranked - Cookieclicker (123K)
    Restaurant Rush - ___Raven___ (9.1K)
    Slaparoo - Hyphelix (66K)
    Music Masters - JustCallMeThomas (328K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - LoSTnD (90K)

    BlockParty - Akhali (507K)
    DeathRun - Kiarra_ (3.4M)
    Hide and Seek - Nogget (7.3M)
    Splegg - Dpminator (3.5M)
    BedWars - BearZei (1.5M)
    Gravity - MissRadar (1.0M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Jqcko_ (219K)
    Murder in Mineville - zak44 (139K)
    Skywars - DeathRiott (89K)
    Cowboys and Indians - TypicalLove (688K)
    The Lab - Sapphacus (4.6K)
    BatteryDash - Kreezot (9.6K)
    DrawIt - dj_ender_wolf (118K)
    Electric Floor - Timmy_Skill (502K)
    Sploop - Kaypooey (221K)
    The Herobrine - Shazuna (287K)
    Cranked - Tobstah (17K)
    Restaurant Rush - Alessiownz (6.2K)
    Slaparoo - SavageDiaa (73K)
    Music Masters - Lady_Creeperly (46K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - Dark_ (1.1M)

    Blockparty - neelram (468K)
    DeathRun - TyMax_ (340K)
    Hide and Seek - Spenken (7.8M)
    Splegg - WitherInPyjamas (2.0M)
    BedWars - Kemiro (906K)
    Gravity - Cynthiq (510K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Celbrin (332K)
    Murder in Mineville - JeffTheKill3r (105K)
    Skywars - Nicee (128K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Retafox (226K)
    The Lab - TyMax_ (13K)
    BatteryDash - Acented (42K)
    Electric Floor - gevalo1 (680K)
    Sploop - Florei (139K)
    The Herobrine - Mattike (185K)
    Cranked - LekkerOuwe (199K)
    Restaurant Rush - Aliix20 (5.4K)
    Slaparoo - Venyu (176K)
    Music Masters - Venyu (1.1M)

    Trouble in Mineville - Baeless (40K)

    The Lab - TACOmiendo (4.6K)

    BlockParty - Panwi (90K)
    DeathRun - KaZProBaby (1.2M)
    Hide and Seek - Illusionism (3.7M)
    Splegg - Primazia (3.2M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Brusque (130K)
    Bedwars - Brusque (209K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Panwi (803K)
    The Lab - Prismer (20K)
    BatteryDash - Bruquinha (4.2K)
    Electric Floor - Krepixie (15K)
    Sploop - ySombraZ_ (12K)
    Cranked - Akashiya_MokaBR (20K)
    Restaraunt Rush - Aggressivee (5.0K)
    Slaparoo - Panwi (24K)

    BlockParty - Boggled (521K)
    DeathRun - EdnerSpelsGud (2.8M)
    Hide and Seek - ViridianVenom (5.7M)
    Splegg - Skroks (2.9M)
    BedWars - IWqntToDie (1.4M)
    One In The Chamber - Kiiera (1.5M)
    Gravity - sydney2002 (1.4M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Restlessly (391K)
    Murder in Mineville - Saptu (541K)
    Skywars - Haspe (156K)
    Cowboys and Indians - ItsSnowyy (1.6M)
    The Lab - Cathy3402 (12K)
    BatteryDash - Eham (23K)
    DrawIt - DesTheCat (135K)
    Electric Floor - IGotCandyInMyVan (2.1M)
    Sploop - Eham (356K)
    The Herobrine - CreepyDollz (146K)
    Cranked - flames0199 (107K)
    Restaurant Rush - LonesomeShadow (6.9K)
    Slaparoo - EhOk (208K)
    Music Masters - Nythoma (601K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - KelppyG (321K)

    One In The Chamber - iceBlue (646K)
    Electric Floor - Vixlett (935K)
    DeathRun - Benzwich (TTina) (425K)
    Gravity - Benzwich (TTina) (247K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Daredust (62K)

    BlockParty - ArminOuji (305K)
    Hide and Seek - Periks (198K)
    BedWars - Periks (307K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Periks (401K)
    Skywars - Asui7u7 (164K)
    SkyGiants (Mini) - Gamepedia (1.2M)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - Periks (147K)
    BatteryDash - Periks (12K)
    Electric Floor - Periks (14K)
    Sploop - Periks (58K)
    Slaparoo - Gamepedia (32K)

    Hide and Seek - Jcseh (1.2M)
    BedWars - Jcseh (741K)
    Murder in Mineville - Jcseh (178K)
    Skywars - Camaliia (444K)
    Trouble in Mineville - SirAvocado (123K)
    BatteryDash - Jcseh (2.3K)
    Electric Floor - Jcseh (25K)
    BlockParty - Minesam06 (145K)
    Slaparoo - Dannyelus (28K)

    Skywars - Srmurdoc (74K)
    Cranked - GengarDroid (46K)
    Hide and Seek - GengarDroid (79K)

    BlockParty - LilOkami (310K)

    BedWars - Mxderno (1.1M)
    Gravity - 19049_Spy (776K)
    Hide and Seek - LackingEmpathy (2.3M)
    BatteryDash - Mxderno (31K)
    Electric Floor - Mxderno (2.3M)
    Sploop - Mxderno (151K)

    Blockparty - Annichaan (633K)
    DeathRun - DaveWhoElse (3.9M)
    Hide and Seek - Veskaya (5.2M)
    Splegg - devraa (4.8M)
    BedWars - Raptide (2.4M)
    One In The Chamber - _Shinyy (2.5M)
    Gravity - Th4Shoot3r (4.5M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Monsel (798K)
    Skygiants (Regular) - Nthl (1.1M)
    BedWars - _black_miner_ (1.8M)
    Murder in Mineville - Amiy (914K)
    Skywars - Rinjani (531K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Mayalana (906K)
    The Lab - Grcnkh (51K)
    BatteryDash - Raptide (124K)
    SkyGiants (Mini) - Haton (1.2M)
    DrawIt - CrayonThePanda (100K)
    Electric Floor - ZwAinY (1.5M)
    Sploop - Caro (118K)
    The Herobrine - Limimin (675K)
    Cranked - Meluda (403K)
    Restaurant Rush - Toobii (133K)
    Slaparoo - W4rl0rd (318K)
    Music Masters - VamePvP (2.0M)

    BlockParty - Draaeber (315K)
    DeathRun - AllOfYouHugMeNow (321K)
    Hide and Seek - bobib (644K)
    Splegg - Minymoo (2.2M)
    BedWars - miille (1.3M)
    Gravity - LucasTP2003 (2.2M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Teennagel (270K)
    Murder in Mineville - MalteOlsen (102K)
    Skywars - Elsker (48K)
    Cowboys and Indians - MakeMeStop (615K)
    The Lab - Mekkel_ (54K)
    BatteryDash - Mekkel_ (43K)
    DrawIt - Skoett (125K)
    Electric Floor - MiaAYK (458K)
    Sploop - Skoett (103K)
    The Herobrine - Amii (307K)
    Cranked - Kixzen (69K)
    Restaurant Rush - MakeMeStom (12K)
    Slaparoo - Mekkel_ (96K)
    Music Masters - SpawnHuba (291K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - Sorgenfri (439K)

    The Herobrine - homaido (42K)

    Cowboys and Indians - Mqvx (226K)

    BlockParty - Terrific_ (67K)
    Splegg - Chubah (698K)
    Skywars - Terrific_ (55K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Terrific_ (61K)
    Electric Floor - Magedgamer (12K)
    Slaparoo - Terrific_ (27K)

    BlockParty - Dualation (637K)
    DeathRun - DarkWolf_12 (233K)
    Hide And Seek - AlinaHarina (1.9M)
    Splegg - Daniperecas (2.2M)
    BedWars - xxxban (614K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Kheise (172K)
    Murder in Mineville - picotres_ (170K)
    Skywars - OkWithAnything (109K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Paroximy (287K)
    The Lab - Daniperecas (6.7K)
    BatteryDash - AlgodonDeAzucar (21K)
    Electric Floor - DarkWolf_12 (256K)
    Sploop - Carlozzito (33K)
    The Herobrine - Brutaliz3R (35K)
    Cranked - Carlozzito (23K)
    Restaurant Rush - Carlozzito (10K)
    Slaparoo - Carlozzito (256K)
    Music Masters - Saul56 (541K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - Skaskus (529K)

    BlockParty - Nuarex (646K)
    Splegg - Joaquel (4.0M)
    BedWars - Sardon (186K)
    One In The Chamber - AslanThePro (2.0M)
    Skywars - Endieh (201K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Josifio (229K)
    Hide and Seek - Josifio (788K)
    BatteryDash - Sardon (27K)
    DrawIt - NorthRambo (154K)
    Sploop - hqh (120K)
    Slaparoo - Linako (1.2M)

    Blockparty - Rhaeloth (1.1M)
    DeathRun - Bgbros (2.0M)
    Hide and Seek - BelovedEcho (1.8M)
    Splegg - Lyyrx (2.5M)
    BedWars - wxcvbn174 (1.0M)
    One In The Chamber - Icelon (427K)
    Gravity - BGbb6e (1.1M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Palexx (459K)
    Murder in Mineville - Wayana (1.2M)
    Skywars - Jiben_ (158K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Kiki_Chan (653K)
    The Lab - Velyth (20K)
    BatteryDash - Bgbros (16K)
    DrawIt - RTrois (240K)
    Electric Floor - Mattiabros (1.4M)
    Sploop - Hakino (424K)
    The Herobrine - chPaul (269K)
    Cranked - tatiaus (215K)
    Restaurant Rush - Bgbros (141K)
    Slaparoo - Emeery (426K)
    Music Masters - Mattiabros (3.1M)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - URoulon (1.5M)

    Cowboys and Indians - MariaSA (847K)
    Splegg - MariaSA (587K)
    Electric Floor - MariaSA (414K)
    BlockParty - GonnaSigh (514K)
    Hide and Seek - GonnaSigh (385K)
    DeathRun - MariaSA (100K)

    SkyGiants (Regular) - SwordsmanKirito (1.6M)
    DeathRun - _ItzIssac (1.8M)
    Skywars - SakuraLuvsSasuke (100K)
    The Herobrine - Axnity (100K)

    Skywars - Razenger (400K)
    DeathRun - Razenger (74K)
    BedWars - Razenger (54K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Razenger (15K)

    Gravity - Hokezu (324K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Distrained (411K)
    Skywars - Distrained (13K)

    Murder in Mineville - Nyufy (110K)
    BlockParty - Nyufy (126K)

    Hide and Seek - Sheila (1.5M)
    Skywars - Sheila (118K)
    DeathRun - KevinKimYT (193K)
    BatteryDash - WysteriaMeepZ (19K)
    DrawIt - Sheila (45K)

    Blockparty - Vicki (692K)
    Deathrun - ResidingInLimbo (1.2M)
    Hide and Seek - Teeyah (2.3M)
    Splegg - Teeyah (3.0M)
    BedWars - Dani_Khxn (1.1M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Shokku (88K)
    Murder in Mineville - LemonCherry (263K)
    Skywars - yeahdude (108K)
    Cowboys and Indians - xcxo (713K)
    The Lab - VivianaMeredeth (3.2K)
    BatteryDash - FlowerCrownn (4.1K)
    DrawIt - Slinie (295K)
    Electric Floor - Viesturs (163K)
    Sploop - RadairGaming (18K)
    The Herobrine - MrsZero (32K)
    Cranked - CrazyRaider152 (45K)
    Restaurant Rush - Diar (3.3K)
    Slaparoo - Kawaiiboy_20 (76K)
    Music Masters - Viesturs (1.5M)

    Splegg - minevova (4.9M)
    BedWars - Stqv (2.0M)
    Trouble in Mineville - FrostyVampy (175K)
    Skywars - Tweefy (235K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Stqv (914K)
    Sploop - Stqv (13K)
    The Herobrine - Nyni (329K)
    Slaparoo - Stqv (69K)
    BlockParty - skacej (260K)

    Skygiants (Regular) - GorillaRadio101 (191K)
    Gravity - EarthPenguin (20K)
    Trouble in Mineville - EarthPenguin (12K)

    DeathRun - _Subbyyy_ (1.6M)
    Gravity - _Subbyyy_ (1.0M)
    BedWars - Intenny (86K)
    Skygiants (Mini) - Intenny (125K)
    Skywars - Intenny (28K)

    BlockParty - Venusat (153K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - BooBearX (712K)

    Blockparty - Emotiqnless (785K)
    Deathrun - nik9094 (936K)
    BedWars - Icicky (749K)
    One In The Chamber - 1Tonka (1.1M)
    Skywars - HeStoleTheGibey (501K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Dayneki (296K)
    Sploop - Soorryyy (101K)
    The Herobrine - Neferis (183K)
    Music Masters - Ayeru (636K)
    Sploop - Emotiqnless (840K)

    Splegg - Ahhmed (784K)

    Splegg - Sunset_Ravens (2.9M)
    Sploop - Sunset_Ravens (27K)

    Splegg - SSalient (708K)

    Hide and Seek - MyLastMemory (322K)

    BlockParty - BadExecutioner (339K)
    Hide and Seek - Euzi (7.4M)
    Electric Floor - Dizzzz (59K)
    The Herobrine - Dizzzz (189K)

    Trouble in Mineville - ABBA_Fan (45K)

    DeathRun - Wrists (70K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Wrists (16K)
    Skywars - Sada (105K)
    Music Masters - Wrists (51K)
    BedWars - Skylcr (393K)
    Gravity - Skylcr (426K)

    Splegg - ThugChains (415K)
    Skywars - Malithaa (109K)
    BedWars - Malithaa (24K)
    Hide and Seek - Malithaa (26K)

    BlockParty - acup48 (128K)

    Hide and Seek - cik0s (202K)
    DeathRun - CutyDino (166K)

    One In The Chamber - TomaJoley (28K)

    DeathRun - 5punkte (25K)

    SkyGiants (Regular) - Jennyffer (207K)

    SkyGiants (Regular) - Tzuyu (626K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Tzuyu (105K)
    BedWars - Tzuyu (52K)
    Skywars - Tzuyu (65K)
    Slaparoo - Tzuyu (12K)

    Splegg - sstxphanie (1.8M)
    BlockParty - WesternCrafter (367K)
    Trouble in Mineville - DevilsFire22 (49K)

    DeathRun - SleepinEgg (1.3M)
    Hide and Seek - qrass (96K)
    BlockParty - qrass (449K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - qrass (211K)
    DrawIt - Zarfolite (209K)
    Electric Floor - qrass (37K)

    BlockParty - Lord_Ewout (1.8M)
    DeathRun - Lord_Ewout (1.4M)
    Hide and Seek - Eizorixal (10.0M)
    Splegg - R0e_ (4.1M)
    BedWars - Fluffah (1.1M)
    One In The Chamber - brothaking (260K)
    Gravity - CakeSauc3 (766K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Credere (222K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - homvy (1.0M)
    MusicMasters - Leiang (1.0M)
    Murder in Mineville - HerOtherHqlf (1.2M)
    Skywars - syds (210K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Clqudia (814K)
    The Lab - DimDamDuweeh (15K)
    BatteryDash - awkwardh (106K)
    DrawIt - Essej2 (125K)
    Electric Floor - Kikita (469K)
    Sploop - R0e_ (1.0M)
    The Herobrine - Little_Tigress (144K)
    Cranked - David_12304 (212K)
    Restaurant Rush - SweetIllusionism (12K)
    Slaparoo - Siqrid (2.0M)

    BlockParty - Zens (829K)
    DeathRun - Rqden (1.8M)
    Hide and Seek - Zens (1.1M)
    Splegg - ProDerp007 (5.3M)
    BedWars - THE_MAN0012 (1.6M)
    One In The Chamber - Mitzz (531K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Artiodactyl (208K)
    Murder in Mineville - Grim3r (1.1M)
    Skywars - notSalty_ (314K)
    Cowboys and Indians - THE_MAN0012 (963K)
    The Lab - Varsel (31K)
    BatteryDash - JustAnotherNoob (26K)
    DrawIt - SailorLuna (41K)
    Electric Floor - Alcemana (1.0M)
    Sploop - Varsel (102K)
    The Herobrine - Nyxrah (257K)
    Cranked - Atomknusern (157K)
    Restaurant Rush - Varsel (32K)
    Slaparoo - Varsel (2.2M)
    Music Masters - Azumiya (1.2M)

    BlockParty - Cherryy (479K)
    DeathRun - Kaighh (1.6M)
    Hide and Seek - cjslasher101 (1.8M)
    Splegg - BlueEyedPanda (3.1M)
    BedWars - Pibbz (403K)
    Gravity - chur (939K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Monkita (89K)
    Murder in Mineville - I_Appear_Missing (329K)
    Skywars - irlybitstty (79K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Falna (307K)
    The Lab - Cherryy (5.7K)
    BatteryDash - nooneisBOSS (7.9K)
    DrawIt - Pibbz (321K)
    Electric Floor - thickcube (1.3M)
    Sploop - Pibbz (78K)
    The Herobrine - Sunlit (128K)
    Cranked - EffortlessEvol (42K)
    Restaurant Rush - Tshkndi (1.6K)
    Slaparoo - Cherryy (93K)
    Music Masters - Octova (20K)

    BlockParty - al_raisi (AlsUmbilicus) (212K)
    BedWars - AlsUmbilicus (261K)
    Sploop - AlsUmbilicus (86K)
    Murder in Mineville - AlsUmbilicus (61K)

    BlockParty - RusherMC (341K)
    Hide and Seek - ChaosKurt (3.7M)
    Gravity - ChaosKurt (102K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Scphia (212K)
    DrawIt - Amsonia (58K)

    BlockParty - Killkor (790K)
    Gravity - Killkor (1.2M)
    DeathRun - gomer10 (1.7M)
    BedWars - M1ary (2.3M)
    The Lab - kango0 (25K)
    Sploop - kango0 (230K)
    Cranked - Killkor (70K)

    BlockParty - Bepfonte (539K)
    Trouble in Mineville - oTeal (178K)

    DeathRun - VenoxQtr (182K)
    Electric Floor - Lanzinii (764K)

    BlockParty - Withur (154K)
    Splegg - Withur (2.3M)
    DeathRun - Withur (280K)
    Trouble in Mineville - vner (133K)
    Gravity - vner (273K)
    Hide and Seek - NotGratzi (1.2M)
    The Lab - vner (6.7K)
    Slaparoo - vner (810K)
    Murder in Mineville - NotGratzi (363K)

    Hide and Seek - Medaaa (214K)

    Splegg - Biplanonde (5.3M)
    DeathRun - precisi0n (280K)
    Hide and Seek - precisi0n (6.2M)
    BlockParty - notSally (350K)
    Trouble in Mineville - precisi0n (73K)
    BedWars - notSally (1.1M)

    BlockParty - 3body (286K)
    DeathRun - Blump_ (212K)
    Hide and Seek - xVixen (786K)
    Splegg - Demon2921 (7.7M)
    BedWars - iShahd (1.4M)
    One In The Chamber - Poison_X (1.8M)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - Ammmar (789K)
    Gravity - NICBISHER (607K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Hqshem (147K)
    Murder in Mineville - ImCokie (423K)
    The Lab - DoktorCox (6.0K)
    BatteryDash - Luqqa (59K)
    DrawIt - iiQxZ_ (69K)
    Sploop - Twilight365 (87K)
    The Herobrine - 3bodkh (49K)
    Cranked - hoodsaiyajin (76K)
    Restaurant Rush - Ammmar (2.5K)
    Slaparoo - Frrank (160K)
    Music Masters - RevantixReturns (151K)

    BlockParty - QueenOfCuddles (748K)
    DeathRun - Darkman64 (2.5M)
    BedWars - Darkman64 (649K)
    Hide and Seek - p1tch (4.6M)
    Splegg - ShadowWolf_XIII (2.9M)
    One In The Chamber - Willma (838K)
    Gravity - bullen2011 (3.7M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Calleo (307K)
    Murder in Mineville - SadFeels_ (107K)
    Skywars - Kosuda1337 (116K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Tolbo (541K)
    The Lab - ELEFANTBAJS2001 (14K)
    BatteryDash - Endlen (97K)
    DrawIt - ImAurora (63K)
    Electric Floor - Mackan__ (2.5M)
    Sploop - Darkman64 (149K)
    The Herobrine - Darkman64 (157K)
    Cranked - Endlen (673K)
    Restaurant Rush - Darkman64 (26K)
    Slaparoo - Endlen (336K)
    Music Masters - nkiru (320K)

    BlockParty - SnupeYgaming (239K)
    DeathRun - ZyanLegitMC (185K)
    Splegg - MoomootheKitty (1.5M)
    Hide and Seek - Krev (1.5M)
    BedWars - Krev (70K)
    SkyGiants (Regular) - Krev (1.5M)
    SkyGiants (Mini) - Krev (120K)
    Gravity - Gideeon (325K)
    Skywars - Krev (108K)
    Murder in Mineville - Gideeon (60K)
    DrawIt - Krev (21K)
    Sploop - ZyanLegitMC (18K)
    The Herobrine - stxrships (21K)

    BlockParty - Warhero (512K)
    Trouble in Mineville - Warhero (64K)

    Gravity - KingOfGravity (5.2M)
    Splegg - KingOfGravity (522K)
    BlockParty - MrPhoenix (608K)
    Electric Floor - KingOfGravity (427K)
    Sploop - KingOfGravity (466K)
    Slaparoo - KingOfGravity (161K)

    DeathRun - 07Efe07 (539K)
    BedWars - 07Efe07 (1.6M)
    Trouble in Mineville - BaYKusS (351K)
    Gravity - Utku (596K)
    Cowboys and Indians - OturanBoga (323K)
    The Lab - LahmacunManTR (7.2K)
    Electric Floor - amprea (Mirqcle) (720K)
    Cranked - zyxwvutsrqponmlk (40K)
    Music Masters - BerkoTR (61K)
    BlockParty - Mershark (87K)

    Hide and Seek - joebetta (855K)
    BlockParty - XiaoXianTw (136K)
    Cowboys and Indians - StarNeverland (960K)

    Gravity - Lasgardone (845K)
    Hide and Seek - Lasgardone (193K)

    BlockParty - Anna_ (820K)
    DeathRun - ohmia (2.4M)
    Hide and Seek - Nerdi (3.1M)
    Splegg - FatherDoug (4.6M)
    BedWars - KoalaKay (1.4M)
    One in the Chamber - Bethan (1.2M)
    Gravity - Peetzah (1.1M)
    Trouble in Mineville - HeinzBeans (809K)
    Murder in Mineville - Nuggeht (732K)
    Skywars - Atramensia (171K)
    Cowboys and Indians - Khaee (1.0M)
    The Lab - Katastrophe (13K)
    BattryDash - spaglettu (63K)
    DrawIt - Sxmi (280K)
    Electric Floor - Hwamz (1.1M)
    Sploop - Hlzyzptlk (308K)
    The Herobrine - Nikii (331K)
    Cranked - Flaym (162K)
    Restaurant Rush - Robzi (43K)
    Slaparoo - AmberRains (1.2M)
    Music Masters - Conga_ (3.5M)

    BlockParty - Tutle (2.0M)
    DeathRun - KaZPro (4.1M)
    Hide and Seek - ZodiacAshe (5.3M)
    Splegg - Bruhwers (7.0M)
    BedWars - Skylrr (2.0M)
    One in the Chamber - Masumii (1.0M)
    Gravity - Megaly (2.4M)
    Trouble in Mineville - Mario123ch (535K)
    Murder in Mineville - Avacuddle (916K)
    Skywars - Javacakes (301K)
    Cowboys and Indians - PiiinkGoals (1.3M)
    The Lab - Autre (22K)
    BatteryDash - Fqssy (159K)
    DrawIt - Asianest (490K)
    ElectricFloor - HappyMealed (2.2M)
    Sploop - HunterKills001 (501K)
    The Herobrine - AngeryMeowFloof (400K)
    Cranked - ItzCqmbo (306K)
    Restaurant Rush - 4StringsAttached (54K)
    Slaparoo - Gqvi (817K)
    Music Masters - Sweanz (633K)

    Survival Games Classic - zTocx (26 - 16K)*

    *Currently living in the US

    One In The Chamber - RivenTheExile (26K)

    BlockParty - DeviousLiz (110K)
    DeathRun - BossByz (334K)
    Hide and Seek - elj (819K)
    Splegg - jemsq (1.2M)
    BedWars - Boarding_Christ (429K)
    Gravity - Falx (380K)
    Skygiants (Regular) - Falx (888K)
    Murder in Mineville - Remoke (176K)
    Skywars - NOSQ (35K)
    Cowboys and Indians - qxtyy (490K)
    The Lab - SpootnikYT (2.2K)
    DrawIt - Falx (48K)
    Electric Floor - elj (35K)
    Cranked - jemsq (13K)
    Slaparoo - Skymar (55K)

    As I mentioned before, I will add every gamemode to the country, but this is what I have done for now.

    This entire thread took a few hours to make. If I missed a country, or if anyone knows a higher ranked player in a country that I missed, let me know, I will add them.

    Special thank you to so many people like...
    @tale_zero @Find @Ayeru @Convah @KaZPro @SleepyPqnda @JustKiwi and wayyy too many others.​
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
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  2. Convah

    Convah Famous Emerald Member

    Aug 23, 2015
    even though more work needs to be done. congrats on finally finishing and publishing the thread my man. if i can get more info i'll pass it on if i can.
  3. Lyyrx

    Lyyrx V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Mar 21, 2015
    So many countries!1! o:
    Congrats for all this work! I knew Hive was an international server, but I'm still surprised to see so many countries represented :)
  4. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Thank you! Of course more work needs to be done, and this will probably never be finished, but I'll finish it sooner or later. :)

    Also, I do have you on Discord too, and I'll probably even hit you up when I start working on CAI.

    Thank you! I knew quite a few would be here, but I didn't expect this many honestly. I did even think about putting a small flag in each one of the spoilers, but you can only have a maximum of 30 pictures in one thread.
  5. Gideeon

    Gideeon Famous Emerald Member

    Feb 27, 2016

    Hide And Seek - Gideeon (1M)

  6. RoccoDev

    RoccoDev Famous Emerald Member

    Sep 19, 2016
    Trouble in Mineville: Dayneki [#30 on global] (@Daynerz)

    @Icickyy I'm coming for ya boi, stay woke
  7. Josayy

    Josayy Famous Ultimate Member

    Dec 19, 2016
  8. Atramensia

    Atramensia The Bees Knees Ultimate Member

    Mar 29, 2015
    ayyyy #1 player (in the uk obv c;)
  9. nik9094

    nik9094 The Bees Knees Emerald Member

    Feb 20, 2017
    haaaaa finally my points pay off lols't
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  10. Periks

    Periks Platypus Senior Moderator Team Nectar

    Jul 7, 2016
    GNTM: Gamepedia (1.29M)
    GNT: Periks (147k) (not sure about this one tho)

    TIMV: Josifio (229k)
    HNS: Josifio (788k)

    TIMV: Brusque (130k)
  11. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Krev actually has about 500K more points than you do, and is also from Singapore city.

    Will update soon! Thanks for telling me (Especially because Italy doesn't have a country leaderboard)

    I'll update this soon. I don't know where I even got Saudi Arabia from.

    Will update soon as well. :)

    Edit: Everything should be updated now.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
  12. Gideeon

    Gideeon Famous Emerald Member

    Feb 27, 2016
    oohhhh didnt see that xd

    Oh and Does the game MIMV count? I think im the top for mimv yet
  13. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    I'm pretty sure you are. I went ahead and added you into it.
  14. Josayy

    Josayy Famous Ultimate Member

    Dec 19, 2016
  15. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
  16. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016

    Cowboys and Indians has been added

    A new country (Ecuador) has been added.
  17. Peetzah

    Peetzah V.I.BEE Emerald Member

    Jul 31, 2016
    i rule gravity in the uk cool
  18. Haton

    Haton Talk of the Town Ultimate Member

    Nov 12, 2017
    GNTM: Haton (1.2M)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018
  19. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
  20. RoadEnthusiast

    RoadEnthusiast V.I.BEE Ultimate Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Update: The Lab and BatteryDash have been added
    A new country (Bolivia) has been added as well.

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