GLOBAL Destruction

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  1. Ri0Shleft

    Ri0Shleft NewBee

    In Game Name : Ri0Shleft

    What Shall we call you : Mohammed.

    Age : 17

    Discord [ PM IFNEEDED ] : ! AlMutairi.#0622

    Country : KSA exactly in alahsa

    Do you have Premium? : Nope

    Link to your PGxPO-stats:

    PvP-strengths : hits - rods

    PvP-weaknesses : tnt

    Link a video of you playing to show your skills :

    Previous Clan-experiences? : Savages

    Have You Ever Been Banned Before ? If So , Why : Nope

    Why did you chose This Clan? :
    Because i love the members of this clan

    Why do you want to join Destruction? : because at this time it's active mostly

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