Call of Duty black ops II Zombies - Buried (Tips and tricks)

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    Hey everyone!

    Yet again, Black Ops II has brought a whole new zombie map: Buried. However, this map is SO much different than before. Not only you have to construct devices... but you also got a friendly buddy that you can use for your aid, along with two insane new guns, a new device, a whole new perk and one universal new gun. Discuss the game here about your Tips and Tricks, and find out what's new!

    The Box + Perks
    The box (appearantly) ALWAYS starts at the small square where you begin. The box contains four new things known so far:
    - the remmington revolver model (I don't know the exact name). It behaves the same as the Executioner, but MUCH stronger, and instantly-reloads instead of 1-by-1. This gun DOES replace the mustang & sally when you're on your 'revive mode' in SP.
    - the paralyzer. Just like the flamethrower from WaW, it uses NO ammo, but has cooldown. The Paralyzer freezes and kills zombies in a field where you aim at (only close range), forming an ultimate escape route if cornered.
    - the time bomb. NOTE: This is NOT a bomb!!! This nifty tool is an amazing 'redo' button if you made a terrible mistake. Just, place a bomb, and when you press the button of your watch, you suddenly get warped to the place and time you set that bomb!
    - the Raygun Mk.2. This is a new revamped weapon of the Raygun, and is a rifle instead of a 1-hand gun. Odd enough, this gun does NOT replace your 'revive mode' gun. The difference is that this gun shoots a row (instead of a field) of zombies, and has a default 3-round burst.
    - Scavenger Perk. This perk costs 3k, can be found at the church, and has two nifty specialities with this. One, is that (just like X-ray), all weapon spots, the random weapon box and pack-a-punch machine will be visible and findable at any time you want. The other speciality is that there's a small chance of retrieving your amunition when you fire at zombies, making you cost MUCH less amunition on the zombies.

    - The giant (who we'll name 'Billy' in this case) can be found and is accesible at the begin. He can be usefull in two ways: When you give him candy, he will insta-kill any zombie close to him for a small time. When giving him liquor, he'll go mad and break a non-purchaseable obstacle that's closest to him. This is nessecary to get Juggernog, the Scavenger or get to the pack-a-punch machine.
    - You get 250 points for letting Billy break an obstacle, and 1.000 points for Chalking a weapon spot.
    - When pack-a-punching the Paralizer, you get the Petrifier. If you kill the Maidens of the Mansion with this gun, they will drop a Perk bonus.
    - Watch out for the mansion! It's haunted by the Maidens of the Mansion. If they hit you, you lose 2k points each time you get hit!
    - At the mineshafts, there are 2-3 holes in them. One of the holes is deep enough for you to get a perma-perk: the PHD flopper (A perma-perk is a perk that can't be stolen, but neither can be bought. It has to be obtained through special means, which in this case is near-death falling damage. A green light always indicates you got a perma-perk. A similair universal permaperk is the Reviver permaperk, which CAN stack with the 'quick revive' purchaseable perk, allowing to revive people within only a SECOND)
    - the Mule Kick perk is available and can be accessed instantly, without breaking obstacles!
    - Use the Time Bomb with your Revive perk in SP. Since Revive... revives you... you can activate your time bomb to get back and correct your mistake.
    - The house oposite of the box contains SIX device parts, and some liquor for Billy! A good choice if you want to make the devices.

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