BedWars + Update 1.1

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    May 4, 2020
    What is BedWars +?
    BedWars + is a language pack made so that block/item colors match the team colors on the server.

    Red -> Dark Red
    Lime -> Green
    Green -> Dark Green
    Cyan -> Dark Aqua
    Pink -> Red
    Lime -> Green
    Light Blue -> Aqua
    Orange -> Gold

    What did the update bring?
    This update (1.1) brought support English (UK) [previously it was available only for English (US)].

    If you find something that I have skipped while making UK version (I mean the US -> UK diffrences), then be sure to inform me about that.

    What are the plans for future updates?
    I plan adding suport for Australian English (Australia), Canadian English (Canada) and Pirate Speak (PIRATE), as well as renaming the colors in all banner names.

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