Bedwars monthly season XXV

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    Hi there!

    Sorry, this is a little late, I was in a rush to get my java 2 video finished, and I've just been busy IRL with summer school, family, etc. But I still wanted to make this!

    Out of the top 500, 310 people (62%) played bedwars. of those 500, 189 (37.8%) played more than 100 games. Keep in mind that there is a 100 game minimum to be placed in any of the top 3's.

    By Points:
    DepressedTimmy - 416655
    iicarly - 383855
    69069 - 336225

    By Kills/Death (kills/game):
    OverseerPumby [DLM] - 20.43 (9.07)
    @Hwamz (Hwamzx) 15.88 (6.63)
    @StrafeYosef 14.55 (5.41)
    note: kills/game above 12 are generally considered to be kill farmed.

    By Wins/Loss:
    @Foonyy (Foony) - 133.67
    @Retsaleb - 105.33
    @Pivot (DOLL_MAKER) - 92.75

    By Beds Destroyed:
    DepressedTimmy - 1335
    Rqshin [DLM] - 1191
    KefinMLG - 881

    By Points/Game:
    @Hwamz (Hwamzx) - 409.70
    @Foonyy (Foony) - 379.07
    OverseerPumby [DLM] - 376.74

    Unlike Roccodev's recaps, I will not be including the kill farming leaderboard to avoid drama, but feel free to check it out for yourself.

    Instead, I've been giving the Monthly Community Award to a person or group of people who have done something to improve the bedwars experience for others. This month, I'd like to give it to...

    The Java 2 developers! You could say that this doesn't count as they aren't exactly bedwars players, but the actions they've made to prevent alting in java 2 are amazing for the community in my opinion.

    You can look at the source of the data here, and check out this month's stats here. Thank you to @RoccoDev for maintaining the monthly leaderboards.

    Also, feel free to check out my review of the java 2 update on youtube. If you think I got anything wrong, please post that in the replies.

    Thanks for reading this month's recap!.
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