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  1. ZyphiNiko

    ZyphiNiko NewBee

    May 16, 2020
    Is it possible for you to get suspended/banned/kicked from Kill Stealing or Targeting? Or is it just high level players being salty-
  2. PassTheSteak

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    May 4, 2020
    Hiya! If you are referring to TIMV, then no kill stealing is not bannable. On the other hand, targeting is a punishable offence and can result in a ban. For one to be banned for targeting, however, a player must have at least 3 pieces of video evidence against that player. That number could be less if the player says something that suggests they are targeting. Hope this helps! :D (Sorry for the bad readability).
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  3. Cari

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    May 8, 2017
    I assume he/she is reffering to targetting/killstealing in hide and seek, as he/she posted it in the according threat.

    Stealing kills is not against the rules. It is however seen as a rather rude way of playing, and a lot of people will call you out for it especially if its a 'one tap-killsteal' on purpose.
    Also worth pointing out is that it can lead to punishment as 'player harassment' if done constandly by following another person around and trying to steal all their kills.

    For targetting its basically the same.

    In general both things are not punishable, but it is, indeed, very annoying to players.
    (Like running for 10mins in Skywars as a high ranked, or not sharing wins with good players in Blockparty)
  4. Wishfvl

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    Jul 11, 2019
    Targetting is against the rules, but often Hide and Seek players will warn you about your actions far before you've actually reached the point where you can be punished. For example, if you knew a certain spot where the same player likes to hide and went directly to there in multiple games just to get them while skipping the rest of the map, that could be punishable. Doing it once is not, although I wouldn't advise you do it anyway.
    On spots such as the balcony on lotus, going there first does not count as targetting on most occasions, despite the fact that if you were to go there first it is very likely someone would call you a targetter. Simply going to a spot that isn't all the way across the map that you know will be more difficult to attack if any hiders there get swords would not be considered targetting.

    People ask you not to killsteal just because it's a bit annoying, but there isn't anything wrong with doing it. You will never be punished just for killing someone that another player attacked before you. It's a team game, so there is no reason why any kill is just for one person. The community have formed their own definitions and opinions on what counts as killstealing, but Hive see no issue with it.

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