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    Oct 17, 2018
    Hey guys!! Mario speaking, and today I would like to thank for some people on this server!!
    First of all, I would like to thank @xKillers for helping me in the game or any mini-games when I did need help or help me pass some level's that I had difficulty with. Another one I would like to thank is my boi @FireKnight14. I am thanking him cause he was the one who got me the Ultimate Rank from Gold Rank even though he didn't have to do it for me, he still did it. So big props goes to you man!!. And finally, I would like to thanks all those amazing friend's I was able to make during my time playing on the hive and having a blast with them. And the Owners and the staff team for making it an amazing server!!

    If you are wondering, Mario are you leaving the server?? Well no I am not planning to leave this server anytime soon, But I thought it would be nice to shout these people out as they are the ones who have helped me so far, and it would be nice if I would shout these people out!!

    Well, that is all from me, and hope to see u later!!

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