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    May 11, 2020
    *Special credit goes to @Shaxd for allowing us to use a similar format to STA (Splegg Tournament Association). This thread has been created as a result of their initiative and permission.
    **EGA is not affiliated in any way with STA or any other HiveMC organizations.

    EGA Community Logo
    *Coming soon!

    *Motto coming soon!

    EGA Banner
    *Coming soon!

    Art by: TBD.

    Founded by Chuggins and ExodePendragon.

    Welcome to the official application and information thread for EGA CWSL 2020
    Spread the word! Tell your friends about this event - let's try and make it as epic as possible!
    Read below for the rules, application format, player list, and other important tournament information.

    Epic Prizes!

    Epic Champion (Winner): Cash prize TBD on sponsorships +“Epic Champion” rank on EGA Discord
    (awarded to the 1st-place clan)

    Prize Details
    Payments occur via Paypal or bank transfer.
    Prize money can be used instead to acquire products of the same value via (server of your choice).
    EGA is not responsible for the coverage of unofficial prize money, accruing transaction costs, or additional 3rd-party costs.

    Key Dates

    Please note that if your clan has under 5 verified clan members in the EGA Discord server 1 week after the official tournament start date, we cannot enter you into the tournament. Please make sure that everyone in your clan has joined the Discord and has been verified (i.e. "Clan Seeker" and "Epic Gamer" rank) by the tournament start date. Invitation links may be sent to you privately if you have not joined already.

    Application Period
    Begins: 08/07/2020 @11 AM Pacific Time.
    Ends: 08/14/2020 @10 AM Pacific Time.
    Replacement Clan Application Period
    Begins: 08/07/2020 @9 AM Pacific Time.

    Ends: 08/21/2020 @11 AM Pacific Time.
    Schedule Drawing and Q&A Period
    Begins: 08/14/2020 @11 AM Pacific Time.
    Ends: 08/14/2020 @12 PM Pacific Time.

    Tournament Period
    Begins: 08/15/2020 @11 AM Pacific Time.
    Ends: 09/12/2020 (or 09/19/2020 depending on "bye weeks").

    General EGA Links

    Viewing/editing limitations may apply based on position(s).
    Most EGA Google Drive documents are for restricted access only.

    Epic Gamer Association (EGA)
    *Coming soon!
    Official EGA Discord Server
    *PM here or via Discord (chuggins#9848, Exode Pendragon#9999) for details!
    Official EGA Discord Rules
    *Shown on Discord via #server-rules
    Official EGA Handbooks
    *Shown on Discord via #cwsl-handbook and #tourney-handbook
    Official EGA YouTube Channel
    *Shown on Discord via #tourney-handbook
    Official EGA Challonge Community
    *Shown on Discord via #tourney-handbook

    Tournament-Specific Links

    Official EGA CWSL 2020 Results Thread
    *Coming soon!
    Official EGA CWSL 2020 Rulebook
    *Shown on Discord via #rulebooks and #tourney-info
    Official EGA CWSL 2020 Bracket
    *Shown on Discord via #threads-n-brackets and #tourney-info
    Official EGA CSWL 2020 Games In-Progress
    *Shown on Discord via #tourney-info
    Official EGA CSWL 2020 TC/Player Discord List
    *Shown on Discord via #tourney-info

    Tournament Information

    What: The second tournament hosted by EGA! A league style where every clan plays each other twice in a round-robin tournament.
    (may increase if there is a large surplus or decrease if there is a deficit of signups)
    When: 08/15/2020 @11 AM Pacific Time to TBD.
    Where: HiveMC network & EGA Discord server.

    Tournament Size
    Total of 30 matches!

    Clans (5 / ∞)
    B - Banned, DQ’d - Disqualified, R - Replaced, S - Seeded, DS - Discord Signup, FS - Forum Signup

    Clan Manager: Kikita | Co-Manager: [ ] | Roster: Kikita, jvvstwrld, Chuggins, GSPoland, Aggressive, jvey, HoggyHD, ZorosPain, IWorshipJvey, 100YearsLater

    Clan Manager: thiccboi646 | Co-Manager: messengers, nevrx | Roster: thiccboi646, messengers, nevrx, HDredHDH3X, Skroks, _xant__, mesengers, mayonniase, Mayrino, _ys

    Clan Manager: Cenyth | Co-Manager: Shaxd | Roster: Cenyth, Shaxd, ExodePendragon, Skefull, Arrhys, aQuickSloth, Arved44, Modges, Zombey, Codges

    Team Juveniles
    Clan Manager: CianV | Co-Manager: JeffMelon | Roster: CianV, JeffMelon, Normans, 100YearsNoob, Broeseph, CondensedMilk, slxf, YellowPill

    Chatter Squad
    Clan Manager: cor0ena | Co-Manager: WikWok | Roster: cor0ena, WikWok, Floras, Andrxa, co1orful, Samme1, Moeglius, macayress, TheMadHatter, Alfie6_

    EGA Tournament Committee

    The official EGA tournament committee member list. If you have any questions, comments, and concerns, please ask us!

    Coordinators (2 / 2): Chuggins, ExodePendragon.

    Moderators (3 / 8): Kikita, GSPoland, CianV.

    Referees (9 / 20): Chuggins, ExodePendragon, Kikita, GSPoland, CianV, WikWok, saltren, Shaxd, 100YearsLater.

    Recorders (4 / 6): Chuggins, ExodePendragon, Modges, Kikita | Editors (1 / 4): Modges.

    Rules & Regulations (EGA Discord and Tournament)

    Players and members are expected to stay active and abide by the following rules and regulations.

    Discord’s Terms of Service & Community Guidelines
    HiveMC Rules
    EGA Discord Server Rules
    *Shown on Discord
    EGA CWSL 2020 Rules
    *Shown on Discord

    Official Clan Information Rules
    *Shown on the HiveMC forums via Splegg Splegg Clans → Official Clan Information

    Failing to adhere to these rules and regulations may result in a mute, ban, and/or other penalization as determined by EGA Discord Management. Please note that EGA Discord Management as well as EGA Tournament Committee Management has the authority to make final decisions that are not specifically delineated in these rules and regulations to preserve fair play, sportsmanship, and epicness in its sole discretion.

    General Requirements and Positions

    Player Requirements
    Stay up-to-date and remain active on the latest tournament information in the CWSL 2020 chats on Discord.
    Remain an active player on the HiveMC network.
    Willingness to play.
    Game experience.
    Follow all rules.
    Epic gamer.

    Tournament Committee Requirements
    *For a detailed list of roles, expectations, and position capabilities, see Official EGA CWSL 2020 Rulebook.
    Stay up-to-date and remain active on the latest tournament information in the following Discord categories: CWSL 2020, Tournament Committee, and Tournament Center.
    Remain an active player on the HiveMC network.
    Must be fluent in English (all communication will be in English).
    Relative tournament experience.
    Follow and enforce all rules.
    Game experience.
    Epic gamer.

    Tournament Committee Positions Available

    How to apply

    For the league (only 1 application is needed per clan)...
    For this tournament, only forum sign-ups are allowed. It is preferred if the clan manager posts the application on behalf of the entire clan. Please note that, in addition to following the league-specific rules, clans must also follow the rules in the "Official Clan Information" forum thread.
    Via EGA CWSL 2020 Application Thread: Copy and paste the application format shown in the forum thread and enter in your information in your reply!

    League Application Format
    Clan Name:
    Clan Manager:
    Clan Co-Manager:
    [Player 1] - [Discord]
    [Player 2] - [Discord]
    [Player 3] - [Discord]
    [Player 4] - [Discord]
    [Player 5] - [Discord]
    [Player 6] - [Discord]
    [Player 7] - [Discord]
    [Player 8] - [Discord]
    [Player 9] - [Discord]
    [Player 10] - [Discord]
    How epic is your clan?

    For the tournament committee...
    Members may apply for positions at any time, but application decisions and management will only occur during application seasons for the EGA Tournament Committee.
    PM Chuggins on Discord for more information about how to apply.

    Tournament Committee Application Format
    *Note: If you do not wish to share this information here, you may PM a TC coordinator via forums or Discord.
    In-Game Name:
    Email Address:
    Which position(s) are you applying for?
    Are you a fluent English speaker? (all communication will be in English):
    Game experience:
    Relative tournament experience:
    Why do you want to be a TC member for EGA?
    Why should we consider you?
    Description of your recording/editing software and settings (Recorders and Editors ONLY):

    *If you are applying for the league and for the EGA Tournament Committee, please fill out both application formats and label them so we are aware.

    On behalf of the EGA Tournament Committee, good luck epic gamers! ~Chuggins and ExodePendragon.
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  2. Kikita

    Kikita Talk of the Town

    Apr 13, 2017
    Clan Name: Superiors
    Clan Manager: Kikita
    Clan Co-Manager: ?
    Kikita - Kikita#1097
    Skord - joost#8809
    Chuggins - chuggins#9848
    GSPoland - Gabriel#9830
    jvey - joey#9004
    Aggressive - Schmidty#8517
    IworshipJvey - EhBacon#6969
    100YearsLater - 100YearsLater/Gabe#9190
    HoggyHD - Hoggy#2270
    ZorosPain - ZorosPain#5373
    How epic is your clan?
    v epic
  3. messengers

    messengers Talk of the Town Emerald Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    Clan Manager: thiccboi646
    Clan Co-Manager: messengers, nevrx
    thiccboi646 thicc#2786
    nevrx nevrx#5723
    messengers jåck ☻#0629
    HDredHDH3X Red#1394
    Skroks skroks#7590
    mayonniase mayonnaise#7315
    mesengers EhKait#3048
    _xant__ Xant#1850
    Mayrino BinderNootebook#3878
    How epic is your clan? VERY
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  4. Cenyth

    Cenyth Famous Emerald Member

    Aug 8, 2017
    Clan Name: XIV
    Clan Manager: Cenyth
    Clan Co-Manager: Shaxd
    ExodePendragon - Exode Pendragon#9999
    Skefull - Skefull#4138
    Arrhys - Arrhys#0349
    aQuickSloth - aQuickSloth#0001
    Cenyth - Cenyth#0001
    Shaxd - Shaxd#2741
    Arved44 - Arved#3881
    Modges - Modges#7777
    Zombey - Bae#7843
    Codges - cait #7777
    How epic is your clan? Undefeated champions ;)
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  5. CianV

    CianV Famous Ultimate Member

    Aug 29, 2014
    Clan Name: Team Juveniles
    Clan Manager: CybernetiCian
    Clan Co-Manager: YellowPill
    [CybernetiCian] - [Cian#9209]
    [Slxf] - [ian#8946]
    [Normans] - [Normans#6305]
    [100YearsNoob] - [bye.#9320]
    [JeffMelon] - [Jeff Melon#8587]
    [YellowPill] - [YellowPill#5051]
    [Broeseph] - [Broeseph#3015]
    [CondensedMilk] - [CondensedMilk-#7353]

    How epic is your clan? INCREDIBLY EPIC
  6. R0e_

    R0e_ The Bees Knees

    Mar 14, 2014
    Clan Name: c-squad
    Clan Manager: cor0ena
    Clan Co-Manager: wikwok
    macayress - angela#0907
    floras - floras#5555
    andrxa - andrea#9188
    themadhatter - robert#1250
    hobosugapuffs - hobosugapuffs#7697
    samme1 - samme#0265
    co1orful - toddy mc doddy#8045
    wikwok - wikwok#0460
    cor0ena - roe#1825
    How epic is your clan? idk like probably just very epic i think we're very epic like just look at us go destroying every single clan in the universe in our dreams like that's just perfect.
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