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    A certain @Minti gave me the idea to make a thread containing links to all monthly recaps, so, here we are! First of all, some frequently asked questions:

    Q: What are monthly recaps?
    A: In these threads, there is a recap of the best players that month by measures such as points in one month, win/loss in that month, etc.

    Q: Where does the data come from?
    A: @RoccoDev maintains a website called the Hive Portal where he tracks monthly stats, shows more detailed overall stats, and allows you to view winstreaks. There are also many other features and I recommend checking the site out for yourself

    Q: Why am I not on the monthly leaderboards?
    A: The monthly leaderboards only track the top 500 bedwars players. This is to prevent hive's API from thinking it's getting ddossed every time the monthly leaderboards update.

    Q: I'm in the top 500 and I don't show up!!
    A: But were you top 500 at the beginning of the month? That's what matters to get on the monthly leaderboards

    Q: I'm not top 500 but if I ask nicely can I get on?
    A: no.

    Two different people have made monthly recaps over time. First, roccodev, and recently I have begun making them. Between Roccodev's recaps and mine, there was a brief hiatus, and there are a few differences in how we did the recaps, but all of ours contained monthly leaderboards and statistics about how many people played. (Seasons in red had no recap)

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    Season 8*
    Season 9
    Season 10

    *season 8 was both a season recap and a year recap
    Season 11
    Season 12
    Season 13
    Season 14
    Season 15
    Season 16
    Season 17
    Season 18
    Season 19
    Season 20
    Season 21
    Season 22
    Season 23

    Season 24
    Season 25
    Season 26

    I will also be including the top 3 players overall in all the monthly leaderboards. (Basically, the 3 best months in terms of one stat anyone has ever had.)

    Dragasdata - 808290 [Season 11]
    HappyStateOfMind - 805825 [Season 11]
    @StrafeYosef - 785225 [Season 24]

    Dragasdata - 2640 [Season 11]
    Raptide - 2554 [Season 8]
    SpicyTimmy - 2179 [Season 24]

    @RoccoDev - 33.84 [Season 7]
    @Antonio726 - 32.73 [Season 15]
    Hwamzx (@Hwamz) - 25.63 [Season 24]

    15Hwamz (@Hwamz) - 500.38[Season 26]
    Taivax (@HeavensPanda) - 428.19 [Season 9]
    Taivax (@HeavensPanda) - 423.85 [Season 15]

    All players with 100% winrates:
    ElMediator [Season 7]
    @sleepv [Season 8]
    Yunaxeue [Season 10]
    Erdnaxelaa (@Alxqs) [Season 15]

    If you think I missed anything, please tell me in the replies. Keep in mind that in some months Roccodev did not track points per game, so there is no data from those months.

    Thanks for checking out my forum post :3
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    Season 9 was the best season :D
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    UPDATE 8/3/2020

    Congratulations to @Hwamz for breaking the world record for most monthly points, obtaining an astounding 500.38 points per game!

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