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  1. EnderPercy

    EnderPercy Regular Bee

    May 10, 2015
    Hi! I just got banned for jumping onto a tree in bora bora and got banned for a week.(So don't do that! It's clear now it's not allowed.) (But secretly I still think it's a pretty unfair ban. But I can only make the appeal once....So sad I can't play hide and seek, what is life without hider and seek... If I can have it unbanned please...)

    I got nothing to do since I spend most of my day hide and seek. So I decide to write some tricks for hide and seek for newer players and maybe middle level level players. It should be useful for everyone below 50k points. No pictures though because I can't access the server at the moment. Maybe later after my ban has ended.

    To protect the good hiders secrets, I will not give out the good hider spots and spoil them, but instead I will give principles to look for hiding spots. After you're found and become seekers, you can take some time looking for those spots.

    I'm currently magician(100K points) but I believe I'm better than many escapists and invisibles. I can generally get 12 kills in seeking, and sometimes 18+ kills. Some people say I'm hacking, but I do it with skills.

    In order to hide well, first you have to know what the seekers look for in their seek. So I will state principles of seekers, then give the counter principles for hiders. It gets harder and harder to find towards the end so continue reading!
    Do not use 1.8.x because you won't be able to interact with doors!
    Hitting and running:
    Seekers: New seekers may have problem hitting blocks, and that's not your fault. It's a weird mechanic of Minecraft. The most effective hitting range is from 3.5 to 4.5 blocks away from the target. So it's not the closer the better when you're hitting, but watch out don't let them get out of your range. But don't chase! It's a waste of time to chase blocks. You can kill more hiders and let them become seekers, at that time, the running-arounds will have no where to go!

    Hiders: you can use this mechanic to escape or stay hiding. For example, 1.In space, you can hide in one of those houses, and become solid block right next to the door. After the seeker comes in, they may not be able to hit you and think you're not a hider. 2. When you have been seen by a seeker, and you're already in range. Instead of running straight forward, find a corner, pass the corner then immediately turn around and run the other way,

    Solid Block Mechanics:
    All hiders can become solid blocks after standing still facing the same direction for 5 seconds, you all know that. But you may not know the complete mechanics of becoming a solid block.
    1. Once you're a solid block, your collision unit is one solid block to other players, but you're still 2 blocks to yourself. Which means, if another hider stands right on you and become a solid block, there is a chance you will be push out, causing you to lose your solid block state.
    2.You cannot be solid block on half blocks or in air? That wrong. Let me tell you the truth: Your solid block cannot be on half blocks, and you cannot be in air. What's the difference? Where you're standing, is not equal to where your solid block will be. For example, you can stand on a stair, press shift to prevent falling off and let the majority of your body out of the stair, and you will become a solid block outside of the stair while you're still standing on the stair! This is not expected by many players and thus and power trick to use.

    Hiding Decisions(From worst to best):
    1.Obviously Out of Place Objects

    Seekers: Obviously out of place objects. Bookshelves in the snow, workbench on bookshelves, wood plank among melons... These hiders are generally new to the game and don't know how to choose/check their blocks. You should be able to kill them, but remember, don't chase! Give up chasing after 10 blocks.

    Hiders: at 20s, you will have a compass to choose what block to become, and if you happen to be afk at that moment, you can always press and see what's on your head, that's your block. Really beginner stuff but it's not in the manual.

    2. Overused Hiding Spots
    Seekers: There are overused hiding spots in each map, you will get to know this places after 10 games or so on this map(garden and basement in Hotel,the room next to spawn in Frozens, rooftop in Space, library in Cruise,etc). Over half players know this map, but hey, there're are still 50 percent players you can find. Plan a path to clear the overused hiding spots is the most effective way to gain kills. It is the first thing you should do if you're one of the first seekers, but don't do it if you join the seekers too late(say, more than 90s after the game).

    Hiders: It's not saying that overused spots can't be used, but it's very dangerous towards midgame or there's a good seeker. You should never use overused hiding spots that are close to the spawn. The overused hiding spots that are not close to spawns can be used in two ways: 1.It can serve as a temporary spot to stay to escape other hiders' sight before you go to the ideal spot you know.(They will be the enemies if they're killed!). 2. . Before the game starts, in the lobby, if there're high rank players(Magicians, escapists, invisibles, shadows), do not hide in the overused spots at the beginning, but you can sneak back to overused spots in late game. The high rank seekers usually have searched those areas, and over confident that there's no player hiding there.

    3.Hide Among Your Kind
    Seekers: A very common strategy for hiders is to hide in their similar blocks. This is very hard to deal with, since it's difficult to remember those details and you basically have to hit them one by one. But you can combine your knowledge with overused spots to find them(Haybay in Animal Village, beacon in Shipyard!) . Hit the stacks of same kinds when you pass them, but don't spend too much time actually searching before only 2 min left. Kill more hiders to let them join your searching!

    Hiders: It's a common, yet effective strategy. You usually won't survive to the last second, but it can always get you through early or mid game. Don't hide near the spawn when there're good seekers! Don't hide in the places that can be easily hit by random passing seekers!

    4.Perfect Symmetry is Trap!.
    Seekers: Do you notice many of the hider and seek maps are doomsday based themes? (Pripyat, Survive-hide-all-game), that's because the map designers want players to have places that can fill in, and make a perfect symmetry, that's a trap! There is almost no perfectly symmetric items in hide and seek maps, hit any perfectly symmetric things you can see. This is also effective to deal with 3. Hide among your kinds (snows and quarts in Hotel, that's right, I'm saying you guys.)

    Hiders: When you're trying to hide in your similar blocks,
    do not make a the whole thing look perfect, a filled 3*3 quarts bed in the room(Hotel)? A full 2 layers of bookshelves(leaves) on the wall? Flower pots on each side of the bed? Just don't ever do that!

    5. Blind Spots
    Seekers: There are places you may never think people are hiding. Right next to the spawn, a lone block on the ground, a block in corridor, a block at the edge of the map... They are not perfectly hidden, but you just seem to ignore them. When you're walking, don't just walk! Look for the places that are normally just a aisle that nobody will stay and check, if there are still common blocks surviving when there are only 2 minutes left. Hit the things that seems perfectly normal but still might a hider when you're walking.

    Hiders: Blind spots are great, but not after they become overused.
    Never run out of you blind spot after the game has ended to spoil it. And you probably won't survive till the end. Find a chance to move to a places that fits 3 at 1:30.

    6.A Hole on the Ground
    Seekers: Just gotta remember the map where there's a hole, there's not much of them. It can almost be perfect, god spots to hide, except it's a bit overused by experienced players.

    Hiders: Not a bad option, especially when you're a flower pot, or some block that has the same upper surface with the surroundings. There are chances there will be seekers know this place, but it's a good bet.

    7.Secret Agent Iron and Obsidian
    Seekers: Irons and Obsidians are not default blocks of any map, and they are often not looked for in the first round of seeking. Furthermore, their white/dark theme fits perfectly into the structure or background. If you have the book that tells you what blocks are left, and you see iron and obsidians, 1. go to the places of irons and obsidians stacks if the maps has one. 2. look for the bright and dark places on the map where irons and obsdians are pretending to be a part of it.

    Hiders: Iron and obsidian are great for many maps! But
    try not to be in the direct sight of seekers from afar.

    8.Not Becoming a Solid Block at All
    Seekers: Sharpen you eyes for not solid leaves and flower pots, they might be just hiding in the backgrounds without becoming a solid block! Read the hiders hints.

    Hiders: Sometimes it's better not to become solid at all, especially for flower pots, and sometimes for leaves. That's because when flower pot is not solid, there isn't a obvious red flower on top. This is the only type of flower pot that player can become. In the maps that have a lot of
    flower pots, I personally hit every flower pot with a red flower on top. If you keep yourself non solid, you are an easily overlooked flower pot and you can even run around the map. Leaves are grey when they're not solid, which is hard to be seen in water or among stone bricks. As seekers, you should be alert when you see this themes on the map.

    9. God Spots

    Seekers: There's no way you can find them, that's why it's called a God spot. It's not obvious, it's not easy to be randomly hit, and it's always overlooked.
    But guess what, if you're a very good seeker, and you constantly see certain blocks surviving in a map, try to follow that player to the next room, learn it, and don't tell anyone. Don't even kill the hider there if you're the seeker. It's the ultra secret of hiders, and you should try your best to keep it even when you're the seeker.

    Hiders: There isn't a god spot for every single map. If you find a hiding spot that doesn't fall into any catergery from 1 to 8, that's a god spot. For some smaller maps there's no safe place at all. All you can do is try to best and beg for the seekers' mercy. For some larger maps though, I know one for
    Space, one (and a half?) for animal village, 1 for Frozen, 2 for Prityat. It takes a really long long time and good understanding of hide and seek to find those spots. But if you find it, don't give it off to anyone, not even your friends! Otherwise it will be known to everyone very quickly.
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  2. EnderPercy

    EnderPercy Regular Bee

    May 10, 2015
    (WIP)About the maps:
    If you're looking for a quick guide for a specific map, check here!
    (I feel tired today. Maybe I will continue tomorrow.)

    Do you know that maps of the same name may actually have several variations? The map looks the same but there're some small detail changes. This is made for smaller maps like Cruise and Hotel, but not for the bigger maps like bora bora and shipyard.
    Oh boi, hotel is a brutal, brutal map for hiders. A lot of players just suicide in the fire and become seekers. The record I had is only 1 hider left in the first 60s. 8 hiders suicide and join seeking squad. What are you waiting for, join the seekers!

    Seekers: Despite of 3 variations, hotel is still so easy to remember. Just play it a few times and you will remember the whole map!(Of course you will need to do it actively.) There are two searching routes: 1. Go the first floor and turn left, check the garden then basement(the beacon on your left!), go back to the spawn and check the sofa near it. You should be able to grab at least 6 kills this way, then go straight up to second floor, check the sofas near the stair(There should be no snow or quartz between them and walls!), then go through the pool to check the rooms over there(check the pool too!). Bang! Only 6 hiders should survive at this point. Then go to all the corners to search the rest out.

    Hiders: If there's one block that is a bit easier, that will be leaves. Snow and quarts looks great, but the map is so well remembered, except for the leaves block! Find a sneaky spot on the first floor, and you can survive a long time. Still probably not the end though because there will be 20 seekers hitting leaves like crazy towards the end. There is god spot in this map, but the problem is it's hard to reach there without being seen by other hiders. So i barely use it.
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  3. superluigisteven

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    Dec 27, 2013
    You make yourself look bad by mentioning your ban as soon as the thread starts...
    I don't think making a fully-detailed guide is worth anyone's time as trying to make a guide as big as this for hide and seek is like trying to make a novel-long guide on how to unlock the door to get in your house
    There's already a thread similar to this ^^
  4. EnderPercy

    EnderPercy Regular Bee

    May 10, 2015
    Alright, I will quit. I don't like the atmosphere here, especially how it's managed. The rules are completely one sided for moderators, they shut down the post immediately after they reply and won't let you argue. So no matter what they say is right and you're the bad guy whatsoever. I don't know what's wrong with jumping onto a tree in bora bora while millions of people are abusing melons and out of map glitches, if that map is that bad and the places you can get to by legit movement is not allowed, why haven't they taken it down in the first place but banning people who are playing normally with it . There was no a single indication of not allowing to jump onto that tree. All they do is banning banning and close every thread that you complain.

    Well, I guess they don't need to care about how individual players feel anyway, they have enough players to support them running. Hive feels like a completely economic driven server, not the kind of server I would like to stay in. And it's getting harder not to become aggressive for me.
    I quit. Bye.
  5. Merbels

    Merbels Wannabee

    Sep 30, 2013
    Complaining about bugs we're trying to fix won't solve anything, we can't punish users for being a Melon block as it's part of the original rotation of items and they could be given it randomly.

    Instead of complaining about the Staff teams decisions how about you report the ones you feel not doing their job properly to either a Sr. Mod or Will (@Will), we do our job as we see fit, that is what we're suppossed to do, we're here to help people, enforce the rules and try to prevent events such as flame and drama. We aren't here to spike conversations, we are here to do our job, sorry if you do not see that.

    Also, this is NOT the place to talk about your ban, you could either of submitted a punishment-appeal or talk to someone you know privately.

    Duplicate Thread; Thread Locked~
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