Murder in Mineville Add Who Hit First Detection

Discussion in 'Suggestion Discussion' started by SwiftNinjaPro, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Nov 25, 2017
    One issue I notice, is if I get attacked by an innocent, making me think there a traitor, If I still manage to win I loose karma because both of us were innocent. I think the system should also try to detect who hit first, that way if you kill an innocent that is randomly attacking you, you don't risk getting your self banned. either remove, or at least reduce the punishment for those who simply managed to win the fight, but didn't start it.

    Example: player1 and player2 are both innocent, player1 decides to troll player2 and attack them. player2 now thinks player1 is a traitor, and so player2 fights back. player2 manages to win against player1, but now player2 has lost 20 karma meaning there closer to getting banned. Lets say player3 shows up in the next game and both are innocent again, and player3 does the same thing as player1 did. eventually, if this keeps looping, player2 will get banned, while player1 and player3 are still loose.

    also an in-game disadvantage, you may just end up letting a potential traitor kill you because you aren't sure if there actually a traitor or innocent. that would make the game boring, and make it worth quitting all together. if everyone decides to quit the game because there karma has gotten too low and they don't want to risk getting banned, eventually the game may get empty, and no longer playable.

    I would suggest detecting which player hit first, and remove, or at least reduce the punishment for the second attacker.

    also add a cool-down to who hit first, so if they hit, and a whole 30 seconds later, get attacked, they don't get punished for winning.

    also possibly add a kill count for the detective, so one kill on an innocent acting like a traitor, or trolling doesn't punish the detective, unless the action is repeated more than once per game. also because the detective tends to hit players with the stick to get them to test as a common part of the game. (innocents probably don't often need to be hitting each other to get another to test anyway)
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