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May 3, 2016
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Jul 6, 2002 (Age: 17)
United States
Senior Moderator

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Senior Owl, Male, 17, from United States

Senior Moderator

Thank you all for the congratulations! I'm so happy to be apart of the Senior Team and help out the Hive even more. <33 Jan 12, 2019

TakesEffort was last seen:
Viewing thread, Dec 10, 2019 at 1:32 AM
    1. rogger7
      Bro he was holding the thing you select to become traitor so i suspected he might have been a traitor.
      1. TakesEffort
        You can't assume if someones a traitor or not by if they have the role selector in their hand. You must ask them to test before taking any action otherwise it is RDMing.
        Dec 8, 2019 at 4:44 PM
    2. AsternDestroyer
    3. TotallyQuackers
      Rachel hun, that's some good tea. x
      1. TakesEffort likes this.
    4. AaronTa
      Thanks for accepting my appeal :D
    5. KylieYaelSavannah
      me being banned for something so stupid like my username is so insane. and even if people say my username as "kill yourself"... I'M KYLIE. i would be telling MYSELF to "kms". but like i said, it's not what it stands for. it is my damn initials and i'm not gonna change my damn username, that i've had for a while now, just to be "acceptable" even tho it's legit my initials.
    6. redthemanlove
      hey can we talk on discord about my ban and what i have to do
      1. TakesEffort
        Feel free to send me a PM on the forums!
        Oct 21, 2019
    7. 905Sunny
      Sigh... I only have a blurry image and the info that my last access is identical to the one I am using now...
      But I need more detail to do anything... Can I have some more detail of my ban(like when does it happen, why I am being suspected etc. )
      P. S. Probably karma of randomly downloading stuff, my old laptop broke down...
      1. TakesEffort
        Hi, I have already given you all information I can about your punishment in our previous PMs which you're more than welcome to review again and you've been provided with the evidence in my response to your appeal as well. There isn't any more detail I could give to you about your punishment than what I already have given you unfortunately
        Sep 24, 2019
    8. xHeseen
      Hello TakesEffort. it's me xHeseen who did appeal ban and you accepted it Well i have an question for u what is faking evidence? I'm Arabic not english so i don't understand it And i'm back to forum in 7/9/2019 in same day i did the appeal + I Hope if you get promotion again :) and yeah i know the rules of the server but is it labymod allowed xD or badlion?
      1. xHeseen
        And yeah i forgot to say one thing too . my birthday was in 14/9 :D so now we are in 23/9/2019
        Sep 23, 2019
      2. xHeseen
        and clankstar birthday next me only one day haha xD
        Sep 23, 2019
      3. TakesEffort
        Labymod and Badlion clients are allowed to be used! And faking evidence means when you fake evidence of someone breaking the rules when they aren't :)
        Sep 23, 2019
        AsternDestroyer likes this.
    9. Pibbz
      1. AsternDestroyer likes this.
      2. AsternDestroyer
        Sep 23, 2019
    10. EthanAnimatez
      Hello! I think I am able to apply for the server's YouTube Rank (if you have one). Is there an application I can fill out?
      1. xOutcast
        Aug 31, 2019
    11. Okverimbus
      omg thank u for accepting my mute appeal, i hope u will have wonderfull life ;)
    12. LoudMusic
      Hey handsome :eyesshaking:
      1. TakesEffort
        Handsome? Pssh, you're the handsome one :eyesshaking:
        Aug 24, 2019
        xHeseen likes this.
    13. xProHero
      سوف ادفع لكم المال لكن اريد العب بحسابي OnlyHero
    14. xSofiq
      I just appealed yesterday to be unmuted and it was denied. Although I completely understand, is there a chance that the punishment will ever be lifted? It was issued eight months ago :((
      1. tumh
        Have faith and be nice B)
        Aug 23, 2019
    15. YeshMC
      hey is there a way to change my forum name to my actual ign? IGN is Rak , cheers xoxoxoxo
      1. TakesEffort
        Aug 8, 2019
    16. OGDizzy0123132
      Are appeals closed because i got banned for skin inappropriate and I changed it
      1. TakesEffort
        You can appeal a punishment at any time and we're always responding to them! But keep in mind appeals may take up to 72 hours before they're responded to, so please just remain patient and you'll get a response soon. :)
        Aug 6, 2019
    17. 69z
      Hey so you said I was unmuted but I am still muted on the server which is confusing me, It has been 30 minutes as well. I just logged in today for the first time.
      1. Sheila
        Nah my dude, please appeal again :)
        Aug 5, 2019
      2. 69z
        Yea, I just figured out what had happened with my account :(. Just appealed again I'm really hoping whoever reads it can understand <333
        Aug 5, 2019
    18. TheGal95123
      A bit late, but congratulations on Senior Mod!
      1. TakesEffort likes this.
    19. 905Sunny
      I am sorry that it may annoy you, but I PM-ed you about my appeal. And I was waiting since yesterday for a reply.
      I know you are busy... But I feel like you don't want to talk more about my appeals anymore...
      I am very sorry if you feel offended after you read this, but I am really waiting for a reply. Thx
      1. TakesEffort
        Hi! I've been quite busy and I've seen your messages but haven't found the time to respond to them! I'll respond to you as soon as I can, as I want to look through things thoroughly for you. Please just be patient and you'll receive a response soon :)
        Jul 18, 2019
        xHeseen and xOutcast like this.
    20. ShadowSMK
      Hey, how about telling me which server rule I broke ? I play on hive since 6 years and Im quite sure I never did something wrong. Im just getting banned and you cant even tell me why.
      1. TakesEffort
        If you wish to discuss your ban appeal further you may do so by sending me a PM here on the forums! c:
        Jul 16, 2019
        xHeseen and ShadowSMK like this.
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    Jul 6, 2002 (Age: 17)
    United States
    Senior Moderator
    Minecraft IGN:
    -==--==- About Me -==--==-

    Hello there! My name is TakesEffort (Fake Blake)
    There isn't really anything interesting to say here...

    So have some facts about me instead!

    ‌• I play Overwatch, Osu!, Hollow Knight, and Minecraft (of course)
    ‌• I'm the youngest Senior Mod on the team currently
    ‌• I've been a member of The Hive for 5 years
    ‌• I've had the name TakesEffort for 3 years

    ‌• I'm very blind without glasses
    ‌‌• I have been a Staff member for Hive for 2 years
    ‌• I've built two maps for The Hive
    ‌‌• I'm home schooled

    -==-==- Amazing People -==-==-
    @ScissorSkull, @Pibbz, @YannyHealy
    @Melbelle @Lattuce @OhFluffy
    @Marvin @FutileFreedom @Reags
    @Little_Tigress @Rozsa
    Thanks to everyone who has been my friend,
    even if you weren't listed. ilysm <33

    -==-==- Hive Clans -==-==-
    Pixels Since 9-28-2017
    Unofficial Official TIMV Squad Since 2-19-2018

    -==-==- My Ranks -==-==-
    Joined Hive 20-03-2014
    Gold Since 1-05-2015
    Diamond Since 25-12-2015
    Emerald Since 21-03-2016
    Moderator Since 17-09-2017
    Senior Moderator - Since 12-01-2019

    -==-==- *insert takeseffort pun here* -==-==-



    | Moderator since 17/09/2017 | Senior Moderator since 12/01/2019 |
    Rules Keep Your Account SAFE Ban Appeals Allowed and Denied Mods Report a Rule Breaker
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