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Jul 1, 2020
Feb 22, 2013
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September 15
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Founder/Owner/Dev, Male, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hive Owner

Global Play (multi-region), Launch Games and Cosmetics! Bedrock news: https://playhive.com/2018/04/09/dragons-dinosaurs-and-global-friends/ Apr 10, 2018

ClankStar was last seen:
Jul 1, 2020
    1. LandK55
      24+ hours I purchased Hive+ and have not yet recieved it. My IGN is: LandK55.

      Thank you, Land.
      1. JollyOlVillager
        Jul 1, 2020
    2. Parti
      hello! how are the stroopwaffles in amsterdam? do you like ritz paintings or Van Gogh more?
    3. Maluu
      wuts poppin
      1. AjK1ng11 likes this.
    4. Blankgamertag11
      Hey, i recently found that my girlfriend and I can't longer write in chats. I think that was because of our siblings because they wrote not good thinks in the chat. I hereby apologize and very much hope that my girlfriend and I will be dismuted.

      and sorry for this bad english, i came from germany:rolleyes:

      In hope for the best.
      Alexander (Blankgamertag11)
      1. Scmuel
    5. Scorestreaks
      Hey there dutchie
    6. ImStuckInMySleep
      Hi, I've had a permanent mute on for a while just by saying a slightly racist meme. I want to say that I've changed and would like a second chance.

      (I know it sounds like an excuse but please..)
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ImStuckInMySleep
        I did and got denied but I just wanted to say I've changed and it was ages ago..
        Nov 6, 2019
      3. Wishfvl
        You can appeal more than once if you've waited long enough!
        Nov 6, 2019
      4. ImStuckInMySleep
        Ok well I didn't know that but thank you.
        Nov 6, 2019
    7. Elocke1
      Hey is there a way y’all can make it were the player’s can see who is member and and who is staff and so on. (For bedrock Edition)
      1. Wishfvl
        White and Green users are members, but yellow users are staff c:
        Oct 22, 2019
      2. Elocke1
        What about when you are playing a game then how do you tell
        Oct 22, 2019
    8. Tanzies
      Happy late bd!
    9. Kopites
      Happy birthday!
    10. Hwamz
      Happy birthday :D
    11. Scmuel
      Happy birthday!!
    12. Jokehim
      Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one :D
    13. Caro
      Happy birthday Mr Youri O:
    14. Glitchy546
      Hey clank i was coming here to ask if i could become a admin i use to work for the garrys mod staff and then i had to get rid of my pc and now I'm on xbox so please get back to me as soon as possible thanks you so much for reading this
      1. Wishfvl
        You can't play java on xbox, and admins are chosen from a selected group of trusted users.
        Sep 15, 2019
    15. SQUICHMER12345
      Hi I got banned from hive for flying wich i did not do... I just lagged super much… (please read my bann appearl)

      From SQUICHMER
      1. Minti
        Hi, you need to wait patiently for your appeal to be responded to by a Senior Moderator. Only after three days can you contact one to look.
        Jul 19, 2019
      2. SQUICHMER12345
        ok, but dont you think that its a little unfair for me to wait for someone to unnbann me from the server. since I didnt do anything, the server just lagged so hard People though I was flying...
        Jul 19, 2019
      3. Toccata
        @SQUICHMER12345 The senior mod team aim to review all appeals within 72 hours. This timeframe is necessary to allow them to look into each case thoroughly and to ensure that truly wrongly banned players can have their punishments removed. If you have appealed, all you can do is wait I'm afraid!
        Jul 19, 2019
    16. ImAshy
      Hello I'd like to private message you about certain things regarding your server. How does one do that?
    17. blademir
      I thought u dead
    18. xSaltyasian
      Hey, is it a possible chance i can get unbanned?? Its been a year, ive been unbanned on cubecraft and etc so i want to get a 4th chance. i know it sounds like alot but please?
      1. Periks
        Jun 9, 2019
    19. Malware
      Mr clankstar i play on Minecraft pe and i would like to be a staff or moderator and i cant find how to be one on minecraft pe. please message me back on my email [email protected]
      Ps. I am a fan and have tried to be staff and moder a really long time
      From a fan
      Glory to hive minigames
    20. Apple949
      1. Apple949
        And please, anonymize my content, this is a default funtionality on XenForo.
        Apr 6, 2019
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    September 15
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Minecraft IGN:
    For account related questions, please contact us on [email protected].

    Due to me mostly receiving PM's I can't answer (ban appeals, reports, staff-related inquires) I have my PM's disabled. Please see the following links for common questions/topics:

    Ban appeals (requires forum login)
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    Bug reports

    Please message a Senior Moderator if you have a problem regarding staff. If this does not resolve your situation, please private message @SourMatt .

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    HiveMC Founder, Owner and Developer
    I currently don't have PM's enabled: check why and who to contact instead on my About Me page.
    Most questions are answered on our detailed Support section!
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