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  1. How do you get VIP because i saw that every youtuber has VIP who plays on this server an im a youtuber who makes videos on this server and i was wondering how you get VIP?
  2. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    You need 10,000 subscribers and be actively promoting the Hive.
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  3. Well, Im really promoting the Hive and do u really need 10,000 subs because
  4. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    10,000 subs is the rule.

    Otherwise there would be an overflow of noobs having VIP and nobody would buy Premium.
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  5. hohoho515 Well-Known Member

  6. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    Now you are just
    Post boosting....
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  7. ok i can understand that its just i have been making videos on the hive for so long ever since episode 4 of my survival games lets play and my mom wont let me buy donor so i just had to ask.
  8. hohoho515 Well-Known Member

    you might start a flame war
  9. ToFurkie Artsy Fartsy Artist

    The only methods of becoming a VIP is to have 10,000 subs, be REALLY liked by the devs, be a TRUSTED builder of build teams for the Hive (Teweran, Vareide, Valaco, and more as the Hive grows).

    These are the ONLY methods of getting VIP that I am familiar with

    Gonna lock the thread now, if you have any questions, go ahead and private message me :)
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