Tutorial: Install Minecraft Modifications [NEW LAUNCHER]

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    Introduction: With Minecraft 1.6 came a new launcher that is required to play Minecraft 1.6 or higher versions. I want to explain it how to install modifications for the new launcher. There are modifications who don't need the ModLoader and there are modifications who need the ModLoader. If you find errors in the spelling or grammar, please correct me. Thanks! I use as examples the modification "OptiFine", "ModLoader" and version name "Modifications".

    Important: What modifications are allowed at The Hive and which aren't? - Read this thread.
    Important: Why I'm unable to join the The Hive servers with Minecraft Forge? - Read this thread.

    Without ModLoader: Download the newest version of OptiFine. Go to the folder %appdata%\.minecraft\versions. Create a copy of the newest version in the same folder. Rename the copied folder to something like "Modifications". Now go into the "Modifications" folder and rename the two files into "Modifications". Edit the "Modifications.json" file, go to the line 2 and replace the line with the following code:
      "id": "1.6.2 - Modifications"
    Save and close the file. Now open the Modifications.jar file and delete the META-INF folder. After that open the OptiFine.zip folder (with programs like WinRAR or 7-Zip) and put the files from the OptiFine.zip into the Modifications.jar. You can close now everything. The modification is installed but you need to create a new profile on your launcher. Start the new launcher, click at "New Profile", pick a name under "Profil Name", set "Use Version" to "Modifications" and save your profile. Choose the profile "Modifications" and click "Play". The modification is installed. If you want, you can put more modifications into the "Modifications.jar" file.

    With ModLoader: Download the newest version of ModLoader. Install the ModLoader as a normal modification (See Without ModLoader). Now install the modification as a normal modification or put the downloaded files from the modification page into the folder %appdata%\.minecraft\mods. This is different from modification to modification!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    - Require this modification the ModLoader?: It's different. You can find the answer in the thread of the modification.
    - Do I need to install ModLoader modifications normally or put it into the mods folder?: It's different. You can find the answer in the thread of the modification

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