TIMV TIMV Map: Rocky Harbour

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Would you think this map is potentially good and would you like to see this added?

Yes, i would like to see this added 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Maybe put some work on the map 9 vote(s) 39.1%
No, this isnt good 1 vote(s) 4.3%
cheeeeeese 3 vote(s) 13.0%
  1. Hi guys, this is the first map i made on the hive build server with some people helping me with some stuff. The map is called Rocky Harbor, as theres quite a few rocks coming out of the water. There are some boats, a small town area on the island, and an open (and well lit) sewage system. Boats are hopefully a cool aspect to the map, as they make transport through water areas much quicker, and the enter sewage area can be navigated by boat. This can make gameplay more fun in my opinion. There are around 30-40 chests and 4 enderchests. There is one traitor trap that would make the area around, not in, the tester fall. There is another traitor function (if thats possible to code) that a traitor can shoot fire charges out of one of the ships all together three times in total. There are quite a few secret areas and tricky places on the map. Hope you enjoy

    If you want to see the map or just do some cool building go to mc.hivebuild.com

    Oh and please dont just say, it sucks, etc, say that, and explain whats wrong so i can improve. id be willing to change quite a few things with the map
    - bobjon (not with 0)

    Darkclaw66 and Grafmentos: Secondary builders
    RottenNugget: Terraformer for sea floor
    Calwhovian: Hand Terraformer and minor builder

    Edit: I changed the glass barrier to mountains. The build servers down too atm so i might get the world file but otherwise Ill just wait if it ever comes up again. Thanks for your opinions on the map and stuff.

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  2. MrPigboy Well-Known Member

    I don't really know if this is relevant but, what did you decide to name the bar?
  3. HoltenHoffman Well-Known Member

    Me and darkclaw helped out with most of the map too :confused:(not trying to be rude)
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  4. Dark and you are on the credits board. dark is on as a builder but i dont even remember what you did, you said you did some random stuff but i didnt see anything. Please clear it up for me. Don't worry, everybody is on the credits board, though i did most of the work, everyone who helped is on the credits board. If you tell me what you did im willing to change your status on there.
  5. hohoho515 Well-Known Member

    don't like the glass edges but everything else looks great!
  6. Lucidictive Well-Known Member

    The glass around the map is unprofessional, if you want a cutoff maybe make a few inaccessible boats that block the way out :)

    It's pretty nice though :)
  7. i tried some other stuff but the glass worked the best as i would like people to see the area outside I think. the forcefield thing doesnt work that well
  8. GrafMentos Active Member

    gj man :)actually not much credits belong to me because i didn't build much really! YOU are the main creator of this little piece of heaven :D
  9. Darkclaw66 Member

    :D Thanks for the mention
  10. HoltenHoffman Well-Known Member

    Yay I'm on :) good map
  11. hohoho515 Well-Known Member

    the glass still needs to be fixed with invisible blocks or something like on clockwork when you can go swimming. Other then that the map is pretty good
  12. No problem
  13. Krondude Well-Known Member

    Hey! I jumped around this map. I deserve credit :3
  14. hohoho515 Well-Known Member

    Yea I do too
    for being on the server when you were working on it

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