The IP Address: is not working. What am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Help Me! (not Bug Reports or Suggestions)' started by ThwipThwip, May 12, 2013.

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  1. ThwipThwip New Member

    I am using the IP Address "" however a message always comes up saying "Can't reach server" when I refresh. What is my issue?
  2. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    It could be your internet. Is your connection good?
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  3. HoltenHoffman Well-Known Member

    Best possibility i could think
  4. ThwipThwip New Member

    Yeah, I mean, all of the other servers work fine, and I can stream video and crap, but just doesn't work.
  5. Dexento Resigned bee /Cucumber <3

    Maybe your DNS is wrong? You sould try to add:
    and Theese are the default DNS's, try to add them if you don't already added them.
  6. huddy987 Active Member

    Maybe the capital letters in MC is messing it up?

    Edit: I'm dumb ignore my post
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  7. Lucidictive Well-Known Member

    Can you direct connect?
  8. ThwipThwip New Member

    Nevermind, guys. It fixed itself somehow :s. Thanks though :)
  9. Ice3ider4 Well-Known Member

    ~Closed The issue has been resolved.
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