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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by b0xx3r, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda

    Hi Everyone!

    As some of you will have noticed we sneakily launched The Hive last night.

    Hive IP:

    Everything seems to be ticking along nicely so far beyond a few minor things that we are working away to fix. This is essentially a soft launch, so everything should be working fine but if for some reason something isn't working please let a us know by either talking to a friendly mod in game or posting a message on these here forums.

    For now just the EU Hive is launched as we want to watch and monitor everything before releasing the US Hive we we plan to bring out later this week.

    Some of you will have noticed The Herobrine isn't open yet and the site ( isn't online yet but never fear! This shall coming tonight and you will eventually be able to see all your stats for your favourite games on the website.

    The site might not be on yet but you are still able to help support us and buy premium membership and Hive passes if you wish to over at and for this week to celebrate the launch you can get 25% off everything using the coupon code 'BEEHIVE'

    That's all for now, we hope you enjoy buzzing around The Hive!
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  2. Pikablitz Born to play

  3. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    WOOOP! FINALLY! Great job guys! Time to load up the old vanilla launcher on this rickety old PC and play!
  4. RottenNugget map creator

    the ip adress you wrote is that right??? becouse the also works???
  5. Pikablitz Born to play

    And time to update video cards...

    Windows 8 wont allow us to play MC unless we update the card.
  6. Pikablitz Born to play

    Thats the EU server. There will be a US server soon.
  7. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    Gosh dangit, so laggy i cant move!
  8. SuperPolentaman Well-Known Member

    and all old eu timv addresses connect you to the hive too :D
  9. Ice3ider4 Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't we directly close this thread because of the spammers :S
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  10. RottenNugget map creator

    bad luck my freind i had that problem too and you cant update your video card you have to buy a new compiuter or that is what i did
  11. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think you should do that ;)
  12. Ice3ider4 Well-Known Member

    If you have any questions feel free to ask a member of staff.
    If you find any bugs report them to clankstar or JollyajaX
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  13. b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda

    Go to the silent hub by typing /silenthub in game.
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  14. cameron224 Well-Known Member

    Are we officially allowed to post gameplay that happened before the public release (i.e. I have the first HiveSG game recorded from a while back) ?
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  15. b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda

    For now we are allowing new announcements to be talked about here until a new post is made, this may change later.

    And yes Cameron, you can post anything.
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  16. CandyFTW Sr. Sheepguin

    Yes you are :)
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  17. cameron224 Well-Known Member

    YES! They're already uploaded, edited and the whole 9 yards. Just waiting for the Go Ahead :D
  18. RottenNugget map creator

  19. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    Thanks B0xx3r!
  20. RottenNugget map creator

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