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    Lets just start off by saying I originally posted this on Team Vareide's site, but I think it applies here.

    Hello. I know this has been addressed many times. I also know that there is an answer to why there isn't download links anymore. However, I have my say in this. Survival Games started as a fun game. You could have a couple friends on a private server, and play Survival Games together, as buddies. Survival Games 1 was awesome. People loved it. They created private, and public servers for it. Then Survival Games 2 came out. That too, was awesome! People still enjoyed playing with their friends. Same goes for SG3, SG4, and SG5. Then comes SG6. It is now a hive-exclusive map, and all the other map downloads were removed. Everyone is crushed. They can't play ANY Survival Games maps, unless they had previously downloaded them. Now people are FORCED to play on The Hive to play a majority of the Survival Games maps, and any new ones. No longer can people enjoy Survival Games on their own server, with their own friends, if they can even get into a server. Most of the time, the only way to play Survival Games 6, and lots of the other maps is to donate. Now the poor kids that aren't able to donate, whether it be because the family is tight on money, or because their parents won't let them, are crushed. They have to spend 20 minutes to try and get into a game, just to be killed 3 minutes in. The entire spirit of the Survival Games is ruined. You are FORCED to play with strangers, on a server where you may not have a good connection to, on maybe a map that you don't even wanna play, but have too anyway because its impossible to get into a server. I know this won't change anything. Team Vareide has already sold the maps to The Hive, but I expected more from them. I used to look up to Team Vareide, and get excited for every Survival Games map, because I knew I could go onto MY favorite server, and play it, with my friends. Now, I know I am forced to play on The Hive, where it will take me 20 minutes to get into a game, with strangers, that probably Hack, and kill me in 3 minutes. How about Server Owners? Lots of servers that depended on these maps, and these people to play these maps have been closed. No one wants to play on the old maps, or some random map. Everyone wants to play on "THE SURVIVAL GAMES!", the newest and best maps. But no, this is no longer possible. They are forced to leave this small server, and play on The Hive to play the newest, and greatest maps. This even applies to Teweran Survival Games. I hope people read this, even if you don't agree with me. I felt it was necessary to speak up, and share my feelings on what the Survival Games has turned into.

    Basically, I don't like that maps are now hive-exclusive. I miss playing with friends, without waiting forever to get in a game. Survival Games used to be a friendly, friend-oriented game. Now we are FORCED to play with strangers, and not friends on a private server. Plus you can never get in a game.

    Now don't get me wrong when I say all this. I LOVE the hive, and its alot of fun. But sometimes, I wish I could play on another server...for my favorite maps
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    Updated! I cut off the first few sentences.
  3. Juice Member

    not to be mean, but make a tl;dr thing
  4. kyledag500 New Member

    Im sorry, what do you mean by that?
  5. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    Too long; didn't read. Basically, a short summary.
  6. kyledag500 New Member

    Ah thanks :p
    I added one
  7. Well I'm not Team Vareide or Hive staff (anymore) but pretty much:
    Seal with it
  8. Otrion Member

    Well, Team Teweran added Download Maps of all their 3 Maps.
    and i don't really understand your problem.
    You want to play Maps by other persons on your server for free, tough if it's a public one.
    I don't think that Team Vareide want to see theit Maps on Servers that say the Maps were by them, when they're by Team Vareide. That's why i understand the removing of downloadlinks.

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