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  1. b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda

    Last night we released Splegg for you all to play, as normal you can find it in the Arcade :)

    As with all of the other games they are in Alpha so expect the odd bug and if you do find one you can help by reporting it here! - http://forum.hivemc.com/forums/bug-reporting.73/

  2. Noobwork Nooberator!

    Great! this game is so awesome! :)
  3. Spidersouris New Member

    Nice game!

    Is there a shop where we can buy new shovel?
  4. b0xx3r Ed the Social Panda

    Not now but all this kind of stuff is coming :)
  5. Spidersouris New Member

    Ok, thanks :3
  6. HoltenHoffman Well-Known Member

    This game is really fun trust me,But there is a crazy amount of lag when i play even one of the people ik with one of the least laggy pcs gets lag.
  7. KCKai Member

    Tried it out last night, it was amazing! :D
  8. RottenNugget map creator

    i havent found anny bugs so this is good from the first time :D keep up the good work
  9. olskibolski Danish moderator

    Nice game. I've already tried some rounds and i really love the game.
  10. Pikablitz Born to play

    This is the weirdest game of spleef Ive found to date.

    Now we can get rid of those pesky campers :D
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  11. HoltenHoffman Well-Known Member

    Bow spleef got rid of that :p
  12. CaramelASF New Member

    Splegg is sooo fun! I might get premium today! I'm sick of spamming the signs when they say 'Restarting' I wanna just click once and get in!

    Expect a possible payment today! :D

    Thanks for making this server so awesome ;)
  13. Torperion Well-Known Member

    This game is awesome! Definitely my favorite arcade game so far. Can't wait to play it when it's complete (Maybe make a map or 2 for it as well. :3).
  14. StevenL1337 Herobrine's Fancier Brother >:3

    When I was a non-premium, all I did was press and hold the sign, you'll get in faster than spam clicking :) Have fun!
  15. LegitModern Modernator | YouTuber

    Great job with Splegg! It's my favorite version/remake of Spleef to date. I can't wait for Paintball to release. I'll keep my eye on the bug reporting forum as well and try to help out some users based on my experience! Again, thanks for all of your hard work to make The Hive better for all bees! :)
  16. ItsDanniey1 Well-Known Member

    Just wait for automatic spleef.
  17. Tyax Well-Known Member

    Yay! Another gamemode I have to wait to play! :D
  18. mikelis3 Member

    This is cool game!
  19. TedCraft Member

    This is my favorite Spleef style game yet! It is better than the other Spleef style games because you can hit a block without being right on top of it! People can no longer hide themselves far away from other players! :)

    P.S. Hey b0xx3r, would you mind checking out my post: http://forum.hivemc.com/threads/arcade-shop.14432/
    If you could see to it that clankstar and ajaX look at it that would be amazing! I wan't them to think about it before they get too far in on the Arcade Shop. Thanks!
  20. dirtbikkid New Member

    where is the arcade
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