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Do you think this is a possible solution to RDM

Yes, this is a possible solution to RDM. 2 vote(s) 18.2%
No, This is not a possible solution to RDM. 9 vote(s) 81.8%
  1. pies500 New Member

    There is always a problem with TIMV with RDM and people saying Karma doesn't matter but it does mean something; it does give you an initial hint if the player is reputable. I think RDM can be fixed by if you reach a certain amount of Karma say 40 you get banned from the game for one day; they could add a way to see their RDM streak; and if your Karma is in a certain range like 60-70 it will reduce your damage dealt to a certain percent and the lower the range the of Karma you have the less damage you deal, note there shouldn't be a damage multiplier and the lowest reduction should be 50% like the real TTT. Some people also talk about the tester room being overpowered, if you do think so here is a little tip if your a traitor, type /b and you open traitor shop buy what you need and take them out (suggested use is the suicide bomber). Works with detectives too.
  2. Perez360 Well-Known Member

    No, it wouldn't be fair, since someone who's just starting could get banned simply for suspecting someone. Also , rdmers would keep this in mind, and play good in some games to recover their lost karma.
  3. pies500 New Member

    I have concluded you like to say no to everything and if people that RDM will RDM less that's an improvement, new players will only be banned for a day or an hour not permanent and as we all say no pain no gain... -.-
  4. Perez360 Well-Known Member

    thats not an improvement, that could just screw with good people. thread answered. Request Lock
  5. pies500 New Member

    It cannot mess with good people it can reduce the amount of RDM in game even if it's just a little bit and if your already a trust worthy player accidentally killing a suspect will not tarnish your game experience because you Karma is already so high.
  6. TheNintendoChip Well-Known Member

    It would kind of be unfair for the low-karma people (like w/60-70) to have the damage they do reduced. I'm assuming it's "backwards compatible", meaning that the higher karma people do more damage?

    I don't think the tester is a problem, just that it's annoying to have 3 people ask you to test at different points in the game.

    Also there is no solution to rdming, it's part of the game (I would personally prefer it if people realized this). One of the major problems I have with rdming is not rdming itself, but that people make it an issue. People claim that when you get killed by an innocent that they are an rdmer, or you might even get killed by a traitor and someone claims that they rdm (I was once a traitor an I killed an innocent [b/c that's what you do as a traitor], a couple minutes later and the dude I killed just started cursing me out (they must've been watching me, and saw me die), and they (put simply) were asking why I killed them, to which I replied that that's how you play the game, then they cursed my out a lot more and I gave up trying to reason with them). You see, TIMV requires a level of intelligence that most people do not have (above average intelligence), and it also requires a certain level of maturity to realize that dying is part of the game and that you're most likely going to die. Without this maturity, (which most of the people on The Hive do not have [b/c minecraft is a kids game, it's like made for 12 year olds) many of the players of TIMV claim that people RDM unfairly, because they're mad that they died. Without this maturity, the players are not sensible enough to realize this, and thus don't really gain any karma (on top of the fact that you need to be smart about you're actions [may I ask how much karma you have?]

    Another problem with rdming is sometimes they do get more karma (by rdming traitors), and sometimes the people w/high karma rdm "for the lolz"

    Both me and Perez360 have come to the ultimate conclusion that rdming will never be solved.
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  7. pies500 New Member

    TheNintendoChip I believe there can be a solution :) but it will take time and a 200% effort to solve it. I must point out that your first point is valid but I did mention that it will not multiply your damage and will cap at default damage. Your second point I believe we are on the same page :). The last long paragraph you wrote was reasonable and i do agree to some extent but I still have an idea on how to ensure that if someone will RDM you will be prepared because of how Bukkit has plugin and custom commands, for example the developers of this server can write out a plugin that would allow players like you and I to type a command out such as /stat (player) TIMV/HEROBRINE/SURVIVALGAMES and list all the information about the player for example current RDM streak, this will ensure that if a player that RDM a lot will be recognized as unreliable player. and Karma information would only list the Karma they had before the game started.

    Overall these are the rules that were implemented into the real TTT and are extremely effective at keeping far play. I would like to hear you POV on this reply :).
  8. TheNintendoChip Well-Known Member

    The only other issue I see with this is that it doesn't do anything to help "stop" rdming...usually someone in the lobby asks for everyone's karma (and most people actually say they're real karma), and sometimes when I see someone say that they have a low amount of karma, I do stay away from them.

    I'm glad that there is another person that agrees with me (to a certain extent, as you said).
  9. Perez360 Well-Known Member

    Telling the RDM streak does sound like a good idea (counting killing anyone in your side) but it should appear as 0 if its 2 or lower because sometimes you kill, someone who is acting strange, or is RDMing :)
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  10. pies500 New Member

    It won't absolutely remove RDM as you said there will still be but if someone has less damage than you, you always have a certain advantage over them therefore keeping you alive because overall the main goal is to stay alive then step two kill your enemy and if your average RDM has low damage you can kill them much easier than they can therefore allowing you to finish step one stay alive and then allow you to approach step two kill you enemy.

    Overall here you would have a much better chance of surviving a RDM than anyone the person causing the RDM.
  11. TheNintendoChip Well-Known Member


    Edit: Maybe if you're rdm streak is at 1-5 you do less damage, and from 5+ even less? (going by Perez360's idea)
  12. pies500 New Member

  13. Perez360 Well-Known Member

    Would that be in one game or in total, cause in total would cause trouble recovering from the streak since you wouldn't be able to kill traitors. Being that on one game it would work perfectly, RDMers would only be able to get a couple of kills before they became powerless
  14. pies500 New Member

    Works either way could be lower karma does less damage or high streak and low damage. Could combine together to ultimately reduce RDM.
  15. TheNintendoChip Well-Known Member

    Yeah only for like a round or two
  16. pies500 New Member


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