Shall we have mods on the hive?

Discussion in 'The Hive Discussion' started by bigseph12, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. bigseph12 Member

    Guys not like that mods i mean like shall the hive have pixelmon?

    or pvp?
  2. StevenL1337 Herobrine's Fancier Brother >:3

    I think Mods taste like bacon, with a hint of honey... :D
  3. LikeTotalyFreddy Well-Known Member

    This is a minigame server...
  4. LuigiNova Moderator | 'Locker' | Debater | Luigi

    Pixelmon?...Pixelmon? Why on earth would Pixelmon be necessary? It means we all have to download the Mod, alter the entire server just to apply it to how everything runs around here. Basically reset the Hive to produce a Mod-Mode that not everyone can access. I could say much more than this but I'd prefer to be blunt on this.

    As well as the fact of why does it have to be the Hive to specialise in making a PixelMon server? Its kept as Vanilla as possible so players don't have to run through mods to be able to play on the server, giving it wider access.
    There's other servers that are independent on the Pixelmon mod and coding it in without having to produce Mods to be able to run it , is extremely difficult as well as it wont be near the standard of Pixelmon as well as copyright issues.
  5. Perez360 Well-Known Member

    They actually mean another server run by the hive owners but with pixelmon, like or something like that :p
  6. UncertainMouse Punching Your Face, IN THE FACE!

    Like I said earlier, it would just be for Hive players who have the mod, if you don't have the mod, you don't have to play on the Pixelmon servers. And it doesn't have to be Pixelmon, it could be FTB, Volts, etc.
  7. bigseph12 Member

    guys what about a parkour arena?

    can i speak to a modrator please?
  8. Wegron Well-Known Member

    First of all, there's something called an edit button. Also id leik to c


    AD ME
  9. StevenL1337 Herobrine's Fancier Brother >:3

    Okay lets elaborate on this. Join Parkour Arena. Okay so, theres 24 people, all trying to race to the top of the parkour. First one to reach the top and presses the button (which ignites fireworks) wins. If you fall off, you fall into a pool of lava.
  10. bigseph12 Member

    hmmm yeah lets do that
  11. Wegron Well-Known Member

    It has already been done though. So I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do this.
  12. bigseph12 Member

    True true

    hmmmm what about call of duty?

    Maybe in the arcade we can make a hot potato game arena
  13. LuigiNova Moderator | 'Locker' | Debater | Luigi

    Consider other parts of my statement. I may vary with if you can play but PixelMon is a very developed Mod, like tekkit which has its own sort of sub-franchise from Minecraft, so coding it in firstly will be very very difficult , restarting the Hive, if you have to download the Mod just to play , then it makes no difference to other PixelMon servers as well as bear in mind copyright etc
  14. Saxense2 Well-Known Member

    Give me a Mod I want to eat it !
  15. Supersteyn Well-Known Member

    I don't think Hive should copy existed games.
    But think about a whole new mini-game. That's what a mini-game server is about. If you wanna play Call of Duty you should play it on anothwr server. The only thing we have what other servers has aswell is SG and Paintball. Paintball is not finished though but people are still working on it. But if you think about a whole new mini-game it makes the server specific and well known about that game. Many people play on the Hive for HB. Cause Hive is a server where HB is. Other servers has their other minigames. So, if we should have a new mini-game I think you should make it a whole new minigame not copying of another server or an existing game.
  16. Zardua Well-Known Member

    Use edit button don't post in a row like that; its against the forum rules, be careful buddy!!!
  17. UncertainMouse Punching Your Face, IN THE FACE!

    Paintball is no longer being worked on, it is being replaced by Cranked and Frostbite. Also, OITC was on another server before Hive got it. I think there's other TTT style servers out there too, but I think TIMV was the first one so I'd say it's still original.
  18. Supersteyn Well-Known Member

    Yeah I already thought about that. My fault :$
  19. JamFuze Member

    If we wanted to add mods to the Hive, then it has to be across ALL servers. There can't be servers with different versions and mods running, otherwise the server to server feature wouldn't work. Unless we add sub-networks for Mods (but that's just more servers to manage and moderate).

    I don't know that any mods would be of use in the gametypes on Hive either...

    Making the whole community switch to a certain mod isn't a good idea.
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  20. UncertainMouse Punching Your Face, IN THE FACE!

    Y u no read my posts -.- There could be a certain server(s) DEDICATED to for playing mods on.. you wouldn't need the mod to play the other gamemodes.
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