Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by MrPigboy, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. MrPigboy Well-Known Member

    What other minecraft servers do you play on?
  2. Goblom Well-Known Member

    i play on servers like mc-war, kitpvp, teamvareide, hypixels private server, my build server and some other private servers that i am currently designing
  3. alexmaster00 Active Member

    My Server :D and Hive
  4. SuperPolentaman Well-Known Member

    sometimes, when all hive servers are really full, I switch to Minez/LMS.

    also I started playing on Liberty Village.
  5. MrPigboy Well-Known Member

    And the IP's are..............
  6. PaulineHoran c(: Sr. Cookiemod

    I'm playing on FactionOne, where I am moderator.
    Also sometimes I play on a server called funville.
    Aaaalso I play on my own server where I currently build a map for TIMV ~
    And on another one where I am making a big project with a friend.
  7. SuperPolentaman Well-Known Member

    (PLEASE, dont give me a warning for this! He asked me about it) is the hub for gamemodes like minez and lms is a german server, where we play pvp matches or build epic stuff :D
  8. MrPigboy Well-Known Member

    Can I speak English on it?
  9. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    Speak English on :p
  10. Dema_is_boss Merp! | Heslig | Arabic

    I play on a couple of faction ones :D
    mcpvp ones and tf2 ones :p
    my friend's servers and mine :D

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