Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by courtneybird16, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. courtneybird16 New Member

    Hi i was banned for a 2nd time and it should be over but it say's i still have 28 day's left does any one know whats going on?
  2. InSyncHD The InSynarator

    "When a player with 0 karma attempts to login to a TIMV server, the login gets rejected and the server sends a link to the player to our RDM-ban website. On the first offence, the player gets a information page detailing why he has been banned, as well as general information about how to correctly play Trouble in Mineville. After the player confirms he has read this information, the player gets unbanned and his karma gets reset." - Clankstar(Owner)

    So basically you have been banned for randomly killing players in TIMV.
  3. courtneybird16 New Member

    Ok how long will that take iv waited for a week like it said.
  4. InSyncHD The InSynarator

  5. InSyncHD The InSynarator

    Requesting Lock.(sorry for double posting. I meant to hit the edit button, but o-well)
  6. courtneybird16 New Member

    ok thank you.
  7. Deformed Well-Known Member

    Why were you RDMing in the first place?
  8. courtneybird16 New Member

    they attaked me so i fought back
  9. Dexento Resigned bee /Cucumber <3

    Thread answered.
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