Question about Optifine capes

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by GeneralEagleEye, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. GeneralEagleEye Well-Known Member

    How much do you have to pay to get an Optifine cape?
    All it says here is get one by donating...

    Thanks :D
    (Im planning on getting the blue one to go w my skin :D)
  2. TooBadUrSad Member

    You have to pay 10$
  3. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    A little expensive...
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  4. TooBadUrSad Member

    I know right. But at least it looks nice! My bro (vasniko) loves it.
  5. Dema_is_boss Merp! | Heslig | Arabic

    Yea kind of is .. :C
    Well if i don't go to mincon this year i'm getting one :p
  6. TooBadUrSad Member

    I might be getting one too!
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  7. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    No MineCon for me. #Capeless
  8. pro0fun Active Member

    Yea it's a bit sad about the capes, and I will definitely try to make it to MineCon )
  9. BCx1 Well-Known Member

    I have one, trust me, it's worth the $10 if you play tekkit and meet a noob (I once convinced someone that I worked at Mojang and thats how I got a cape.) :p
  10. DylanplaysMC New Member

    i thought that if you dpnt have optifine you cant see the cape
  11. ParanormalXT Active Member

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  12. turtlesayshi Soul Collector Pentle

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