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  1. liamfirecp Jolly O' Liam!

    On The Leaderboards, my score is diffrent to the score i have now. Here Look at this screenshot:

    after you have looked at the screenshot, look on the leaderboards. its diffrent.

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  2. ToFurkie Artsy Fartsy Artist

    I'm not sure if this is intentional, an issue, or just not implemented yet, but the original Herobrine servers, which the leaderboard is based on, carries a different point score than the Hive Herobrine. My theory on this is when they transferred the Herobrine over to the Hive, they transferred over the recorded score of players only. This means that, you may have started with the same points on both servers but from there on out, they will register two different scores. I pointed this out in a thread before. On the main server I have roughly 6,700 points but in the Hive I have roughly 6,900. Again, not sure if this is intentional or not but this issue affects everyone.
  3. liamfirecp Jolly O' Liam!

    but my points dont change! my xp bar does but not on the leaderboards!
  4. ToFurkie Artsy Fartsy Artist

    I'm addressing this point by telling you what is going on. Log onto the original Herobrine servers, it will probably show your leaderboard score.
  5. liamfirecp Jolly O' Liam!

  6. ToFurkie Artsy Fartsy Artist

    Well, I got nothin' then.

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