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Discussion in 'Archived' started by DrWaffleman, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. DrWaffleman Member

    I feel like, though randoming is annoying, it's a part of the game and should not be considered grounds for ban. Instead, how about if the karma lvl is below zero then you can team kill that person without losing karma. I feel like that would be more effective, since then you could kill someone who killed your teamate without worrying if they were a traitor or not.
  2. olskibolski Danish moderator

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  3. pompeyftw Well-Known Member

    erm... you get banned when you get 0 karma so that the game is fun for everyone. if they allowed RDMing then th game wouldn't be fun... stop RDMing and play the game like it should be played.
  4. turtlesayshi Soul Collector Pentle

    Not at all. The karma banning is what is supposed to be put in place because it really discourages RDM. team killing ENcourages RDM. If your points become 0, then you are clearly RDM-ing in the first place. Mind you that RDM is bannable, not just frowned upon. The point of the game is to try to find the traitors (or kill if you are one), NOT go around killing everyone and hope that you guessed right.
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  5. DrWaffleman Member

    Yes, I know how everyone feels about random killers (including me) but what about when there's that one randomer and you need to kill or be killed? It's very annoying, since you should get karma for killing him, but instead you lose it!

    Maybe make it so you lose more karma for team killing?
  6. Miniature8 New Member

    Randoming is like a police automatically arresting random suspects without any evidence. You dont have to kill the RDM, just have evidence to ban him.
  7. DrWaffleman Member

    But if u dont kill them, then they kill you.
  8. Pockets17 Member

    Yes, but it's best to just report what's going on and just wait to see if he wants to attack (swings sword at you) then you can fight back in self-defense.
  9. DrWaffleman Member

    But then you lose karma!
  10. Pockets17 Member

    Well I don't know about you but I don't really care if I lose karma. IT'S ONLY 30 POINTS YOUR LOSING! For me, one death is just a stain to what I have as the karma, but as for you I don't know but if you have over 1000 karma, don't make such a big deal about a death that's so little compared to yours. You should only worry if you are losing karma consistently and if you are then your probably the one rdming.
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  11. DrWaffleman Member

    Yeah, but then some random innocent might come and think, 'Whoa, this guy's attacking an innocent. He must be a traitor!!!!' and kill you.
  12. Pockets17 Member

    Yes, but most times that happens, a person would run to tester to test an show that the person is innocent then the chaser would stop trying to harm you.
  13. DrWaffleman Member

    No, sometimes i get killed while I'm in the tester.
  14. branthecan Member

    Guys, sorry if this sounds like a noob question, I am pretty new to TIMV, so what does RDM stand for?

  15. DrWaffleman Member

  16. pompeyftw Well-Known Member

    Then an easy solution is STOP PLAYING AND CALM DOWN!
  17. DrWaffleman Member

    Well that escalated quickly

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