Discussion in 'Anything Else...' started by YoungJimmy, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. YoungJimmy New Member

    I was playing on hive earlier this week, because it auto made it so my trouble in mineville IP leads to The hive but recently i havent been able to get on, is there a new IP address for The Hive? I can't play anything.

  2. RWJP Sarcastic Sr Moderator

    The Hive currently isn't up, so no IP addresses will work at the moment.

    Keep an eye on the Announcements forum for info on when it opens, and what IPs to use.
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  3. YoungJimmy New Member

    but i was playing hive survival games the other day
  4. 0wnage0tter Gorillaz lover | Luna Leader

    That would've been a testing session then, and not it's full, official release.
  5. YoungJimmy New Member

    OK, is there an IP for the testing session?

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