How To Play TIMV (Trouble In Mineville)

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    *Note: It wasn't on the new forums, So i took it from the old one and added it here*

    Trouble in Mineville is a Minecraft gamemode based on the popular Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town.

    At the beginning of every round, there is a 60 second warm-up period where all players can look for weapons.

    After 60 seconds, fall damage and PVP become enabled and all players are assigned a role.


    It's basically Innocents (and the Detective) versus Traitors. Your goal as an Innocent is to eliminate all the Traitors

    • Your job as an innocent is to find the traitors and kill them
    • Keep in mind that The Innocent do not know who is a Traitor and who isn't
    • The majority of players within a game are innocent
    • Do NOT just randomly kill people, this will earn you bad karma and you might be suspected as a traitor by others


    There is up to four detective in every game and the detectives can never be Traitors at the same time

    • The Detectives are on the same team as the Innocents
    • The Detectives get two sticks each, which they can use to investigate the dead bodies (Right Click On Zombies)
    • They can attempt to figure out who the traitors are using the sticks
    • Dead players appear in the form of a zombie
    • The Detectives are also known to all the innocent players
    • The Detectives will appear in-game with a blue name above their heads
    • The Detectives also receive bad karma when killing innocent players, so don't just go around and kill everyone as a detective


    The goal for the traitors is to kill all of the innocent players (including the Detective)

    • Only fellow Traitors knows who the other traitors is
    • Traitors are outnumbered
    • Traitors must try to confuse the Innocents to kill each other
    • When a Traitor kills an Innocent, they gain traitor points and karma
    • The Traitor can use these points to buy stuff in the Traitorshop
    • As a traitor use the command /b to access the Traitorshop

    Our servers have system called "karma". You basically gain karma if you kill traitors as innocent or kill innocents as traitors. You lose karma if you kill innocents as innocents and traitors as traitors.

    This system is in place to encourage players to not randomly kill people they think is a traitor. (Karma DOES NOT increase the chance of you becoming a traitor)

    If your karma goes below 20 points, you can't access our servers. But if you are below 20 karma, you'll receive 10 points everyday until you are above 20 points.
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    Also, once the new website is set up, this will be on there for sure. :)
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    I just neeed to book mark it because so many new people o-o , And i couldn't bookemark Goblom's for some reason o_O
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    How to play timv like Bubble_Gum_Weed:

    1: Use a pass and get traitor! Then while still in pregame head to a ender chest, there should be a crowd of people around the chest. The second the game starts whak them all to death with your sword and buy a suicide vest. Then go to the tester and blow up the last of the innos.

    2: As inno wait 5 minutes and go on a rampage. (after 5 mins theres no rdm)

    3: As detective use yourself as bait by staying near the edge of maps by yourself and kill anyone who come near you.
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    bobj0n uses the same tactic as a detec :D
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    xD ^ I usually suicide bomb the last people at the tester :p But i dont kill at first i don't like to be suspicious. At the beginning i usually stay somewhere and when an innocent comes i kill them then when 10 people are left i move around more
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    dafuq is bobjon?
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    Bobj0n is like! Bobj0n!
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    look at timv leaderboards and you will know...
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    leaderboards are broken
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    they will be back eventually
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    How to play TIMV
    Traitor guide
    1. Kill the innocents and detectives
    2. ???
    3. Profit
    Innocent/Detective guide
    1. Kill the traitors
    2. ???
    3. Profit
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    Bobj0n has more than 60k karma. The most in TIMV

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