How do I get out of silent hub?

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Xtrim2008, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Xtrim2008 Team Herobox

    Hi how do I get out of silent hub o_O I want to see and chat to other people ;) Am I missing a command? Or is it just not open yet?
  2. Luminous3nd Active Member

    To return type: /normalhub
  3. Ryand88 Member

    Same here the command is supposed to be /normalhub but it isnt working and its annoying, only reason i can think of is too much traffic from hub so they made everyone silent for now but i dont know :( its annoying but oh wel

    EDIT: i do /normalhub and it acts like i am without the "you are on silent hub you can't talk message" but i still dont see anyone and cant talk
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  4. Xtrim2008 Team Herobox

    Same for me here! But it talks about going to the silent hub as if I were in the normal hub o_O

  5. Luminous3nd Active Member

    It does seem a little glitched, as right now the default hub is silent and there is no way out.

    Hopefully they're just working on it.
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  6. Xtrim2008 Team Herobox

    I hear the globle chat luckly ;)
  7. CandyFTW Sr. Sheepguin

    There was a problem that is being worked on. For now you are auto in silenthub and cant turn back till its fixed.
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  8. Ryand88 Member

    thank you candy i was hoping it wasn't just me
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  9. alexmaster00 Active Member

    I have the same problem -.- Its annoying :D
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  10. darknam18111 New Member

    HELP i do /normalhub and it says im in it but i cant talk or see people
  11. Xtrim2008 Team Herobox

    This is a premium only perk now meaning that only people who have donated can get into it. Also can I request a lock? This is an old thread and the question was answered
  12. Awesomeadict New Member

    How do I see people if I'm not a paid member
  13. Ree Well-Known Member

    You can't, unless you join a lobby.

    And please don't necro post. Requesting lock.
  14. snorlaxstar Lagerator| Need help? Just ask :D

    Yeah This thread doesn't need to be open so...
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