Hide and Seek Getting out of Animal Village map!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by C00kieMONSTAH, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. C00kieMONSTAH New Member

    I have found a bug where you can get out of the animal village map. I will post some pictures of proof. Please fix this soon! P.S. If an Admin or Mod or Owner, would like to see how i did this, I have a series of pictures (I don't know how to take video) and I will gladly show you. 2013-07-31_15.22.32.png 2013-07-31_16.21.01.png 2013-07-31_16.21.13.png 2013-07-31_16.26.54.png 2013-07-31_16.26.41.png
  2. Jolbol1 Member

  3. branthecan Member

    Actually a new one was added today, called Animal Village.
  4. C00kieMONSTAH New Member

    They added AnimalVillage last night. It is very new.
  5. Jolbol1 Member

    Woops, I Just Got Home From a Short Holiday :)
  6. branthecan Member

    Oh, ok. I would check the map out. It is a pretty nice map!
  7. Sthullen New Member

    4 - 5 people did this last round :/ Kinda sucks if you're the seeker
  8. Jolbol1 Member

    Ok so i have looked at this and for those admins i have a unlisted video on youtube about how to do this. To me it looks like its there on purpose. i dont see why good builders would just leave this of randomly. and if it is not on purpose. Theres a super easy fix. Just use the 1 sided ladders like they do on hotel and make large walls blocking people.
  9. Sthullen New Member

    Yeah they definitely have to fix this... There are so many ways to get out of the map.. However I hope they don't remove the map like they did with Villa :/
  10. Kingleon91 Active Member

    But Villa will be implemented again soon.

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