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  1. 10z22 Well-Known Member

    And not everyone is steve, it is a bug with my minecraft

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  2. InSyncHD The InSynarator

    I can tell you right now that your issue is within Minecraft, but may i ask. What is the Title Frostbite referring to?
  3. 10z22 Well-Known Member

    Easter eggs
    Like the melted ice in THB lobby
  4. InSyncHD The InSynarator

    Hmmm.... I never would of thought of that! :) Well anything is possible. Or maybe its just that it is becoming winter so they have snow on the ground.
  5. hohoho515 Well-Known Member

    So thats what frostbite is!
    (Hope I'm on the leader boards!)
  6. 10z22 Well-Known Member

    But then again, note the question mark. I have no idea, but since frostbite makes me think "snow", I drew a line between the two

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