Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game)

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  1. digisoul4 New Member

    What is this,and how can fix it,i wanna get in the server but its not letting me and it shows this message
  2. TheOfficialRevilo Well-Known Member

    "(Try restarting your game)" xD

    But that is the solution. This problem is caused by you opening up another minecraft session while that one is up so just restart the game and this will all be fixed. Leave a like if I helped you.

  3. Kevin Montalti Well-Known Member

    This is a Normal Bug I get too. Its The same ad Bad Login. As TheOfficial said, It tends to Happen when A. Someone logs into the same Minecraft account, or you open another MC Tab accidentally.
  4. The3tees New Member

    Restarting your game is not the solution. I have the same problem with MagicLauncher, but it works fine with the normal launcher. It is just a bug with servers on 1.7.2
  5. DommeXXL Active Member

    This can happen if someone else just used your Acc and is on the same server from which you would be kicked.
  6. Deformed Well-Known Member

    Why does this thread have 1100+ views...?
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  7. Kevin Montalti Well-Known Member

    lol I thought that.
  8. Wegron Well-Known Member

    Because you have posted here, obviously!
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  9. TheOfficialRevilo Well-Known Member

    Ok, just to clear this up it IS NOT a bug! All this means is that since you opened up your client, you have either logged in again accidentally which means that the client you had open no longer verifies your minecraft account or someone else has logged in to your account. So by restarting your game it WILL fix the issue as it verifies a new session. Thanks, Revilo. @The3tees
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  10. KillerDrone9 Member

    Question solved asking for a lock!
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